The Masked Dancer Recap 02/03/21: Season 1 Episode 6 “Top Five – Mask The Night Away!”

The Masked Dancer Recap 02/03/21: Season 1 Episode 6 "Top Five - Mask The Night Away!"

Tonight on FOX The Masked Dancer airs with an all-new Wednesday, February 3, 2021, Season 1 Episode 6 and we have your The Masked Dancer recap below. On tonight’s The Masked Dancer season, 1 episode 6 called “Top Five – Mask The Night Away!,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Play alongside host Craig Robinson and panelists Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green and Ashley Tisdale as the final five dancers compete for their shot at the semi-finals.”

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In tonight’s episode only five dancers remain, the tulip, the sloth, the zebra, the exotic bird and the cotton candy. The guest panelist tonight is Mayim Bialik, actor, neuroscientist & author. Tonight we will hear exclusive interviews from our dancers dance partners, each will offer off some new clients.

Tulip’s dance partner is impressed that she can pick up any dance style. She can work it, but that kind of runs in the family. Tulip dancers to “My Boyfriend’s Back,” by The Chiffons. Tulip’s word up: Lifetime Achievements.

Panel Comments: Brian: “Based on the clues, I thought Haley Duff. I am dying to know who is under that costume because that performance was amazing.: Paula: “You are an amazing dancer and from the last few performances I was thinking Arianna Grande, then I thought Kristen Bell, but now I am thinking you are a triple threat, Liza Koshy.: Ken: “Oh my goodness, what a way to kick off the final five.

This had everything, it had comedy, you had fun, you had heart and you had skill. I think you have blossomed into a superstar.” Mayim: “I really loved this, there is a huge personality that you put into your dance. This is not someone who is technically skilled, this is someone who had sass and put a lot of sass in the routine, it was delightful. I thought Jamie Lynn Spears.

Zebra’s dance partner reveals that he is more fun than you can imagine. He is incredibly strong and his muscles are like cinder blocks, he has zero fat on his body. He is a fighter and has two entire countries routing him on. Zebra is dancing to “Take You Dancing,” by Jason Derulo.

Panel Comments: Brian: “To be out there a long as you were yourself this time was really impressive. You may not be the best dancer, but you always have fun. I am still stuck on boxing. Zebra’s word up: Author.” Paula: “A had a wrench thrown into my thoughts, I am going back to baseball. I think it could be Barry Bonds.” Ashley: “In a previous clue package I saw UFC and they mentioned Rocky. I am going to go with Connor McGregor.” Mayim: “I really enjoyed this performance because there was a tremendous sense of humour, energy and flexibility. I picked up on boxing. I think this is Oscar De la hoya.

The Sloth’s dancer partner asks if he is as funny off stage as on, yes. In some ways it is weird to be teaching him because he is the leading man. The Sloth is dancing to “Twist Remix” by Neera J Shridhar. Sloths word up: Rose.

Panel Comments: Paula: “You stay in character brilliantly, I love the humour with the leg extension, I am just loving you.” Ashley: “You are an amazing dancer, you are a leading man, you are a showman and it makes me think of Hugh Jackman, and he is also very tall and all drama.” Mayim: “After seeing this performance, the comedy part is really important, I am going to say Jack Black.” Ken: “Could be Bradley Cooper. I went on a press tour with someone like you, Harry Shum Jr., and he was also in Glee.” Brian: “You are so good, you are so entertaining, so funny and such a good dancer. I think you have much more energy than the costume leads on to. I am starting to think you dance professionally.

The Exotic Bird’s partner reveals that each performance she has been pushed and she has done well. Every step she dances is for her baby bird. The Exotic Bird is dancing to “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul. The Exotic Bird word up: Circus.

Panel Comments: Mayim: “It is my childhood dream to listen to a Paula Abdul song.” Paula: “It could have been nerve racking dancing to my song but you nailed it. It always fun watching other people dance to my songs. I think it is Jordan Sparks.” Ken: “This may be her best performance yet.” Brian: “I am super curious to see who you are.” Ashley: “You are as tall as Khloe Kardashian, she has a baby and the Kardashians are a circus.” Mayim: “This is mom trying to get back in her body. There is a show called the talk, Eve. And, you think Santa Claus, you think Christmas Eve.

The last one is Cotton Candy, her partner says she is always determined to get it right. After practice she goes for a three hour run in her mask. She is on fire. Cotton Candy is dancing to “Swan Lake Opus 20. Act 1 Finale,” by Tchaikovsky. Cotton Candy’s word up: Prayer.

Panel Comments: Paula: “You can move, it was beautiful and you are definitely an athlete. I think it is Simone Biles.” Ashley: “Tara Lepinsky is a devout Catholic.” Mayim: “This is someone who knows how to present themselves, like an ice skater or gymnast. I think it is Hayden Panettiere.” Brian: “I think you are an ice skater, I saw the gold watch. I am sticking with Kristi Yamaguchi.” Ken: “This is the final five right now and the reason you are so close is become you are innovative and original. I was thinking Julianne Hough, she was born a Mormon.

The Masked Dancer with the least votes is the Exotic Bird.

Final Guesses: Ken: Jennifer Hudson, Mayim: Eve, Brian: Ashley Graham, Paula: Jordan Sparks, Ashley: Jordan Sparks

The Exotic Bird is Jordan Sparks.