The Bachelorette Premiere Recap 10/19/21: Season 18 Episode 1

The Bachelorette Premiere Recap 10/19/21: Season 18 Episode 1

The Bachelorette airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Tuesday, October 19, 2021, episode, and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. In tonight’s season 18 episode 1 premiere as per the ABC synopsis, “It’s the conclusion of Katie Thurston’s turbulent journey on “Michelle Young’s journey to find love begins! Thirty incredible men arrive, hoping to impress Michelle with their charm, wit and dashing good looks.

Before the men can attempt to woo her, they’ll have to get through hosts and mentors Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams first. It may be night one, but the suitors quickly learn it’s going to take more than a good limo entrance to win this Bachelorette’s heart.

We will be liveblogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette and you just know there are going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live two-hour The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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Tonight’s episode begins in Michelle’s fifth grade teacher. Her students find it weird that she will be kissing like fifty men. Michelle Young is 28 years old and she is the new Bachelorette. She had a great childhood and great parents. She didn’t date until her senior year and it hasn’t been easy. She is not going to settle until she has a relationship as strong and good as her parents. Her mother hopes she can find the person who is special to her, that treats her well like her dad, who puts her first. This is her shot to find love and she is so excited.

Here are some of Michelle’s men: Chris S. is a Commodities Broker from West Hollywood, California and calls himself a southern gentleman who is super goofy. He loves the fact that Michelle is super genuine and wears her heart on her sleeve, she could be the one. Joe is a Real Estate Developer from Minneapolis, MN born and raised. He has been building a foundation for the next steps in his life and is looking for his queen to share it with him, and he is also by-racial.

Clayton is a Medical Sales Rep from Columbia, MO and his family is his rock. In college he played football and loves that Michelle is also athletic. His mother is a teacher just like Michelle. Brandon J. is a Travelling Nurse Recruiter from Portland, OR and he calls himself a fun guy, he tries to do it all. Family means so much to him. Growing up he had to raise his brother, his mother and father were always working and gone.

Nayte is a Sales Executive from Austin, TX, he is Canadian and he hopes Michelle likes road trips. He says Michelle is gorgeous and his mom is also a teacher. He is really excited to finally meet Michelle. Chris G. is a Motivational Speaker from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and speaks for a non profit for children. He loves a lot about Michelle, he believes they see the world the same way.

Co hosts, Kaitlyn and Tayshia go in to scout the guys to make sure they are up to Michelle’s standards. Tayshia is extremely optimistic and excited.

Spencer is a Financial Crimes Analyst from Cleveland, OH and gets kicked out of his hotel room so Tayshia and Kaitlyn can look around.

Ryan is an Environmental Consultant from San Jose, CA and still lives on the ranch he was born on. He can plow a field and he thinks Michelle could be the one, she wants to make a difference and that is what he is looking for in a partner. Ryan gets kicked out of his room too. And what they find in his room makes them feel uncomfortable, for example, notes on how to get more screen time and how to act like previous contestants.

Michelle is ready and excited to find her soul mate and says “bring on the men.” Kaitlyn and Tayshia are there to greet Michelle who looks fabulous in sparking silver from neck to toe. Michelle says she feels like the Bachelorette now. Kaitlyn says they did meet some of her guys and they are really excited to see her. The first limo is pulling up now. The first man out of the limo is Nayte and he tells her that she looks amazing. Romeo comes in speaking French and says he hopes she will be his Juliette. Michelle gives a thumbs up for Romero. Jack is next, he says he is loyal and attentive like a Jack Russell.

Clayton brings her a ruler, a teacher’s stick, in case he gets out of line and he hopes she doesn’t have to use it. Jamie tells her that he likes her dress, it was just fabric before she brought it to life; he has some swag and definitely caught her eye. Chris G. arrives with a poem, Michelle’s cheeks are getting sore from smiling and she admits that they all have qualities that she is looking for. Michelle calls them genuine and charming. Will speaks to her in Spanish. Pardeep says he is on fire right now seeing her.

Olu says it feels like NBA draft night and he hopes he is her number one pick. A school bus drives up and Chris S. comes out in a suit with shorts and a backpack. He says he is excited to be back in school and can’t wait to be taught by her. Michelle calls him smooth. Garrett says he broke his foot just before coming there, he is using a cane. LT is a Yoga Guru and he shows up in tuxedo underwear and Michelle says it is the best tux she has seen all night. She tells him that she is trying to maintain eye contact. A table is wheeled in beside Michelle, she lifts the cover off the dish and screams, and it is Rick’s head, he tells her that she is stunning.

