The Resident Recap 10/12/21: Season 5 Episode 4 “Now What?”

The Resident Recap 10/12/21: Season 5 Episode 4 "Now What?"

Tonight on FOX their new medical drama The Resident airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 12, 2021, episode and we have your The Resident recap below.  On tonight’s The Resident season 5 episode 4, “Now What?”  as per the FOX synopsis, “In trying to find a way to channel his emotions, Conrad puts all his effort in looking for answers. Raptor has a run-in with the police that ends up taking a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Leela begins noticing problems with a surgeon who has been Bell’s mentor.

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The Resident begins tonight with Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) standing in the middle of the road at the crash site. Then he rushes home to greet his dad, Marshall Winthrop (Glen Morshower) who is feeding his baby, Gigi. Marshall worries that him visiting the crash site is doing more harm than good but he says it is something he needs to do; he is trying to figure out the cause. He is positive she wasn’t texting nor falling asleep. He ruled out the weather and that his wife was a great driver, he feels the answers are in her medical records as Marshall takes the baby to the park.

Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) is playing racketball with Dr Cranepool, talking about a hernia mesh surgery when he is asked if he has managed to bed Kit Voss (Janes Leeves) yet. He avoids it as he is mocked saying his confidence is gone but Bell reminds him that his confidence is fine; Cranepool’s pager goes off and he heads to the OR.

IN the OR, Dr Leela Devi (Anuja Joshi) is questioned about every step of the procedure. She asks about the point of view and why he wants to have it so magnified. There is blood that keeps pooling and he demands that she doesn’t zoom out; calling her “Dr Snowflake” and that it is his way or the highway. She is able to recover and stop the bleeding and he tells her that if she’d like to widen the view she can watch from the hallway.

Meanwhile, outside AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) sits with Trevor (Miles Fowler), who insists he doesn’t have abandonment issues when it comes to his biological mother, Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas) but AJ is able to prove otherwise. AJ takes Trevor out for a drive, learning about anything he knows about his parents. Suddenly a police officer puts on his lights and pulls up behind their parked car, Trevor wants to record the incident but AJ orders him to put the phone away and keep his hands in plain view at all times and it is not a request.

AJ knows his backlight is out and has ordered the part, gives his information to the officer as they are both told to get out; AJ reminds Trevor to keep it easy but he gets mouthy and AJ demands him to chill again but the officer orders him to calm down as Trevor makes it a racist thing. The officer is about to draw his weapon when a scooter hits the officer and AJ attempts to help him. AJ tells Trevor to get a scalpel and pen from the black bag as he won’t survive waiting for the ambulance. Trevor watches as AJ informs him that he just helped save this man’s life.

Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) sits as Conrad wonders if it was something with Nicolette Nevin’s (Emily VanCamp) heart. Devon feels it is unlikely but that is not definitive. Devon seems concerned with Conrad’s obsession over the crash but helps him search for answers. In the hospital locker room, Devon tells Billie that Conrad wants everything from Nic’s locker. She says he is going down the medical rabbithole and Devon should let him and when he doesn’t find answers they will all be there with him.

Billie brings her things to the house and they are certain Nic didn’t have a seizure nor stroke and they are absolutely certain. He is having a hard time connecting the dots as she apologizes informing him that whatever happened didn’t happen in her brain. He says the only thing he recognizes as himself is being a doctor, everything else was “us” or “them”. Billie reminds him that Nic would be so proud of him but he continues to question her about Nic’s health growing up.

Leela updates Devon about what happened in the OR; she is aware of the HIPPA but she is wondering how to bring forth her concerns about his diminished health without it affecting her career. Devon doesn’t have any real answers as he is tired and both hope that Conrad will be back to work soon. Suddenly AJ arrives with the trooper, barking out orders for the number 1 trauma, Trevor watches from the hallway. Devon comments on trach saying they did a great job. AJ has zero intentions of giving up the surgery, regardless of the bad intentions of the patient and prepares to operate on the state trooper.

Leela joins Kit at her table, who says she was crying all morning trying to find Nic’s replacement. Leela is trying to communicate without saying a word and Kit is able to figure things out and says she will look into things. A short time later she walks with Randolph, informing him that Aaron Cranepool’s stats have been declining for a while; something Bell denies. He feels Cranepool was his example and a damn good one. He knows someone reported him and he doesn’t want to know who said it, just what was said and she says she cannot repeat it. Kit needs to know if there is even a small chance Cranepool would put a patient at risk; both hoping that whatever was said was overblown.

Another state trooper arrives at the hospital and interviews Trevor, who is laughing, saying if he was white they never would have been pulled over for a taillight and he is done answering their transparent questions. AJ comes out of the OR and tells them they can leave as they have their phone numbers and information if they need anything else.

AJ invites Trevor to watch him operate on the officer but he declines saying he is busy but AJ calls him on it, asking if he is too busy making Molly and orders him to go to the admin office and make up some paperwork. Billie spots their interaction and AJ explains what happened as she says she doesn’t need this and no one asked him to give life lessons to the kid she gave up. He feels for the kid and how tortured he was without knowing his birth information. She storms off after telling him he is overstepping and he needs to stop.

