The Bachelorette Recap 06/28/21: Season 17 Episode 4

The Bachelorette Recap 06/28/21: Season 17 Episode 4

The Bachelorette airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, June 28, 2021, episode, and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. In tonight’s season 17 episode 4 as per the ABC synopsis, “A group date of Truth or Dare seems to be all fun and games until the night takes a serious turn and the men find themselves contemplating telling Katie a slimy secret they’ve uncovered.

Later, Tayshia surprises Katie with a revelation about someone from her past, and the men band together, to tell the truth, leaving one suitor to fend for and defend himself. Tired of questioning who is here for the right reasons, our strong-willed Bachelorette takes a stand as we’ve never seen before to ensure the house is filled with good vibes only. It’s a rollercoaster of a week, to say the least.

We will be liveblogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette and you just know there are going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live two-hour The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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In tonight’s The Bachelorette episode, the episode begins with some of the guys having a hard time with Thomas having confessed that he came on the show because he wanted to be chosen as The Bachelor. And, the consensus between the men is that they want Katie to know, she is his ticket and it may just ruin the upcoming Rose Ceremony. Katie is going to find out regardless, but the sooner the better.

Katie is really excited about her date, she wants to have a fun time with the guys. It is time for the group date, the card said, “be daring in the name of love.” Connor C. is ready to make the most of it, even though they have no idea what to expect. Katie says she is looking to find out who has a sense of humor. Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe join in to assist Katie on this date. Andrew S. is so happy to get out with all the tension in the house and see her smile. Kaitlyn says they are going on an emotional rollercoaster, it will be jam-packed with action, laughs, and probably some tears. They are going to push them beyond their limits today in a new addition to Katie’s “Truth or Dare.”

The Truth or Dare’s are strategically located all around the property and they will test them emotionally, physically, and emotionally. Greg is so fearful, he thinks it is going to be challenging. They are going to be in teams and each will have a camera, they need to prove that they did the dare. Tre is willing to do whatever he has to, but he doesn’t want to throw up. The first challenge is to pick a dome, Mike picks one with a whole tray of twinkies at 5400 calories and he does it.

Greg has to say sweet nothings to Katie and she is not impressed. Tre got waxed in a hairy spot. The guys are really into everything and are having fun. The last challenge is the habanero challenge, they have to eat two of them and profess their love for Katie and propose to her. Greg has a really hard time, he says his tongue is more than on fire. Tre did everything above and beyond, he had an amazing day. Katie also like the day, they owned it and there was no drama.

Time for the group cocktail party, Tre takes Katie aside and treats her to some of her favorite foods. He tells her that he wants it really natural with her like he met her in the bar and they just start talking. He says he never had a woman understand him, the moments with her are so brief but so impactful. Greg tells Katie that was so nervous, she asks if overall is he ok. He says he was out of his comfort zone, he feels like he is in high school especially living with all the guys. She says everything he says something, she knows it is real, he is not putting on an act and he is authentic which made them closer.

Tre wants to tell Katie about the real Thomas but Andrew S. is against it, he thinks it the drama is just going to take away from the process and some of the men are going to lose time with Katie. Tre finally has his time with Katie, she says it was a fun date with really good guys. Tre agrees, he had a fun time. He says he loves the good times that he has around her. He goes on to say that he is truthful and there are things that are happening in the house, and if he cares about her, he has to tell her. He drops the bomb, that Thomas is not there for her. There has been a pattern of manipulative behavior with him, good with his words, She says she needs to know these things.

Tre tells her about The Bachelor question, that he came on the show for that reason. Tre says he cares about her, he wants to protect her and he doesn’t want her to get her. Katie feels devastated and blindsided, wanting to become The Bachelor, he wasn’t open-minded to finding love. Connor S. is not happy about what Tre did and doubts he will get a rose tonight or at the ceremony. Katie returns to the group and most of them have Tre’s back.

She says she believes she has a great group of men who are intentional. Katie picks up the rose and she thanks Tre for being completely honest and open with her, it means a lot to her, and she gives him the rose. It kills Connor S., he can’t get past the fact that Tre told her and he thinks it is going to have a big ripple effect. Tre is on cloud nine, he is buzzing, he told the truth and Katie appreciated and respected what he did.

