The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thursday, July 15 Recap – Justin Uses Dirt on Bill to Stay Out of Prison

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thursday, July 15 Recap – Justin Uses Dirt on Bill to Stay Out of Prison

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers recap for Thursday, July 15, reveals that Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) used his Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) dirt to stay out of prison, so Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) was given a new alliance offer.

At Carter Walton’s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) loft on Thursday’s B&B episode, he was shirtless when Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) arrived and asked to come in.

Quinn felt she had impeccable timing and was pleased by the sight of Carter’s body. “Impeccable everything you got goin’ on,” Quinn added.

Carter grinned briefly, but he noted that Quinn shouldn’t be there. Quinn understood they couldn’t be seen together and acknowledged that she’d blown all her chances with Eric Forrester (John McCook).

Quinn mentioned that divorce proceedings had started and wanted legal advice from Carter.

However, Carter admitted that he couldn’t be Quinn’s lawyer since he was representing Eric. He clarified that although he thought he’d be fired, Eric allowed him to stay as COO and lead council of Forrester Creations.

Quinn was taken aback, but she assured Carter that she was thrilled for him.

Quinn never wanted the both of them to lose everything, so she was glad since Carter still had so much to offer. That said, Quinn was a little sad that Carter would be opposing her in the divorce.

Quinn mentioned that Eric was a wonderful man, but a real connection had ignited with Carter.

In the main office of Forrester Creations, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) talked to Ridge, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) about all the latest drama.

They were all glad that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Bill had walked free. Ridge praised Thomas for that and blamed Bill for starting this whole mess.

Thomas pointed out that Bill couldn’t have known Justin would make a takeover play – and Brooke agreed that Justin needed to be held accountable.

Steffy marveled over Justin stooping as low as locking Thomas in a cage before talk eventually turned to Carter.

Thomas was surprised and impressed that Eric was able to rise above his pain to give Carter a second chance.

Steffy felt Carter deserved an opportunity to redeem himself, which Ridge agreed with. Once Ridge was alone with Thomas, he checked to see how his son was holding up.

Thomas was upset over Vinny Walker’s (Joe LoCicero) suicide and thought maybe he could’ve prevented it if he hadn’t blocked Vinny’s number.

Ridge didn’t want Thomas blaming himself or second-guessing how things went down.

Suddenly, Justin appeared and told the Forrester men to hear him out before they called the cops. He felt they’d be glad they did.

Justin said what he had to offer was more valuable than his arrest. He noted that Ridge hated “Dollar Bill” more than anyone in the world, so he had a lucrative proposal to make.

Justin insisted he knew Bill better than anyone: the good, the bad and all the dirt!

Justin was ready to spill the tea on Bill and vowed to be loyal for life if they let him keep his freedom. He was counting on Ridge and Thomas not to press charges.

At Spencer Publications, Bill talked to Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) and Katie Logan (Heather Tom) about Justin’s betrayal.

Bill reiterated that the “two-faced traitor” was dead to him, but Katie was concerned about him losing this relationship. She wondered if Bill was sure what Justin did was completely unforgivable.

Bill said there was no way he’d forgive Justin since this went beyond the attempted coup. This was about betraying a brotherhood.

Bill ranted about Justin having a pity party and being a loser. Justin was willing to let Liam and Bill’s kids grow up without a father, so that part certainly bothered Katie.

Wyatt pointed out that to Justin’s credit, he did have a change of heart toward the end. Bill disagreed and argued that the walls were simply closing in on Justin.

Bill had no sympathy for that phony and insisted Justin didn’t deserve an ounce of forgiveness. Bill felt confident that Ridge would handle making Justin pay because of how he treated Thomas.

We’ll offer updates as other B&B news rolls in. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say some shockers and shakeups are looming thanks to Justin’s offer, so don’t miss what’s ahead.

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