The Bachelor Matt James Recap 02/22/21: Season 25 Episode 8 “Hometown Week”

The Bachelor Matt James Recap 02/22/21: Season 25 Episode 8

The Bachelor 2020 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, February 22, 2021, season 25 episode 8 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 25 episode 8 as per the ABC synopsis, It’s time to meet the families! Though Matt and his final four won’t be leaving the resort, their loved ones have safely arrived and are ready to get to know the man that has stolen these women’s hearts.

Over the course of four intense and emotional dates, there will be plenty of tough conversations, heartfelt moments, and touching surprises. In the midst of all the thrills, Matt’s ego may not be the only thing bruised along the way.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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In tonight’s The Bachelor episode it’s hometown week, Matt is nervous to meet the families but he is also excited to get to know more about the women’s families. Chris H. walks in to see the women, he tells them it is hometowns, it is personal and it means everything. Rachael is excited, she can’t wait to show her family how happy she is with Matt.

These are different times, so The Bachelor has brought in the people who are important to the women, they are not traveling there. Serena’s mom, dad, and sister are there, for Rachael, her mom, dad, and sister, for Michelle, her mom and dad, Britney, her best friend Bri and her mom, and baby sister. Chris H. says he is happy for all of them, and Matt, is excited that they flew in. Michelle is the first one to have her date.

Michelle tells Matt she has a special day planned for him, they are going on a bike ride. Afterward, they enter a room and some of Michelle’s students are on a video screen virtually. Matt feels like he is in her classroom. One student asks Matt what Michelle has taught him, Matt says to be open-minded. Another asks if he is going to give Michelle a rose, Matt says he will have to wait and see what happens. Another wants to know if they have kissed yet, and another how many girlfriends he has.

One tough question was how was Matt going to inspire Michelle every day, Matt says be being her champion. Next, they head outside for a picnic together, Matt tells he loves to see how she has impacted the lives of those children. She tells him that her parents were hesitant that she put her life on pause to be on the show, but she did it to be with him. She tells him to show them what she shows her, that is what she is falling for. Michelle says it was a really good day, even better than imagined, and she is falling in love with him.

It is time for Matt to meet her parents, she tells him to just be himself and they will see what she sees too. Michelle is happy to see her family again, it has been so long. Her family’s opinion means a lot to her and she is hoping that they will be supportive. She tells her parents that she was a late arrival, she arrived at a rose ceremony. Ephraim, Michelle’s father, thinks she looks very happy, her old smiling self. She had a couple of relationships in the past that were not so good.

Ephraim sits down with his daughter, he tells her that he can see that she is happy, it is written all over her face. She tells him that Matt likes to make a difference, and that is such a big thing that she is looking for. People are all talk, but they don’t do it. He asks that if he would propose now, would she say yes, she nods yes. Next, Ephraim sits with Matt who tells him that Michelle tells him how it is.

He loves the things he wants to accomplish in life and they are aligned with his. He asks if he is in love with Michelle, Matt says he is falling for her. Michelle sits with her mother and gets her support. Afterward, the family goes outside and plays basketball. Michelle sits with Matt after the game and tells him that she is falling in love with him and she is very excited but scared, and it’s genuine and real.

It is time for Rachael to have her hometown with Matt. She reminds him that communication, honesty, and trust are important to her. She takes out a blindfold, puts it on him, and drives him away. She drives him to an airstrip, they are jumping out of a plane, twelve thousand feet. The two have blast, at first Matt was scared and we could hear him screaming. When Matt is on the ground, he just keeps saying we did it.

Matt is the first to land, he runs over to Rachel who had a hard fall, she slammed into the earth hard. Matt is shocked, the thought of her being injured or banged up worries him. He says that the thought of losing her at the moment when she fell hard, he wasn’t expecting. Rachael says it was a bad situation that turned good, and that is what marriage is all about.

Matt and Rachael arrive to meet her family and Rachael is excited for her family to see how real her feelings are for him. She tells them about sky diving. She says her landing was a little rough. Her mom takes her for a chat. Rachael tells her that she is falling in love with him and could see herself having a future with him. She says she has had bad days with him, and today was a tough day, her landing was bad. She says she was bruised up, and the way he reacted and comforted her is how she would want her husband to react.

She feels really confident in her relationship with him, and if he proposed, she would say. Meanwhile, her father, Darrell, tells Matt that he doesn’t think it is enough time to spend with each other and be serious. Matt says he is falling for Rachael. Darrell just thinks it is too quick to be talking about an engagement, marriage, it is just really unrealistic and he could be saying the same thing to the other ladies. Darrell then speaks to Rachael alone, she says he found these qualities in Matt that she hasn’t found before. She says it might be a little naïve to think that he feels different about her than the other women, but she does.

Matt tells Rachael that he didn’t want to ask her father for his blessing because he isn’t ready yet. And when he is, he will call him. This has set Rachael back, she really thought that he would ask her father for his blessing and she will be crushed if she doesn’t end up with Matt.

