The Equalizer Recap 10/17/21: Season 2 Episode 2 “The Kingdom”

The Equalizer Recap 10/17/21: Season 2 Episode 2 "The Kingdom"

The Equalizer airs tonight on CBS with an all-new Sunday, October 17, 2021, season 2 episode 2 called “The Kingdom,” and we have your The Equalizer recap below. On tonight’s The Equalizer episode as per the CW synopsis, “McCall is in the crosshairs of a foreign government’s intelligence agency after a diplomat’s daughter seeks her help to find her missing brother; Dante faces suspicion from a fellow detective tasked to find the vigilante known as the Equalizer.”

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The Equalizer begins tonight with a man being chased down the street by three people, desperate to get away. Meanwhile, at home, Viola “Vi” Marsette (Lorraine Toussaint) wants to know if Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) is ready for her trip, saying she is evolving. Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) joins them in the kitchen, saying they will miss D this weekend for the run, but Delilah feels her mom will be able to handle herself. A call comes in and McCall admits it is work; D confesses this is really weird trying to act normal as her mom goes “Jessica Jones” on bad guys. She gives her mom her breakfast and leaves the room as Vi finds it strange that D suddenly wants to explore a cave for the weekend.

A tour of a new cultural center is revealed, but the man’s daughter, Mira is followed to the bathroom where she meets Robyn. Mira explains that her little brother has just vanished, which is weird as he never goes a day without texting. She knows he is in danger because ever since he disappeared her parents have been meeting with Saudi men behind closed doors and her mother is really scared and there are eyes on her at all times. Mira reveals there have been fights with her parents and brother as they were trying to get him into an arranged marriage but this is something bigger. Robyn gives her a phone and they go their separate ways.

Harry Keshegian (Adam Goldberg) and Melody “Mel” Bayani (Liza Lapira) learn that Robyn wants to take on the Saudis who have diplomatic immunity. They know Mira stepping out of line will have major consequences. Nothing about her brother would stick out, Harry calling him adorable but Robyn thinks they should check out Ali’s apartment and Mel goes with him.

Detective Mallory approaches Detective Marcus Dante (Tory Kittles), wanting to ask him about the vigilante case. He wants to know what Dante is leaving out of his reports, saying he enjoys the cat and mouse game. He reveals he is not like Dante because if she comes into his cross hairs he will not hesitate to shoot her.

McCall arrives at Ali’s apartment building, telling Mel that the place has been trashed and judging by the looks of things the people are motivated. Mel suddenly screeches and the line goes dead. Robyn locks the door and escapes down the fire escape as the men give chase after her, shooting several times, forcing her to jump. William Bishop (Chris Noth) drives up in his car, revealing there are 10 Saudis around the corner and tells her to get in. He says he is working with them and Mel is in the back seat.

Bishop cuts Mel’s ties off her wrists. Robyn demands to know why they are after Ali. Bishop says he isn’t sure but he has been hired to work with the Saudis and the CIA wants to know why they have called their big guns. Bishop informs them that the hired guns are on the order of Shakir Khan, the key enforcer from the regime. He doesn’t want this spilling into the streets as him and McCall bicker. Mel lectures him for the pep talk, saying he should have just given Robyn a red bull and a high five as she loves challenges.

Harry found Ali’s car in a parking garage as Robyn reveals Mira said her brother spends a lot of time at the club. Harry doesn’t think he can hack into the server that contains Ali’s father’s emails that are in the Saudi embassy, but Robyn thinks she knows someone who can. A short time later, Mira receives a message on the phone from Robyn, her mother concerned that she is jumpy. Mira excuses herself, learning that Robyn needs her to get into the emails. Mel comes back and everyone realizes that Ali lied to his sister and he wasn’t going to the club so they check out the neighborhood. McCall recalls a pipe and a hose in his apartment but all wonder why he would keep smoking as a secret.

Mira calls her father, requesting him to check his emails so Harry can get into the portal at the same time. They have 3 minutes to download everything on his server. Her father is frustrated and begins to suspect her. Mira tells her father that she is scared about Ali, asking him to simply tell her what is going on. He asks her to not worry and trust him but she just wants him to trust her. He says things like these are complicated and he will talk to her when they get home. Harry is able to get everything they need.

