The Bachelor Finale Matt James Recap 03/15/21: Season 25 Episode 10

The Bachelor 2020 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, March 15, 2021, season 25 episode 10 Finale and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 25 episode 10 as per the ABC synopsis, “As the landmark 25th season comes to a close, the two final women will meet Matt’s family and enjoy one last date before he hands out the final rose.

After all this, Matt’s mind seems made up, but when a shocking last-minute development threatens to alter the course of his entire journey, will he give in to his fears or let his heart lead the way?

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In tonight’s The Bachelor episode, Matt meets with his family, with his decision coming up, he feels like he needs council. He tells his mom and brother that so much has happened. He came there to find a wife. He tells them that he feels confident in the decisions that he has made to date. His mother loves seeing him so animated, happy, and excited. There is nothing that she wants more than to see Matt happy at the end of this.

Michelle arrives to meet with Matt’s family, she wants them to know that she is in love with Matt. Michelle tells them that she is so excited to be there and she was really afraid to put everything on hold back home. His brother sits with Michelle to ask her questions. Michelle tells her that trust is the biggest thing for her. She was in a serious relationship early in the year and it became unhealthy.

He sees Matt as being happy, in a good place right now. Next, Michelle sits with Matt’s mom. Michelle tells her that she is very much in love with Matt, which surprised her. Her but it doesn’t scare her because she is confident in how she feels. She replies that she can only hope that he finds someone who can nurture him, and she believes that Michelle is that person. Last, Matt sits with his mom and she says Michelle is sweet and easy to be around. She loves seeing him happy.

Next, it is Rachael’s turn to meet Matt’s family. Rachael tells them that she has been wearing her heart on her sleeve and it has worked for her. Matt’s brother goes to talk with Rachael alone, he asks her how many serious relationships she has been in. She says two, and she doesn’t feel like she was truly in love with them, like they were her future. She says Matt makes her feel safe and comfortable, understanding, he is a great listener and she gets butterflies when she is with him.

Matt’s mom knows that it is important to Matt to get their approval and she was looking forward to speaking to Rachael. She asks her if there was a time where she fell in love with him. Rachael says it was the first one on one date together and how he made her feel the whole day. She goes on to say that she feels it in her soul that God put them together. His mother says her heart resonates because she hears her, her feelings, and where they come from, which means a lot to her. Rachael tells her that she truly does love her son.

Matt’s brother and mom know him better than anybody and he is so happy that they met Rachael and Michelle. His mother says she loved the two of them. Matt says he is going to spend two days in prayer because that helps him. Matt goes on to say that he sees incredible qualities in both women that could make them the perfect wife. His brother says that he supports him in whatever he wants to do but he doesn’t want him to jump into a decision if he is not happy. His mother says love is going to carry you through marriage and he knows what she means, his father. Matt is left with doubt and all he wanted was reassurance.

Matt decides to speak to Chris H., the guy who has seen this process play out many times. He tells him about what his mother said and that it set him back. The more he speaks to his mom he thinks that he should put the brakes on this, is he doing the right thing. Matt says he wants to take a step back and take time to go through this whole process. Chris H. calls him right out and says, so you tell me you don’t want to get down on one knee and propose. Matt says he doesn’t know. Chris H. asks where do they go from here. Matt says he wants to continue the week and keep open-minded about everything.

Matt is meeting with Michelle, this is their last time together before the end of this process. He takes her up to the roof and tells her that they are going to propel them down the side of the building. It is terrifying, scary, everything, but Michelle knows that if she were to panic, Matt would be there for her. Once down, they sit down outside and talk. Michelle says she really liked his mom and he loved every second of meeting her and his brother. He says his conversations with both his parents were not easy because they both have experienced a lot of pain. His time with Michelle is great, but the gravity of what he is going through scares him and no matter how sure the women are, he doesn’t know where he is.

