The Bachelor Matt James Recap 02/08/21: Season 25 Episode 6

The Bachelor 2020 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, February 8, 2021, season 25 episode 6 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 25 episode 6 as per the ABC synopsis, “Halfway through Matt’s journey to find love, time is running out for the remaining women to strengthen their connection with the Bachelor. Emotions run high as rivals come face-to-face, cocktail parties are called off, and a group date gets unexpectedly competitive.

Pieper and Matt take a break from the drama with a romantic carnival date complete with a performance by Temecula Road; and later, tensions are briefly lifted when Matt’s best friend and Bachelor Nation favorite Tyler Cameron stops by. But everything could change when former cast member Heather Martin (season 23) makes a surprise visit to the house, proving that the twists and turns just don’t stop coming.

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MJ is the last of the mean girl tribe and Katie Hopes Matt sees her for who she is and sends her home. Although, Katie says that if he has a strong connection with her he may be willing to overlook what she did. Matt walks into the room where MJ and Jessenia are sitting. He thanks them for coming and says this is not how he was planning to spend the evening.

There is some tension and issue between the two of them that he wants to get to the bottom of. Matt pulls Jessenia aside first to speak to her. She tells him that MJ lied to him about the toxicity in the house when she and Victoria were at the forefront of that. MJ loves to preach to lead by example but she started that division. Everything she has done has come from a place of malice.

It is MJ’s turn, she tells Matt, “my heart is so big and I am trying to show that to you every second I get with you, and the fact that Jessenia said that I was creating this divide in the house just as I am trying to bring everyone together, I am mentally and emotionally exhausted, and to have my character put into question was like that hurt me the most.” Matt admits he had to do a double-take when Jessenia said what she did. Then, MJ forces tears and looks down and says, I never lied.

The two women return to the room and sit across from each other and heated words continue but Jessenia stays calm and MJ is just about to lose her cool. Meanwhile, Mat says he is conflicted. Matt returns to the room with the women and picks up the rose, he tells MJ that he can’t give it to her and he is going to walk her out.

The rest of the women arrive for the cocktail party, nobody is there, just an empty tray and no rose. Jessenia returns to the room, holding the rose. Chris H. comes into the room, he just talked to Matt, tonight has been exhausting and there will be no cocktail party, Matt knows what he wants to do and they are going straight to the rose ceremony.

Time for Matt to hand out the roses, the first one goes to Serena P., Michelle, Pieper, Bri, Chelsea, Katie, and the final rose goes to Serena C.

The next day, Chris H. drops by and tells the women in a couple of weeks it is going to be hometowns. He leaves the first date card and it is for Pieper, “tonight will be worth the wait.”

Serena C. says that Katie is calculated, annoying and it just lit another frustration inside of her with someone like Katie who is outspoken and truly keeps running her mouth about things that she doesn’t have to say. She goes to Katie’s room to speak to her and tells her that she is frustrated about the time that is taken away from her and Matt because of Katie’s antics, and she doesn’t think she is truly not there for Matt. Serena tells Katie that she is an arcanist because of the fires she starts in the house. Serena is upset that Katie told Matt about the bullying and the mean girls.

Katie has no idea what Serena C. thought she would gain by coming at her and thinks she just makes herself look stupid.

Serena C. returns to speak to some of the other women and tells them that she confronted Katie because her antics are taking Matt’s time away from them. Katie walks in, she overhears Serena C. and tells her that if she has a problem with her she should speak to Matt. Kit is really not sure why Serena C. is so upset with Katie, and she is just going to focus on her relationship with Matt, at this point it is ridiculous and she is wondering when this is going to end.

Heather Martin surprises Chris Harrison, he comes near the gate and asks her what she is doing there. She says that Hannah Brown just spent some time with Matt during quarantine and the first thing she said to her when she landed was that this guy is the perfect match for you. Hannah is one of her very best girlfriends, she knows Matt and loves him so much and her telling her that meant something.

She says she couldn’t let Matt get engaged and not meet him or try her best. Chris says they are in quarantine and pretty far into this. She says not much is going to stop her, she just wants to meet him. Chris says he has to speak to a lot of people and he will be in touch, see what they can do. He tells her to go back to her hotel for now. Chris says just when you think you have seen it all.

It is time for Pieper’s date with Matt, he picks her up, it is late, they walk into what seems to be a forest, he asks her to flips a switch that is in front of them, and it is a full-blown carnival. The two jokes and flirt, run around and have fun.