Rick thinks he had the best idea and stood out for Michelle. An ice cream truck shows up next, Ryan gets out and asks Michelle if she ordered a double scoop of love. Rodney shows up dressed as an apple, he says he is a granny smith and he just wants to be the apple of her eye. Peter shows up with pizza dough and flips it. He is definitely vibing her and he hopes she is vibing him. Next, Daniel, a firefighter, shows up on a toy fire truck and tells her that she is smokin’. Next, a real life fire truck pulls up and Daniele is shocked, another firefighter?

Michelle says she wonders how Daniel is feeling right now. PJ gets out, he is a firefighter and Michelle tells him that Daniel showed up in a firetruck as well. Brandon J. shows up in a bed, she tells him that she usually doesn’t get into bed on the first date. He kisses her hand and leaves his first impression. Spencer shows up with two basketballs, Bryan dips her in a dance, JoMarri rips off the sleeves off his jacket. These guys are thinking outside the box. Martin does a back flip, Joe comes in with no gags and it is almost strange at this point. Joe says he is from the same place as her, she says he looks familiar. Then she remembers his name, Joe Coleman.

Joe has his tiem to sit down with Michelle and she says she was surprised to see him. She says she had a few responses from him and then he ghosted to her. He says he wasn’t in a place where he could open up and he didn’t know what to say but he is glad that they are having this conversation now. She says she is understanding, he didn’t have to be ready for a relationship, he just needed to communicate with her and her hesitation tonight is, how does she know if he is going to shut down again.

Ryan brings Michelle out for ice cream and gains browning points when he gives her some fruity ice cream. Ryan feels psyched after his time with her.

Taysia and Kaitlyn take Michelle to the side and tell her about the document they found in one of the men’s possessions on how to act around her, on how not to be a villain, and he did some research on teachers. And, it is “ice cream” Ryan. Michelle is shocked, meanwhile Ryan is talking to the men and they say he seems over confident. Michelle returns to the men and asks Ryan to go chat. Casey is not sure what is going on but judging from the body language he thinks Ryan is in trouble.

Michelle tells Ryan that she was caught of guard when Tayshia and Kaitlyn stopped by his room and found some notes on how to get the most screen time, how to not be the villain, searching facts about teachers to act like he was interested in her profession, and she wants to hear an explanation. He tries to hold her hands, he says he is new to the Bachelor and wanted to know what to expect. She says she doesn’t want him to act, she wants him to act like himself. He says he didn’t write the notes, it was his friends wife who wrote them. He wrote things about her. She wants to take a look at the note with him and have an open and honest conversation about them.

Will sees Michelle and she doesn’t look happy, this can’t be a good thing. In Ryan’s room, he pulls out the notes, his list of wants for his dream girl and lots of other stuff. He says he has no idea what they are talking about. She tells him to get out of the room and she reads the stuff on her own. After reading everything, Michelle goes outside the room and tells Ryan that the night started off on a great note and she realizes there are bumps in relationships but she is not ok with starting a relationship with red flags, and unfortunately she will be waking him out, her decision is made. Meanwhile, the other men are wondering what is going on.

Michelle says dealing with Ryan was frustrating but she has to continue to figure out when men are there for the right reason. We see Ryan, he is sitting on his suitcase and waiting for a car to pick him up.

Michelle returns to the men, she says after talking to Ryan there were a lot of red flags that were there and she sent him home. She says the cocktail party is back up and running. Nayte sits down with her next, he says he was really nervous when he met her. She says she is excited to learn about him.

It’s time for Michelle to give her first impression rose, she comes down the stairs and you can feel everyone tense up when they look at that bright red rose. Michelle picks up the rose and asks Nayte to talk. She tells him that when they were talking early he said that he has to ease in to being vulnerable and he eased into it anyway. She gives him the rose and a kiss. She liked seeing his wall come down, he made her feel what she came there to feel. The kiss lasts a long time and he is smiling, says this is the best first night.

Time for the roses to be handed out, we see her give them to Jamie, Leroy, Martin, Spencer, Rick, Clayton, Peter, PJ, Mollique, Romeo, Daniel, Brandon J., Will, Chris S., Rodney, Alec, Pardeep, Christopher G., Olumide, LT. There is one rose left, Joe really wants to prove who he is but she doesn’t want to be hurt and doesn’t know if she will give it to him, her heart is fighting with her mind. She gives the rose to Joe.

Three men are sent home, the rest are thrilled that they made it through the first night.