Time for Matt’s hometown with Bri, she was his first one-on-one date and they have so many things that they connect on. He is in a place with Bri that is comfortable and he hopes they can push past that today. They go for a bumpy ride in a 4×4, then sit down for a picnic. She tells him that she is excited for him to meet her family. She tells him that his mom is there and she is going to be tough. She also mentions that she doesn’t have a conventional family, but she hopes it is enough for him.

They arrive to meet her mother and her best friend. Bri’s baby sister is there as well, her mom is overwhelmed with joy and her friend is super emotional. Bri’s mother, Lauren, asks to sit down with Matt alone. Matt tells her that the level that they connected on is different than connections with the other women because they were both raised by single women. She asks if he is in love with her, he says he is falling for her. She tells him that she is a realist, she wants to get her hopes up, but she is afraid of getting her turned down.

He says he absolutely sees her in his life. Lauren then speaks to Bri, she says that this is the first time that someone is looking at her. Lauren says when you have a connection with someone and they feel it too, it is special. Bri says she feels like she is falling in love with him and she is so scared. Her mother says she wants to protect her, but she has to make a commitment to herself, to be honest, and vulnerable. She knows she has to let her wall down and tell Matt how she feels, otherwise, how will he know.

Afterward, Matt and Bri sit down alone, and she says after talking to her mom and Bri she is falling in love with him and just wants to have more time with him. Her days with Matt continue to get better and more amazing and she is happy to have had the day with him, and he will have no doubts where she is in the process.

It is time for the last hometown date, this one is with Serena. Since she can’t bring him to Canada, she is bringing Canada to him. There is a map of Canada and she shows him where Markham is on the map. Next, she goes over Canadian lingo, and he hilariously thinks a toboggan is a hat. Then, there is poutine, peameal bacon, beaver tails, Nanaimo bars, and hockey.

Time to meet her family, Matt is beyond nervous. Serena is someone he can imagine spending the rest of his life with and he just wants to make a good impression. Matt tells her parents that he was blown away when he met Serena. Serena’s mother, Rasna, sits down to speak to Matt. He says that he likes that Serena is smart and beautiful, she doesn’t take crap from anyone. Serena’s sister, Talia, tells her that she doesn’t look smitten with Matt. She says she is worried that she gets engaged and then realizes that she messed up.

Suddenly, Serena has a lot of doubts. She then sits down with her mom who asks her if she enjoys her time with him. Her mom asks her some questions and for the most part, she says yes, but Serena says that there is something that is causing some deep doubt. Her mother tells her that she thinks that her last relationship messed with her, she got hurt badly.

Serena tells her mother in her last relationship she was so sure, and she got hurt. She thinks she is just struggling with her feelings and doesn’t want to make the wrong decision. Serena is crying, her mother hugs her. She has this pit in her stomach sometimes with Matt, is the fear of falling in love with him and having him choose someone else and breaking her heart. Afterward, Serena tells Matt that she has a lot to think about.

Chris H. sits down with Matt and asks him if there are any concerns. Matt says Serena, he has given her as much of him that he can, but he doesn’t know where they are, she has a lot of questions. He says he wants to fight for the relationship. Something is off with Serena, after meeting her family, he knows she has doubts and he wants to speak to her about it. He sees a family with her, a life, since the first night he met her. He needs to know what she is feeling, so he goes to speak to her. He tells her that he has been thinking a lot about her, and he knows how he has felt about her for a long time.

Seeing that she is struggling, he wants her to know that she is the person that he has spent the most time with, and that was intentional. He sees himself having a future with her. She says she thinks it is important to have an honest conversation. She says she has had moments where she has struggled and had doubts. When she first became aware of those feelings was when she spoke to her mom. She struggles speaking to him about her feelings and she thought it was because

she was scared, but she thinks it is more than that, it comes down to the fact that she doesn’t think he is her person. Matt is clearly speechless, he says he doesn’t know, it sucks to hear that and he felt it after they left her parents, there was something off with her. He says it sucks to hear that, but he wants what was best for her and if that is not with him, it stinks. She says she is not there and she doesn’t know why. She is emotionally torn up about it. He asks her to walk him downstairs. Matt is so disappointed, that is not how he saw their journey ending, Matt is crying. Matt is scared, the other three women, what if their feelings have changed.

Time for the Rose Ceremony. Matt tells Chris H. that the resolution after his conversation with Serena, he did not see. Matt tells the three women that Serena couldn’t see herself as his wife, so she is not there. He tells them that he wants them to think long and hard before they accept the rose tonight. The first one goes to Michelle, Rachael, and Bri. All three women accept the rose.

He thanks them all for being patient and says he is excited for the next two weeks. Michelle is excited, she says fantasy suites, and then she gets her hubby. Bri is also exciting, but there is something disheartening in getting the last rose, she doesn’t know where Matt’s head is. Rachael is giddy about having a future with Matt, but she is worried that he may have stronger feelings for the other two women.


Next week is the women tell-all, the show returns to normal in two weeks