Robyn walks into the club, showing a picture of Ali to the owner, Reza Shaheen (Babak Tafti). He says that he doesn’t know him as Robyn presses him, saying he can tell her the truth or tell real cops why he is serving under age cops. Reza reveals that Ali was meeting up with some white girl and he assumed they were meeting there to keep it quiet. Harry has gone through Bazan’s emails and they think that Ali is a “Bee.” Robyn explains how the last time the Saudis caught a bee, they tortured him, killed him and carved him up with a bone saw. The Saudis think that Ali escaped because he overheard his parents talking. Harry, Mel and Robyn know there is a bee safehouse in the city but they do not know the location yet. Harry openly admits that he has done work for a bee before as Mel thinks Zack that he helped would know where the safe house is. Robyn thinks that Harry saved his life and maybe he can do the same for Ali. Harry says he needs to meet him in person.

Harry meets with Zacky in a pub, explaining that one of his friends are in serious trouble and wouldn’t have followed him otherwise. Zacky brings him to the back alley and pulls a gun on Harry. Harry says he is there to save a bee who is in the safe house but he isn’t safe. He explains that he did the security because he knows what it is like as he worked for the government and he is now “dead” as he leaked the horrible crimes the government were doing and he was forced to leave everything and that is why he is trying to help him and Ali. Zacky says his best friend was tortured and made her call him so he could hear that they would continue to do so if he continued to speak. Harry pleads with him, explaining how secure his own life is but Zacky says most bees don’t know each other as it is safer that way, but he gives him the location of the safe house.

Aunt Vi calls Robyn, saying she discovered D’s going away bag and she knows they don’t wear strappy things digging in a cave and she found tickets to a concert in Philadelphia and a fake ID. Robyn thinks it is time for another family meeting as Vi worries this will cause D to go back to her father’s house. Robyn is concerned that it was her reveal of what she does for a living that is causing D to react this way but she can’t focus on that right now as there is someone else she needs to save.

Robyn opens the door to the location and finds Bishop inside. In the precinct, Dt Mallory finds Dante saying someone matching the vigilante’s description is interfering with some diplomat’s kid and it looks like they might do the work for him. He leaves to get more intel from them as Dante looks on concerned.

Bishop feels that the Saudis are right about Ali that he is as violent as they say. Robyn informs him that they are after Ali because he exercises his right of free speech and the dead man was definitely there to bring him to his death. Bishop says the US is not going to risk their relationship with the Saudi kingdom over this as it is an internal Saudi affair. Robyn cannot agree with that as Bishop reminds her those handshakes are what keeps the peace and he cannot risk all that to interfere. She says fear doesn’t breed loyalty, trust does. He tells Robyn to go home because if she wanted to stay in the game, she never should have left it.

Robyn speaks to Harry, believing Ali was using that safe house to plan his next move; using the wifi to communicate with someone and encourages him to hurry up because the Saudis will be able to do it too. Dante calls Robyn, informing her that there is a new cop on her and he is not going to stand down; advising her to watch her back.

Harry finds that Ali was playing a game at the safe house, but Mel explains that people tend to play the game to use the chat feature as it automatically deletes itself every time you start a new game. Robyn thinks he could be using it to send covert messages and it is possible the last game could still be in play as he left in a hurry. Robyn gets his player name from Mira who used to play with him some times. Harry logs in and finds that Ali is playing the game right now and Mel thinks it is his “Juliet” and they are planning to run away together, which concerns Robyn because if the Saudis find this out, he could be walking into a trap.

Robyn arrives and runs into Reza, saying that Mira sent her to help Ali. Reza says they tried to keep this from his parents but they found out that Reza is actually Ali’s boyfriend. He is a loyal soldier but she saved Reza’s life. Ali is not a bee, but he fell in love with one; their talk is interrupted when Ali calls Reza, saying he is trapped and the Saudis found him. He tells Reza that it was his laughter that made him fall in love with him, but their call gets cut off when the Saudis walk into the stairwell and find Ali. Reza rushes in his car, saying he can save him as Robyn pleads for him to let her help.