It is evening time, Michelle and Matt are sitting together on a couch and she tells him that she has a gift for her. She bought him a jersey that says Mr. James on the back and she says she came into this journey because she was looking for a partner in crime and he is somebody that she sees fits with that. There is a second gift, a jersey that says, Mrs. James. Matt feels terrible, he doesn’t want to tell her anything that will break her heart. He says he never thought he would have feelings the way he does in this journey and it is a lot.

He looks chocked up, she tells him to talk to her, she sees the wheels turning. He says he didn’t sleep the night before, he was thinking about these next steps and he is having doubts, and he shouldn’t be having any doubts. He has been trying to push past the doubts because of the way he feels about her, and the easy thing would be to tell her what she wants to hear, she says that is not what she wants to hear.

She says she wants clarity for what this actually is, should she fight for him or should she not. He says he doesn’t think he can get there with her. She says it is so hard to feel this connection with somebody and the switch is flipped, and now it is gone. They are both crying. She says she laid it all on the table and that is most that she could do. He hugs her and says he is sorry.

Chris H. Stops by to see Mat and asks if he is ok, he says no. Matt says he loves Michelle, but he is not in love with her and what his mom said, shook him to the core. Matt doesn’t know what he is going to say to Rachael. And, he is not ready to rush into something that he is not ready for, do the same thing that his dad did. Chris tells him that if he needs some time, he understands. Matt doesn’t know what to do, he just knows that everything is crumbling around him.

Rachael feels good going into the day, but it is seriously overwhelming. She really sees every single day of her life with him and would just like to start already. Chris H. knocks on her door and says that he was with Matt last night, he was emotional and lost, and he needs some time. So, unfortunately, there is not going to be a date, they need to respect that and give him some time. Rachael feels so hurt and confused, to the point that Matt doesn’t even want to see her, he never expressed any worry or confusion, not even once. She knows that he is obviously having doubts and she is hurt.

Matt is trying to come to terms with a proposal, he is a day away. He really thought his spirits were going to be different at this stage. We see him holding an engagement ring and he still says that he doesn’t know If he is ready.

It is judgment day, Rachael is still not feeling very confident. A note is slipped under her door, it is from Matt, “Rachael, I’m so sorry for making you wait. I’ve had a lot on my mind these last few days. You deserve answers, meet me at the lake. Matt.”

Matt is dressed in a suit, he is driven to the lake to meet with Rachael. Chris H. shows up to speak to Matt first. He asks Matt if he is ok, he says he is nervous, really nervous. He thought the few days would have and give him clarity, but he still has uncertainties, it’s heavy. What he feels now, he has never felt before and that is why he came there. And, it is all going to come together when he sees her. Chris H. tells him to take in the view, say a little prayer, and good luck.

Rachael arrives, she tells Chris H. that she is really nervous and she doesn’t know where his head is at, but she is very much in love with him. Rachael is afraid that he is going to break her heart, she is really scared. She tells him that yesterday, his canceling on her, changed everything and she hated going into today on that note. But she hated more than anything, the thought of his hurting, being confused, and not wanting to see her.

She wants to be there when he is hurting, because when he is hurting, so is she. And, she is not going to run when it is tough, and she feels so unbelievably lucky to feel the feelings that she has for him and she just wants him to be happy. She loves him and will choose him every day from here on out if he lets her. Mat is chalked up. He says he came to this journey to find love, he didn’t know what it looked like, but he found it with her. He wants to be everything to her, for her, that his dad wasn’t to his mom.

The easy thing to do would be to brush his feelings off, propose to her and make her happy. But, he can’t put her through what his mother went through and he doesn’t want that for her, for them. And, that is why he can’t propose to her. But, that doesn’t mean he wants to lose her. When he thinks about the life he wants to live, it is with her. He wants to commit to her that every day forward, they will be together and he loves her. He sees her as the mother of his kids and he wants to make sure that his love is enough for her. He gives her the final rose, but not an engagement ring.