The Bachelor Matt James Recap 02/01/21: Season 25 Episode 5

The Bachelor Matt James Recap 02/01/21: Season 25 Episode 5

The Bachelor 2020 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, February 1, 2021, season 25 episode 5 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 25 episode 5 as per the ABC synopsis, “With a rose ceremony looming, Matt has a few tough conversations, making it clear to the house that toxic behavior won’t fly; but not everyone takes that news to heart and one woman finds herself in an emotional spiral of denial.

Later, the group date showcases Matt’s country roots and reveals who is comfortable getting down and dirty. Two one-on-one dates lead to a shopping spree for one woman and a delicious home-cooked meal for the other.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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In tonight’s episode coming in as one of the new girls Ryan knew it wasn’t going to be easy but honestly, it’s been horrible. All you hear is the new girls vs. the OG, and she deserves a rose just as much as anyone else. Meanwhile, Brittany is having a hard time in the house because one of the girls has rumoured that she is an escort. The energy around the house is pretty bad and in the last group date, Katie let Matt know that the house is getting pretty toxic. Some girls are going to be upset that she sparked this fire, but if you are going to be a mean girl, she is going to call them out.

Time for the rose ceremony. Victoria says it is OG vs. newbies but they deserve more time with Matt than them. But she knows she will get time because she and Matt have a strong connection. Matt arrives in the room, he says it was brought to his attention how toxic the house is and the mentally them vs. us and it really is a culture of bullying. And there were rumours floating around that could ruin someone else’s life and if you need to belittle someone in order to shine, those are not the qualities he is looking for in a wife. He says it sucks, he doesn’t get enough time with them, and now he needs to deal with this.

Matt chooses to speak to Brittany first. She tells him that she came in late and she already knew it wouldn’t be open arms. Anna came up to her to apologize because she went around the house and told people she was an escort. It sucks because this is on national TV, his mother watches this show and it could ruin her own life. She has never dealt with bullying before and it hurts. Matt says he is sorry, and he appreciates her telling him. He says it is a rumour and it is a lie and these things could ruin people’s lives.

Matt then searches out Anna to speak to her. They sit down, she tells him that she is so upset with herself. Before coming there, she received messages about Brittany, and the worst thing she could do was repeat them to people, and she did and she is so sorry that she did that. She feels horrible, she is so upset with herself. Matt tells her that she is not a horrible person, he has said things in life that he has regretted and he had to take responsibility and own up to it.

Then he tells her that he can’t see her being a part of his journey anymore. She is crying, he offers to walk her out. She did something out of character, but the damage is done. He has made a promise to create a safe space for these women and that is what he is going to do. In the limo, Anna says that she can’t believe she did what she did, one dumb decision took her down.

The women start to talk about the house being toxic. Suddenly the women are apologizing left and right. Serena C., the kissing up is unbelievable. Victoria even finally apologized to Catalina for what she did on night one by taking her crown, and Catalina doesn’t 100% buy her apology.

Matt has a conversation with Ryan, she says that because she is a dancer Victoria called her a ho and it made her really upset. Victoria apologized after Matt sent Anna home, so Victoria does not take her apology as sincere. Through all the antics, Matt thought Victoria had a big heart, and there is no excuse for that behaviour.

Ryan returns to the girls and when they ask her how did her talk go, she said she was honest with him like when Victoria toasted the OG’s leaving out the other girls. Victoria says what she does is just playful but Anna says when it is done over and over again it is just annoying. Ryan is talking and Victoria just walks away, down the hallway she says she is really annoyed, she is the only person that is right to marry Matt.

Victoria goes to speak to Matt, she tells him that she admires him for he handled the situation with Anna. He tells her that he was upset with the things that Katie told him about how toxic the house was, and he had no idea what was going on. He says before he could even ask Ryan a question she starts crying, it is kind of similar to his conversation with Brittany about Anna.

He says people words are so powerful and she said Ryan was a ho because she was a dancer, Victoria cuts in and says that was taken out of context. Matt asks what context would make calling someone a ho acceptable. She doesn’t answer, but Matt gets up and tells her that he has a lot to think about.

Chris H. walks in and tells the women that the cocktail party is over, Matt wants to go right to the rose ceremony. Victoria goes to the restroom and when she comes out she looks upset, she goes to speak to one of the producers and says, “I hope I don’t get sent home for this, literally there is no one in her who needs to marry besides me, I am literally the best option for him, I am the only one with a working brain in this room, and I am not even being rude, I am being serious. If he is going to believe some idiot over me, then he is not my person, if that does happen it will really suck, but that is not the way I wanted to leave this situation and you know I will be heart broke, I am trying to be positive, but if that doesn’t happen, I will literally die.”

The women all gather for the rose ceremony, Victoria finally puts herself in the room, but she is in a panic. Matt comes into the room to start handing out the roses. The first one goes to Brittany, then Ryan, Rachael, Serena P., Magi, Kit, MJ, Jessenia, Katie, Abigail, Chelsea, and Serena C.

Victoria is just standing there with her arms folded, she is upset and feels like she did nothing wrong. She was invested and cared about him, and she believes he made a huge mistake. She walks up to Matt with her arms folded and tells him that she feels sorry for him that he would listen to all the hearsay and not the facts about the situation. She says goodbye and doesn’t hug him. She says he is not her king but she is still a queen, he is a jester. She says she brought the whole house joy and everyone is going to be upset that she is gone. And, she is never dating another Matt as long as she lives.