Devon stands as Conrad shows him Nic’s heart papers, feeling maybe Nic has a heart condition that was undiagnosed. He worries that maybe the baby has it and he needs to know to address it. Devon asks Conrad if he finds any of this significant because he doesn’t after everything he has taught him. Conrad shows him all the books he read but don’t have the answers for Gigi when she asks him how her mother died.

AJ stops the operation as there is a nicked artery. He tells them they have to all move fast on his order, everyone moving quickly and like clockwork as Trevor watches eagerly from the observation room. His stats are dropping and AJ tells them to cool everything down. He tells them not to get too excited as that was only step one; saying they are going to cool the body, then remove all the blood from his body, then fix his heart and replace it all.

Leela walks with Billie as they both approach different Ors. Leela confesses to Billie how Cranepool almost killed a patient earlier in the day and she has been anxious all day about going back to his ER. Billie offers her to join her in her procedure but Leela declines, saying hopefully she doesn’t pass out during surgery; this gives Billie a pause and she calls Conrad, saying that Nic did faint a few times in school, right before a few big tests. He asks to find out if Nic’s mom had a history of fainting, she agrees to do so.

Cranepool right away begins to degrade Leela, ordering her to leave immediately and get her eyes and ears checked; something Randolph sees from the observation room. Suddenly the heart starts bleeding everywhere and Randolph is able to come to the rescue. Randolph is forced to tell him that he crossed the line and his patient was bleeding out and left him no choice but to come into the room; Cranepool storms out.

Randolph is in his office when Aaron storms in, he says they need to have an honest conversation about his fitness to perform surgery. Aaron berates him but Randolph asks to see his results from the Hopkins test as Aaron reminds him of a simple procedure that he performed that killed his patient. He thinks he can walk away and tells Randolph not to question his surgical skills again and he will see him on the squash court later. Kit feels Aaron is a huge liability and knows she cannot fire him as Randolph reminds her that he is an icon and they don’t have the necessary documentation to proceed. She’s concerned that he is a time bomb and doesn’t want him to explode on her watch.

Conrad walks with Gigi, explaining how the fainting of her mother and grandmother happened in the summer and she could have been dehydrated and back then it didn’t seem significant but now it does and he won’t stop until he has all the answers. Conrad arrives at the ER with Gigi, Devon apologizes for today and he says he thinks he figured it out, explaining what he learned today and feels it is a genetic form of sudden cardiac failure. Devon is forced to admit that is possible and it could have been CVPT; but this is a theory without evidence and he has decided to get Gigi tested so he will have answers.

Trevor stops AJ, who admits the cop almost died 3 times and the reason he kept saving him is because the best he can do in the face of ignorance is be better. Trevor thinks AJ is a naive for thinking this will change the cops view. AJ says this is about him and there is no room in his OR for sanctimonious moralism; when the world around him is irredeemable he is a righteous man; questioning Trevor on what kind of man he wants to be.

Cranepool and Randolph are on the squash court and the game gets rather vicious. Randolph kicks his butt and informs him he has been letting him win for the past year. Aaron demands him to serve the ball as he explains he just isn’t good enough but since he taught him the game he just lets him win. Randolph says they both know it is his peripheral vision and he can serve it into his blind spot every time; Aaron hits him with the racket by accident as Randolph tells him to take the exit ramp and rest on his morals before he destroys them. Aaron worries about what he can do the rest of his life but he is told to find a new game. Randolph offers to help him up but he is brushed off.

Billie scrubs out and finds AJ in the change room, she tells him she is not angry at Trevor she is trying to protect him. He was not the product of first love, she was raped by their grown neighbor and she feels this is not an answer anyone needs about their biological father. AJ admits he doesn’t know where to begin feeling that pain and is honored she shared that with him; she doesn’t want an apology she just wants AJ to stay in his lane.

Conrad brings Gigi out and informs Devon that the results are negative and that means Nic probably didn’t have it either. Devon reminds him that a million things happen every second of the day, some are joyful, most are inconsequential and some are unbearable and some are hard to explain; questioning if he can make peace with that?

AJ is driving Trevor, who wonders what is going on with his silence. Trevor is told they can keep meeting up but they will have to steer clear of the hospital; which bothers him that Billie asked to not bring him around; even tearing up. AJ says this has nothing to do with him nor is it his worth and he hasn’t done anything wrong. He cannot feel disposable as Billie has her own story and damage and Trevor is just caught in the crossfire. Trevor says that he hears him, but it isn’t too convincing.

Leela tells Billie she is not sure she should have told Kit about Cranepool, but Billie reassures her she did the right thing. She thanks Billie for being there for her and for reminding her that telling the truth is always the best no matter how painful it can be.

Back at Kit’s office, she shows Randolph that Aaron Cranepool has retired. He is relieved but sad that he lost a lifelong friend; she reminds him about how many patient’s lives he saved. He asks her to promise him to just tell him when it is time to hang up his scrubs and it gives him great comfort when she says she will. She finally agrees to have their dinner as he explains that no one’s opinion of him matters more than hers.

Conrad finally removes the accident information off the wall, ripping it off in rage and despair. He returns to the crash site and spots a deer that eventually runs off into the woods; finally making sense to him.