Station 19 Recap 11/11/21: Season 5 Episode 5 “Things We Lost in the Fire”

Station 19 Recap 11/11/21: Season 5 Episode 5 "Things We Lost in the Fire"

Tonight on ABC Station 19 returns with an all-new Thursday, November 11, 2021, season 5 episode 5 called, “Things We Lost in the Fire,” and we have your Station 19 recap below.  On tonight’s Station 19 Season 5 Episode 4 recap as per the ABC synopsis, “When Theo and Vic hit a relationship milestone, Vic is forced to reckon with her feelings about commitment; Andy takes refuge at Dean’s home and helps care for Pruitt; an explosion rips apart a neighbourhood.”

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In tonight’s Station 19 episode, The groupie is back. Ben is a firefighter and there was such a thing called badge bunnies. They love men in uniform. But the one that Ben has is persistent. She comes around to thank him for saving her life and she even gave him plans for the new business she was starting because she claimed she wanted it to be up to code. She gave Ben the blueprints a few days ago.

He didn’t look it because they are people for that and he wasn’t one of them. He didn’t know about building structures. He was a doctor before he was a firefighter and he still tends to think of himself as a doctor first. Not that this woman knew that because she didn’t know him. He saved her life because it was his job and that’s where the job ends for him. He didn’t want to get to know her. Any and all information she supplied was voluntary.

Ingrid was apparently a widow. Her husband died of carbon monoxide poisoning while she was out of town and so she’s lonely. She’s probably still grieving as well. Ingrid’s crush on Ben may be big for her but he ignores it and he never going to return her interests. Ben is married.

He is happily married. He has a wife and two sons and he’s not looking to chat with anyone much less Ingrid. Jack told Ben that he should cut the badge bunny loose. He thinks Ben should be firm with him and Ben didn’t want to do that because he didn’t want to hurt Ingrid’s feelings. He also felt bad for her because she did lose her husband not that ago. He thought the crush would go away and so he ignored wise Jack’s advice.

Jack has been a firefighter a lot longer than Ben. He knows what he’s talking about but he’s used to being ignored and he’s trying to change that. Jack was inspired by Miller and Crisis One. He himself wanted to create his own program to help the city and his good friend Dr. Carina DeLuca was helping him.

She was visiting the station when they all felt a shake like an earthquake or a bomb. The firefighters were called out to the scene of the incident and they got to talking during the truck ride. It turns out Miller was thinking of leaving. His program Crisis One was successful in that other cities wanted him to come and help create a similar program in their state and so h was thinking of leaving to go to California.

Miller wanted to extend his program. He wanted it to be everywhere and yet he was also leaving because he couldn’t be with Vic. Miller was in love with Vic. He even asked her to come with him to California and she told him she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t leave Seattle.

Miller said he had to ask and that it was good that he at least asked but he didn’t tell her why. He didn’t tell her he’s in love with her or that he wishes he was her boyfriend and not Theo. Theo is a great guy. Miller likes him and the two would have been great friends if they hadn’t been in love with the same woman. Miller didn’t tell Vic why he asking her to come with him. And he didn’t get upset when she turned him down.

He was just glad he got the chance to ask. Miller seemed set on taking the job in California and he was already out the door when they responded to the fire and Vic went up the ladder. A cable line came loose. It hit Vic and it knocked her out. She was unconscious still on the ladder. Someone had to go up to save her and Miller rushed in.

He saved her life. She later told him that she loves him and that he’s her brother and she loves and so that just reinforced thing for him. Miller realized he had to leave. additional firefighters responded. Andy was having issues with a probie at her station. The probie’s name is Deja and she thought Andy got lucky. Andy’s father was considered a king in the Seattle Fire Department and she was married to the “Fire Zaddy”. The probie hated being called probie.

She also thought Andy was a princess. She didn’t mind laughing at the sexist jokes because she said she needed to get ahead any way she could and she thought that was the only way in for her. The probie has a chip on her shoulder. But that’s okay because Andy has a boulder on hers.

Vic was rushed to the hospital. She admitted during her drugged-up state that she did know Miller was telling her he’s in love with her by asking her to come with him to California only Montgomery ignored it because he’s a poor listener. He was too busy telling Emmett he loves him and that he’ll move a photo of his late husband out of the bedroom to hear what Vic was saying. The fire meanwhile had gotten bigger.

The fire was spreading along a pipeline under the neighborhood. One house exploded with several firefighters in the way and one of them was Andy’s captain. Aquino’s lower half of his face was burnt. He also had an object protruding from his abdomen. Another was Miller.

Miller lost consciousness and they tried to revive him. he was down for what felt like an entirety and he might still die, but he missed out on a few good things. He missed out on the probie finally realizing this job was more than just a job. She apologized to Andy. Andy said there couldn’t be a world where another little girl is abandoned by her mother and her father dies in a fire.