Teen Mom 2 Recap 01/05/21: Season 10 Episode 19 “Reunion Part 1”

Teen Mom 2 Recap 01/05/21: Season 10 Episode 19 "Reunion Part 1"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom 2 returns with an all-new Tuesday, January 5, 2020, episode and we have your Teen Mom 2 recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom 2 Season 10 episode 19, “Reunion Part 1,” as per the MTV synopsis, “Dr. Drew and Nessa host as Briana returns after her blowup with Devoin and Kailyn speaks about her personal growth. Chelsea and Cole get emotional as they look back at Chelsea’s incredible journey on Teen Mom 2.”

Teen Mom 2 should be another episode filled with crazy drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Teen Mom 2 recap tonight from 8 PM – 9 PM ET! While you wait, don’t forget to check out all our Teen Mom 2 recaps, spoilers, news & More, right here.

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Celebrating 10 years on the air, all of the Teen Moms talk by video from their own town due to Covid. Leah is bummed out they couldn’t all meet while Chelsea was okay with not traveling. The cast takes a look back at the season, all of the challenges they faced amid the pandemic. Jade thinks they had good times and bad.

This is all the first time in a while Briana and Kailyn have shared space. They both are indifferent but polite to one another. Chelsea also shares that this is her last season. They are all sad at the news but want the best for her and her family.

The show looks back on Jade’s journey; getting her cosmetology license and more. They also look back at her and Sean’s tough relationship as well as her parents. Jade talks about how Corey and Sean physically fought this season and how she had to think about herself and doing better.

Sean joins the show. He and Jade are argumentative. Sean talks about trying to get motivated and getting his life on track. They also discuss how Sean doesn’t want her to date. Jade just thinks they need to focus on co-parenting. A mysterious hidden video is brought up. Jade thinks her mom may been the one to record Sean hiding a pipe in a room. Jade doesn’t want to see it while Sean doesn’t want to discuss any of it.

Sean decides to leave the reunion. Jade’s parents join the show to discuss everything. Jade’s mom shares that she is sorry about Sean. She likes him and wants the best for everyone.

Jade’s mom talks about her depression this past season. She is doing better and plans to continue. Jade’s dad is just proud of what Jade has accomplished.

The show looks back at Leah and her journey this season. She has shared a lot when it comes to her book, her past addiction and abortion. She gets emotional but is happy to say she feels like a whole new person. She wants others struggling to find and have a support system. She also wants her daughters to confide in her.

Jeremy and Corey share the screen with Leah. They talk about their relationship. Corey and Jeremy talked several weeks ago and are maintaining a healthier relationship now. All three are more concerned with the girls and coparenting. Both guys are also supportive of Leah for sharing her struggles.

The show looks back at Briana’s journey; hooking up with Luis, trouble with both dads and getting an STD. She talks about getting treatment and being embarrassed. Devoin joins them. They get into their troubles this season and money. Briana gets mad about it all and gets up to leave after Dr. Drew points out that she isn’t being fair.