There is a knock on the date, it is another date card and this one is for Bri, Kit, Rachael, Michelle, Jessenia, Serena P., Abigail, Chelsea, and Serena C., “this lane leads to love.” This means that Katie has got the second one-on-one and Serena C. says she hopes that Matt finally sees that Katie is not for him and sends her butt home.

Heather is from Colton’s season, she is guaranteeing and hoping that she will be let to be included in Matt’s season; she had one COVID test so far.

Pieper doesn’t want to ruin the good thing that they have going but there are things she has to tell him and how she is feeling is very important to their relationship. She is not used to opening up about her feelings, it is very foreign to her. The two sit down for dinner, she says the week was very emotional for her. They sit down for dinner and she tells him that her family doesn’t really communicate well as a family and she wished she wasn’t brought up like that and this is why it is hard for her to let people in.

She tells him that she is falling in love with him and that is the scariest thing she has ever said. He says he wants her to continue to be open and he promises to do the same. He gives her the rose and tells her that he looks forward to spending more time with her. They head into another room and Temecula Road is there to sing to them in a private concert for two.

It’s day two for Heather in quarantine and she is so bored, she is balancing a pizza box on her head. Meanwhile, it is time for the group date. Matt has a very fun date planned for them. It is a bowling date. Matt’s not looking for the best bowler, he is looking for someone who is not afraid to just have fun. Chris H. shows up and says he is going to break them up into two teams. The winning team will have an amazing romantic evening with Matt, the losing team, a long walk home in the rain. The blue team loses, the pink team with Michelle, Serena P., Jessenia, and Chelsea win.

The blue team returns to the house and can’t believe that they lost their time with Matt. Meanwhile, Matt tells the four women that he is having the cocktail party with that today was all about having fun.

Chris H. arrives at the house to deliver the date card, he says this one is a little different. It is for Abigail, Serena C., Kit, Bri, and Rachael, I feel terrible about today, I need time with you please.” The women are thrilled and they crash the cocktail party. Matt says he apologizes, but this process is too important not to spend time with everyone.

The women keep telling Matt that they are falling for him, and have make out sessions. Matt always make them feel special and after a few minutes alone they feel better about where they stand. Matt gives the rose to Michelle. It is scary for the other women not to get that rose because they are then one step closer to the chopping block. Meanwhile, Heather is going a little stir crazy.

Matt has his date with Katie, but first, he is going to spend time with one of his good friends, Tyler C., from Hannah’s season. Matt tells him that he is going for his date with Katie and she is the one that had the cactus size vibrator when she came out of the limo. She owns who she is and is unapologetic, he looks forward to spending more time with her. Tyler tells him to stay open, and just be him so when he walks away, he has no regrets. Tyler asks him if he sees himself getting down on one knee after this, Matt says yes.

Katie and Matt meet for their date, she says she is so excited. They are at a spa, and they are going to spend the day there. And, they are going to play a practical joke on Tyler who thinks he is there for a massage, but Katie and Matt are going to be in the ear of the actor who will be giving him the massage. Matt and Katie have a blast, there is no doubt they can have fun together, Matt now wants to see if there is romance between them.

It is time for dinner, they both get changed and meet each other in a very romantic setting and toast to getting to know each other. She starts by saying her last long relationship was for three years and she thought he was going to be the one, and she did a lot of reflecting and she knew she wasn’t who she is meant to be. She wants to meet someone who is also ready and knows who they are. She says she is committed and hopeful, she is here until the end if he wants her to be.

At the house, Michelle says she doesn’t know where Matt sees Katie.

Katie tells Matt that he is doing a great job and today was all worth it, she had so much fun. Matt picks up the rose and says he thinks of that first night when they met and how much their relationship has grown and she set the tone not only for the women in the house, for them and for him. He says she means a lot to him in this process, but she has been honest with him, and the truth is, his relationships with other women in the house has progressed more than theirs and he cannot give her the rose.

The feelings he has to have to find a wife in this process are just not there for her. Katie says ok, he asks if he can walk her out. Matt says his heart is not leading him the direction of Katie being his wife. Katie didn’t see that coming at all and she felt the blood draining from her face when he said he wasn’t giving her a rose. She doesn’t regret being herself, it just wasn’t enough for him.

The women head to the house for the rose ceremony. Matt enters the room and tells them that the week has been incredible and cheers to a great night and spending time with everyone. Matt chooses Abigail to be the first to spend some time with. Meanwhile, Heather is on her way to the house. She pulls up and she looks amazing! The other women see her coming and they can’t believe their eyes, another woman. She walks right past the women, and interrupts Matt with Pieper. He recognizes her, and they hug. Pieper goes back to the other women and she is furious.

Matt tells Heather he feels like he is in a dream.