Ali is tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse when his father walks in, saying he called in every favor he could to see him. He begs him to say that everything he has heard is not true. He feels the boy has poisoned Ali who denies it, saying he loves Reza. His father says they are going to hurt him, torture him and kill him. He orders him to give up Reza and he will be able to take him home, but if he doesn’t he cannot stop what is going to happen.

Reza runs into the office where Mira and her mother are working. He explains quickly who he is as Mira is shocked to find out that Reza is the one Ali is in love with. He admits he is Dissadent X and if they turn him in, they will be able to save Ali. Robyn walks in, saying she specializes in these kinds of situations and she can make sure both men come out of this alive. She doesn’t want any help but Mira stands up, saying that she called for help and this is the man Ali loves and if her mother turns Reza in, she will be saving her son but she will lose him anyways. Robyn asks her to give her one hour to save her son.

Ali doesn’t give up Reza’s name as his father begs on his knees. Ali asks his father not to allow the Saudis to do this, but his father turns his back on him as the men tape him to the chair. McCall calls Bishop, saying they could save Ali and put Bishop in a better position with the Kingdom than he is now but he needs to get off the sidelines now. Mallory doesn’t allow Dante to come with him as he is certain he is about to arrest the vigilante; taking several officers with him.

The Saudis are viciously beating Ali, asking him if he is tired of fighting. They demand the name of the rebels, torturing him and saying this is his last chance. Bishop walks in and tells Shakir to stop as the CIA is onto him as interrogating Ali will cause problems for him. Bishop says he will take Ali to a new location and he can meet them there. Shakir wants to go with the prisoner but Bishop says every news outlet will follow this, causing a cultural firestorm and this is not a good idea for him nor his country. Shakir won’t let the traitor out of his sight but suddenly the police barge in, at the orders of Detective Mallory, who demands to know where Robyn is.

Dante, back at the precinct, congratulates Mallory on his arrest as Mallory explains this whole thing is at the state department. Dante hears this is only round one with the detective as he insists he is only getting started. Mira is thrilled to hug Ali, who says she saved him. Robyn says Ali is safe and free but he can never return to Saudi Arabia again. Mira says the good news is he will not be alone as Reza comes in, hugging him. He is surprised that his parents didn’t turn Reza in, but Reza says they saved his life. Mira says it is their final act of love, they see Ali happy but turn their backs on him.

Mira says they are being sent back and she is forbidden from seeing him every again. Ali promises change is coming and maybe some day. She joins Reza and Ali’s hands together and tells the two men to be happy. Robyn witnesses the beautiful exchange before she quietly leaves.

Bishop sits with Mel at her bar, who is not thrilled he is there. Robyn laughs when he says that he doesn’t thinks Mel likes him. He tells Robyn they will have to hide the whole Ali incident under the rug but the good news is the CIA loves the fact that the Saudis owe him a favor for cleaning up their mess. Robyn feels it’s because he loves a good love story. Bishop hopes that Ali stays under the radar as Robyn feels they cannot kill an idea. He compliments Robyn on having a “nice place” there but her secret is save with him. Robyn declines a drink with Harry and Mel as she has a bigger crisis to deal with at home; Mel catches Harry playing games on the computer, joking that he is cheating on her.

Vi and Robyn talk about Delilah, her concerned that this house needs trust and she is going to give D her trust, hoping she will do the same. Robyn doesn’t confront her about her lies, hugging her, saying she is proud of her. D thanks her mom and says goodbye, but before she walks out the door, Robyn gives her money. They exchange I love yous and she promises to call her when she gets there. Robyn wanted to know where she stood. Vi reassures her that things will get back to normal in time, she hands Robyn the keys, saying she needs to save the child from herself, but when they open the door Delilah is standing right there. She confesses that she needs to tell her mom something; both agreeing that frozen yogurt sounds good. She puts her bags back in the house and they leave, Vi telling Robyn to make sure she gets her $50 bucks back.