Chris H. visits the women in the morning and tells them that was a wild night, a lot of emotions and drama. He says hopefully they can shed all that and move forward. He tells them that it is going to be a big week, and drops the first date card. This one is for Rachael, “our fairy tale begins today.” Rachael is so excited that she gets to spend a whole day with Matt. A knock at the door, a man walks in with white gloves on and says he is looking for Ms. Rachael. Rachael gets driven to Matt in a Rolls Royce. Matt says he is going to spoil her and he has a lot of surprises planned.

He walks into a room filled with dresses and celebrity stylist Ty Hunter comes out. Rachael has a glass of champagne and goes with Ty to try on dresses. Matt gives her an expensive pair of shoes and she says she has never had a pair that cost more than forty dollars and she is so lucky. Rachael returns to the house with bags and bags full of clothes and when they see shoes they can’t believe it. Rachael looks so happy, the driver comes back in and brings a box, tells Rachael it is for her. It is a beautiful blue dress for her to wear that night with him for dinner. The other women are looking at her, some genuinely happy, some genuinely sad, and some furious. Another date card arrives, this one is for Serena P., Bri, Katie, Piper, Serena C., Ryan, Michelle, Brittany, Magi, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, and MJ, “love can be messy.”

Rachael arrives for dinner in her blue dress, Matt is wearing a matching blue suit. She tells him that she had butterflies the first and she still does, in fact, she thinks she may just be falling in love with. He tells her that she is not crazy, he is feeling the same way. He says it scary to say that when he is with her, it just feels right, he gives her the rose. Rachael is someone that he could see himself bending down on one knee and proposing to. The two end their night in a carriage ride.

Matt is on his group date, they head to a farm. This is MJ’s fourth group date and she is not thrilled. Rachael had a magical bougie moment and here these women are in the mud on the farm. Piper takes a chance and makes out with Matt in front of the other women, he tells her she is going to get him in trouble. Michelle’s feelings for Matt are incredibly strong and to watch Matt show affection to other people, she feels like she is putting herself in a position to be hurt and she doesn’t want that.

Brittany thinks that after tonight, it is just going to hurt that much more for the women who have been there from the beginning and didn’t get to spend much time with Matt. Matt tells the women that he had a lot of fun at the farm and he is happy to spend quality time with them. Matt asks Chelsea if he can speak to her first. He asks her what her thoughts are five weeks in the process. She says she likes him, he says he likes her too and feels comfortable around her and can’t get enough time to dive into her and get to know her better.

Abigail is next, she says her grandparents had a farm and she can finally understand what they went through. She says she felt defeated, there is something about him that she is super excited about and wants to be open with him. Her biggest fear is that she is going to disappoint him. And, if this would work out, there is a strong possibility that their children would be deaf. Her birth dad walked out on her mom because of that. He says he can relate to not having a dead growing up, but it shouldn’t come with shame, it makes them who they are. Matt loves that Katie was vulnerable with him.

He is looking for someone who would push him, challenge him and make him a better person. Michelle is next, she had a hard time on the group date and felt like it was a slap in the face. Michelle tells him the activity of the day was great, but emotionally it takes practice. She doesn’t know if her heart can take it.

There is one more person that Matt wants to talk to in the house, that he is worried was part of all the drama last week, MJ. He tells her that her name came up, that she was an antagonist. She says she leads by example, if she sees peace, she follows that. MJ goes back to the women and tells them that Matt told her something and she doesn’t like it. She was called an antagonist in the house and asks if anyone wants to talk to her about that.

Jessenia says that she mentioned something, and the “lead by example” rubs her the wrong way. Jessenia says that she made it uncomfortable for the other women. MJ says she deserves an apology she feels like she is being attacked. Katie tells MJ that she thinks that she is deflecting.

Rachael is with Kit and the date card arrives, “dinner at my place.” Kit says her happy place is in the kitchen with her mom and she told him that.

Back to the group night, Matt returns to the group of women and tells them that he had a great time during the day and night. He picks up the rose and gives it to someone who was extremely vulnerable with him, Abigail.

Matt is ready for his date, Kit arrives and she can’t believe that they are going to cook. They start with making dessert, chocolate chip cookies. They are enjoying each other and having a blast, Kit says she can do this every night. They sit down and talk, she says she felt like she bonded with him overcooking. He says he likes being around her because she is her, 100% Kit, and nothing else. She says with her partner, she just wants the simple pleasures and that is what tonight was. She also tells him that she is starting to fall in love with him. He leans over and gets the rose, he says he is fortunate, blessed, and happy to be with her on this journey, and he gives her the rose.

Back to the other women, MJ and Jessenia get a card, “I need to know the truth, meet me at the cocktail party before the other women arrive.” MJ is ready for a fight and says get your popcorn. Before Matt arrives, she tells Jessenia that she is embarrassed, she preaches harmony and peace. Jessenia says the only reason her name is mentioned is that she started JV vs. Varsity.

Furthermore, she tells MJ that she lied to Matt, she said she had no idea that there was any kind of toxicity in the house. Jessenia says there are three sides to her, who she is in the house, who she is with Matt, and who she is when the cameras are on. She was the leader in the divide of the house. The two are going back and forth when Matt walks in. Matt is there, and you can cut the tension with a knife, there is one rose on the table.

Then we see a clip of next week, Heather Martin shows up and Chris H. asks her what she is doing there, she could literally destroy this whole thing for Matt.