Station 19 Recap 11/18/21: Season 5 Episode 6 “Little Girl Blue”

Station 19 Recap 11/18/21: Season 5 Episode 6 "Little Girl Blue"

Tonight on ABC Station 19 returns with an all-new Thursday, November 18, 2021, season 5 episode 6 called, “Little Girl Blue,” and we have your Station 19 recap below.  On tonight’s Station 19 Season 5 Episode 6 recap as per the ABC synopsis, “Station 19 and Station 23 each attempt to celebrate Thanksgiving following the fallout from the neighborhood explosion. The firefighters come together to cook, toast to loved ones they have lost, and celebrate the families they have become.”

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In tonight’s Station 19 episode, Firefighter Dean Miller died from his wounds. His death affected everyone and the one suffering the most was Vic because he was one of her best friends. He also asked her to come with him. He planned on moving to California and he asked Vic to come with him and she turned him down.

Vic knew that this way Miller’s way of telling her he’s in love with her. She knew and she couldn’t return his feelings. She turned him down. The last thing she ever said to him coherently was her turning down and then she got injured on the job. She was medicated. She told him that she loves him like a brother and that was just rubbing salt on the wound. Vic wouldn’t have said it if she was of sound mind. She would have realized it was too cruel.

This is what plagues Vic now. She wishes her last words to him would have been different and that she hadn’t been medicated when they spoke. She was still on sick leave. She only returned to the station because it was Thanksgiving and she wanted to celebrate with her friends. They were all feeling Miller’s loss. Some were grateful when Ben came in with Pru and they loved seeing her.

But not Vic. Vic couldn’t be around Pru. Her heart rate would increase and she would run away. Both Vic and Jack were really struggling. She chose to run and Jack chose to cook dinner. It was usually Montgomery who did the big cooking, but Jack volunteered after Vic pointed out to him that he would at least be doing something and so he chose to do that.

Montgomery was therefore free when his parents came in. His parents wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving and so they were going to have dinner with Montgomery at the station. Only Montgomery found his father texting with his brother. His father is gay. Secretly gay. His father is also still married to his mother and Montgomery was tired of the disrespect shown to his mother. He pushed him.

Not physically but with words and he kept on pushing until his father snapped at him. He shouted he’s gay. He also shouted he’s in love with a man. This was how his wife found out about his secret relationship and it happened in front of everyone. Vic’s initial reaction was to laugh. This most of have also added to the embarrassment because the poor woman ran off in tears.

Montgomery ran off after her. But his mother didn’t want to speak to him. She blamed him for his father confessing the truth and, while she hadn’t known her husband was gay, she was happier in denial. His mother chose to help with the cooking. She helped Jack and Vic in the kitchen.

Vic apologized for the laughter outburst. She also said she used to believe life had meaning and that everything happened for a reason and now she doesn’t. There was no reason for her friend to die. Andy was also struggling because she couldn’t help compare little Pru to herself. Pru’s father died in a fire and her mother abandoned her. This is what happened to Andy. Andy was practically hysterical and anything could set her off.

Theo did. He tried to talk about his own feelings and Andy snapped at him. She later apologized. She also talked to him about Miller and how he’s still processing how Miller was in love with Vic. Andy said it makes sense in hindsight. She never noticed it but she should have. Andy was acting captain of Station 23 and she and Theo were preparing three thanksgiving dinners.

One for their station and another for their captain’s family. The last for Station 19. Andy was doing her best to make the dinners special and Station 19 was doing the same. Ben ran into Ingrid again after she called 911 for help. Ingrid was the woman interested in him who called 911 because she claimed she smelled gas and the firefighters checked it out. There was no gas. There wasn’t even a smell.

Ingrid called because she was feeling lonely during the holidays. She was struggling and so Ben tried to help. He was invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the station. She was surprised when she later showed up and was introduced to his wife. Ingrid thought the invite was a date. She then freaked out and she tried to jump off the roof of the building. Ben stopped her. He talked to her about her husband who died less than a year ago from carbon monoxide poisoning and it came out that Ingrid calls the station every day because she’s scared of being alone. She’s also scared she’ll die like her husband. Ben talked her off the roof. He called for an escort to take her to Grey Sloane Memorial so that she could get the help she needs.

There was a fire in the kitchen in the meanwhile. They had put the oven on clean instead of bake and so the turkey burned up. It set off the sprinklers. Their whole meal was ruined. Their new captain ended up slipping in the water and taking a fall. This made Jack laugh. He laughed until he cried and then he started crying. It was the first time he had processed his best friend’s death.

Jack had needed to cry. The others supported him and this was what Vic needed to see someone let themselves go. She came around to her fear about Pru. She held Pru. She let the little girl know she’s loved and Miller’s father showed up. He wanted to take his granddaughter. He and his wife are struggling too.

They’ve lost their only son. They wanted to hold onto their granddaughter and they didn’t want Ben and his wife to raise her. They wanted to raise her. Miller’s father was convinced to stay for dinner. Montgomery’s father also stayed for dinner and Montgomery told him that he’s been where his father is. Coming out. This was the worst it will ever be and so it get better. Once dinner was over, Miller’s father took Pru and he confirmed that Pru will now be known by her middle name. He didn’t approve of the name Pruitt. And so now both Ben and Bailey have to decide if they will fight for her.