Katie is still in shock the morning after, she really saw Thomas going far, and to find out that someone she was falling for is not there for the right reasons makes her question everything. Tayshia drops by, Katie tells her last night was a lot, it was heavy and emotionally draining. Tayshia tells her that she had someone from her past reach out to her and he thinks that he and Katie would be an amazing match.

Tashia thinks he is an amazing guy and has good intentions. He can’t stop thinking about Katie, he is there and wants a chance to talk to her. Katie doesn’t know how to process this and how she is going to navigate the cocktail party later that night. Katie says she has relationships forming and this guy has to be worth the risk. Katie knows this could change everything. It’s Blake and he apologizes to her for throwing this wrench into her situation. He says she intrigued him, her openness her boldness, and confidence, she is someone he can relate to.

Katie says she is flabbergasted. She mentions that she would be his third bachelorette that he would be dating. He says he gets that and he wished he met her under different circumstances. He tells her that she checks boxes that nobody else has and he didn’t want to live with regrets on what-ifs. She is worried, does she risk everything. He promises that if it came down to the end and they make it to the final two there would be an engagement. She laughs and calls him a troublemaker. She says she needs time to take in what is happening and she will let him know when she figures things out, she is speechless. This is a huge decision to have Blake come into the house and it would kill her to have the strong connections she has now in the house fall apart. She doesn’t know what she wants to do.

The men are talking about Thomas, they think he is psycho and that he will be sent home. Aaron thinks Thomas is freaking out, he is not used to losing and is trying to figure out how to survive.

Katie sits down with the girls, she says she can’t think about Blake right now because Tre let her know his concerns about Thomas, that he came on the show to be the next Bachelor. Katie admits that she was picturing hometowns with Thomas. She believes that Thomas knows that he has been outed and he is probably plotting right now.

Tayshia says Thomas sounds like a sweet talker and he knows exactly what he is doing. Katie truly from the bottom of her heart thought that he was going to go far. She is still feeling anger and doesn’t know how she is going to deal with it. Meanwhile, Thomas feels like he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t but he is going to do everything he can to stay and not to be sent home.

The men are going into the cocktail party and there is a lot of tension with the men wondering if Thomas is going to get a rose. Hunter wants to get time with Katie, he hopes Thomas doesn’t take too much of her time. The men look around, Thomas is not there, they haven’t seen him in hours and Katie is not there. Little do the men know, Thomas heads right over to Katie’s room and confronts her directly.

Thomas basically tells her what she wants to hear, he holds her two hands and manipulates her feelings for him. Katie says she doesn’t know, she has struggled so much when it comes to him, and to have many men question his integrity gives her a lot to consider. He says when he wakes up, she is what he thinks about and he is willing to do whatever it takes to prove that to her. She says it is devastating to her right now. She tells him that they have the rose ceremony to go through, and other guys to speak to. She thanks him for being there and tells him that she will see him later.

She can’t help wonder if her connection with Thomas is intimidating to the house, she needs to know who to trust. Thomas arrives at the cocktail party and the men are dumbfounded that he is there. He says he spoke to Katie about his intentions on being there and he didn’t want to take from their time. The men remind him that it is midnight. Hunter says this is textbook Thomas, he didn’t want to take any of their time with Katie, but he did. Connor S. tells off Thomas, says he took their time from Katie. The men are all arguing when Katie walks into the room.

She apologizes for being late, says she heard a lot of things and she is sorry that he felt ostracized from the house. Tre thinks that more men have to tell Katie the truth about Thomas, she can’t have the wool pulled over her eyes. Brendan basically says the house stands together against Thomas. Most of the men had their say about Thomas, and as much as she wants to give him a second chance, she has to take into account what all the men are saying. Michael is worried about Katie and doesn’t think it is fair all the stress that the men add on her and he doesn’t spend any time talking about Thomas.

Time to hand out the roses but first Thomas openly apologizes to Katie and to the men. Katie moves on to the roses; Hunter, Greg, Justin, Brendan, Andrew S., Aaron, Mike P., James, Josh, Quartney, Andrew M., and Thomas, she tells him that he is selfish, unkind and a liar – she throws him out.

Katie is looking for a husband, someone who wants to fall in love and she is not settling. She tells the men who are left that she cannot stress enough how she wants them there for the right reasons. Then, Katie knocks on Blake’s door, he is indisposed, she tells him to get a robe on. She tells him that she is going to follow her gut, if he wants to stay, he can join and see where this goes. Blake locks himself out of his room.