The Equalizer Recap 11/21/21: Season 2 Episode 6 “Shooter”

The Equalizer airs tonight on CBS with an all-new Sunday, November 21, 2021, season 2 episode 6 called “Shooter,” and we have your The Equalizer recap below. On tonight’s The Equalizer episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mel’s military proves critical when McCall is hired by the D.A. to find a sniper; Delilah experiences PTSD as a result of the shootings.”

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In tonight’s The Equalizer episode, Harry is one of McCall’s oldest friends. She even helped him fake his death after he became a wanted man and now she’s trying to help him be alive again. Harry was tired of hiding. He wanted to be alive on paper as well as in person. But McCall was having a hard time figuring that out. She asked Bishop if he ever brought someone back and he said he tried it once.

It didn’t work out. McCall was still trying and she was getting nowhere when a sniper began terrorizing the city. He was killing people at random. No one knew why and those in the authority were hiding the fact that the sniper demanded thirty million dollars in exchange for stopping his killing spree. If the truth go out, everyone would demand that they pay the ransom and the city didn’t want to do that. Grafton instead hired McCall.

McCall is a vigilante known for pulling off difficult jobs. This case was practically made for her and she does have great resources. McCall called Harry and Mel. Mel was a sharpshooter herself and she determined that the sniper was an excellent shot. As in not just excellent.

He was elite trained and she knows who trained him. It was the same guy who trained her. Someone by the name of Erickson and Erickson owns the only long range shooting range. Mel visited him there. He taunted. He made fun of her shooting skills. He basically called her second-rate and so she threatened to turn his name over to NYPD if he didn’t hand over a list of everyone he’s ever trained who came back to practice in the last year.

Harry then went digging though the list. There was one person who stood out. There was a sniper named Furlong who was recently released from the military because of “bad” shots and that could mean anything. He was honorable discharged for a mental health issue. He then returned home where he took his anger out on his wife and she left him. She also took their daughter.

She filed for divorce and got a restraining that he’s broken at least twice. He was arrested for breaking the restraining order. He returned to his sad lonely apartment and the anger continue to fester. The guy then began realizing he could still make money from this. He started killing people. He demanded thirty million dollars from the city and unfortunately he wasn’t stopping.

Furlong wasn’t going to stop until he himself was stopped. McCall and Mel went to his apartment and they found evidence proving he was the sniper. They also found evidence of his next target. Mel based on the condition and the building he would be using – he would attack in the next fifteen minutes. Mel and McCall raced to the target zone.

They tried to clear people and no one was listening until the shots began ringing out. Someone was shot. McCall and Mell were able to protect the rest and Mel tried to go after Furlong. She spotted him. She saw him for a few moments before he got away, but she saw his recognition in his eyes and so she thinks he knows her. There weren’t a lot of female snipers and so he probably has heard about her.

Only that doesn’t explain how he recognized her. He must have seen a photo somewhere and she doesn’t know where. Everyone was committed to finding Furlong. The NYPD released his name and photo. Furlong realized it. He called the NYPD tip line. He told them that if he doesn’t get his kids then no one else does and so he made it seem like he was going to target children next.

The mayor was feeling the pressure. He was going to make the ransom drop and Furlong asked for thirty million dollars to be dropped off in Brooklyn. But McCall said that the sniper wasn’t going to be in Brooklyn. He was in endgame and he wanted revenge. His wife and daughter were collected by the police. They were in protective custody and so Furlong no longer needed the money.

He was never going to get his family back. Furlong wanted to take that out on other people’s children and so McCall and her team were able to limit his target area. She then called Dante to ask his ex-wife if any of those areas stood out to him and Furlong’s daughter remembered one. His daughter remembered that’s the playground her dad takes her because its near his work.

Dante tried to collect enough people to go there only the mayor didn’t want to authorize them because he didn’t want to focus on guesswork. He wanted them to be at the drop. McCall also couldn’t go. Her daughter Delilah was suffering from PTSD what with the sniper reminding her of her friend dying and so McCall had to be there for her daughter. And she sent Melody in her place.

Melody figured out the best place to get the sniper. But he surprised her. He was never going to target children. His plan was to target cops and he blamed them for him losing his family because they kept doing their job by arresting him. Furlong also planned on killing Melody.

He couldn’t believe the cops would send her after him. He remembers her because Erickson would always mention her as a cautionary tale for when a woman froze during a shot and so Melody corrected the story. She said that Erickson panicked during a job. He ordered her to kill an innocent child who wandered too close to their secret base and that she refuses to shoot innocents. Mel spoke long enough to get Furlong close enough to hit.

They fought. He was winning and he would have killed her if McCall hadn’t showed up to shoot him. Harry called McCall because he saw Furlong sneaking up on his wife thanks to a security camera. But either way, the sniper was taken down and McCall was asked to come on board for the city in an official capacity and she turned him down. She does what she does because she helps people that are normally ignored.

But the city could always call upon her if they ever needed help again.


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