Superman & Lois Premiere Recap 02/23/21: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

Superman & Lois Premiere Recap 02/23/21: Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"

Tonight on the CW the series Superman & Lois airs with an all-new Sunday, February 23, 2021, season 1 episode 1 and we have your Superman & Lois recap below. On tonight’s  Superman & Lois season 1 episode 1 called, “Pilot” as per the CW synopsis, “Superman and Lois’ return to idyllic Smallville is set to be upended by mysterious strangers.

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In tonight’s Superman & Lois Clark recalls his childhood, Smallville, and moving to Metropolis. He will never forget the day he met her, Lois Lane. They fell in love, married, and then the twins came, Jonathan and Jordan. Raising them has been challenging, especially with Jordan. He was diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder. Now they are teens. The family is happy and living in Metropolis with Lois a huge success.

Present Day – Superman rushes to put out a large fire at a plant. He rushes to the ocean and grabs a large piece of ice. The military stands by as he saves the down. After, he touches base with Lois’ dad, General Lane. They talk about family plans.

Clark arrives home to see Lois. He missed dinner. Jonathan tells him he is starting QB. Clark is thrilled. He checks with Jordan, apologizing for missing therapy. Jordan is short. Clark tries talking to him about starting high school tomorrow. Jordan isn’t up for talking.

Clark calls his mom. She is concerned he is working too much. He needs to be present for the boys more. He tells her he is trying. Life is hard. They say goodnight.

The next morning, the boys get ready for school. Jonathan teases Jordan about his clothes. Lois steps in. After they leave, Lois and Clark talk. She is worried about Jordan. Maybe Clark should just tell him he is Superman. Clark thinks it is too dangerous. She wonders if they have powers.

Lois and Clark arrive at The Daily Planet. More layoffs have them both on edge. Clark gets a call about his mom. He rushes to his mother’s. He sees the doctor. His mother has died. He goes to her room. He kneels by her bed and cries.

The family attends Martha’s funeral. After, the family spends time with the town. Clark hears the voices all around him. Jonathan sees Sarah Cushing, a girl from town. He tells Jordan, who has a crush on her, to go and change. Sarah and her family come to pay their condolences. Sarah hangs and talks to the boys after.

Sarah asks about the barn. The boys share they aren’t allowed to go in there. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark talk to Lana and Kyle in the kitchen about Morgan Edge ruining Smallville. Lois gets into a heated conversation with Kyle, about Edge. Lois doesn’t like him while Kyle likes Edge. They ask about the farm and if they will be selling. Kyle and Lana exchange looks. She tells them to come by the bank.

Jordan and Jonathan make plans with Sarah while Lois and Clark talk about the farm. In the barn, Jordan climbs the side of a wall to grab something. Pipes are about to rain down on him until Jonathan speeds to his rescue. Both of them are hit with several. Sarah comes running out, yelling for help. Clark runs into the barn and pulls the pipes off of them.

Later, the doctor leaves after assessing the boys. The boys are all right. Lois tells them to go to bed. Upstairs, the boys fight. Jordan wants to know why they are okay. Jonathan doesn’t care much. He is more concerned that Sarah gave Jordan her number and not him.

Downstairs, Lois tells Clark the boys are confused. They need to tell them the truth. Clark is afraid. He doesn’t want Jordan to push him away anymore. General Lane arrives. Someone left a message for Superman at the plants. He tells Clark to suit up. Lois intervenes. Clark needs to be with his family. Her dad tells her she married Superman and he doesn’t get to have a normal life.

The next day, Lois and Clark arrive at the bank. The talk to Lana about the farm. They learn that Martha owes on the farm because she helped others in the community by taking out a loan to save their farms. Lana calls her Super Woman, giggling, unaware that Clark is Superman. Meanwhile, the boys go through the barn. They find a door on the floor and head down there. They pull a tarp off of a large object, discovering the spaceship their father came to earth in. Both breathing heavy, Jonathan tells Jordan not to touch it.  He does anyway.

Lois and Clark pull up to the farm. They talk. Lois thinks his mom wanted him to save the farm. She also thinks there is something fishy about the loans Martha supposedly took out. Jonathan and Jordan come running. Jordan is yelling. He is been lying. He knows about the spaceship in the barn.

Clark admits he lied. He is from Krypton. He tells them all of it. Jordan doesn’t believe him until he picks up the truck. Jordan is angry. He lied all of this time. Clark tries to explain, sharing that their mom wanted them to know but he didn’t. Both the boys are angry. They stomp off, telling Clark to leave them alone.

Clark and Lois talk when he overhears an emergency at a nearby nuclear facility. He heads there. When he arrives he hears someone thinking, telling him directly that he cannot see through lead. They know who he is. Superman realizes this is why they are targeting these facilities.

Jordan arrives by Uber to meet Sarah at a party in Smallville. They head up a road to a bonfire. She still cannot belt he didn’t get hurt. Meanwhile, the man who is after Superman tells him he is from another world. Superman pushes through a wall and comes face to face with a man in a suit and helmet. The man shoots into the sky flying away. Clark follows.

Jordan and Sarah talk at the party. She admits she is on medication too. She explains that her house isn’t fun. Her dad is depressed and she tried to commit suicide last year. He leans in to kiss her when a guy comes out of nowhere and hits him. Jonathan rushes in to protect his brother.

They all get into a fight. Camera phones record the whole thing. Superman fights his enemy in the sky high above. On the ground, Jordan sees Jonathan hurt. He saves his brother by using his eyes to start a fire. In the sky, Superman is stabbed with a kryptonite. He falls to the earth.

Lois gets a call. She realizes Clark is in trouble. She speaks to him. He hears her voice. He pulls the krypton out of his chest, just seconds before almost crashing to the hood of a car. He rushes to the scene where his boys are. Jonathan runs to him. Jordan sits starring at his dad. His eyes are red.

At home, the boys explain what happened. Jordan admits to his newfound powers. They all have so much to work out. Lois and Clark talk about staying after Clark realizes that his mom wanted him to come back to focus on his family.

Clark sits with Jordan on the front porch. He talks about his own dad. His dad didn’t know he was going to be a father until Clark fell to the earth. Clark promises to be a better dad. They will get through all of this.

Clark and Lois head to the bank to buy the farm. Lana is surprised. They tell her how they learned Edge purchased the Smallville bank months back. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Jordan talk to Sarah. Jordan is sorry for kissing her and promises to keep all she told him a secret. After she leaves, the boys talk about how it is okay that Jordan has the powers. They head to see their parents.

Lois and Clark tell the boys they are staying. Things will be different. They seem all right with this. Clark wants to show them something in the barn. They get excited until he tells them he is going to teach them how to attach a plow. They head to the barn laughing.

Superman’s enemy enters his layer. A voice speaks to him, calling him Mr. Luthor as he drops his helmet to the floor.