The Voice Recap 03/15/21: Season 20 Episode 5 “The Blind Auditions, Part 5”

The Voice Recap 03/15/21: Season 20 Episode 5 "The Blind Auditions, Part 5"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 15, 2021, season 20 episode 5 “The Blind Auditions, Part 5,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 20 episode 5 “The Blind Auditions, Part 5” as per the NBC synopsis, “Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon on the fifth night of blind auditions.”

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In tonight’s episode of The Voice, time is running out for the contestants tonight. The judges began this journey on “the Voice” with twelve slots for members of his or her team and each judge has filled seven of those positions. There were also two positions saved for the “Stolen” artists. Therefore, there were merely three spots remaining tonight and they were quickly filling up. The contestants couldn’t just be good now.

They had to be great. The first contestant of the night was Savanna Woods. She’s been singing her whole life because she grew up in a musical family and so Savanna was writing songs about toasters before she was even allowed to use one by herself. She now performs all around the world. Savanna went traveling when she became an adult and she’s been everywhere.

Savanna usually records one performance wherever she is. She posts it online so that her family could see it and that was very important to her because her mother suffers from a condition that makes it impossible to control her own limbs. Savanna was glad that her mother was still around to watch her performances. Her mother was watching the performance tonight from home and so she saw how crazy Savanna killed it. Savanna performed “Zombie” by the Cranberries. She liked that it had the rocker/indie vibe and that there was some grunge in there as well. Savanna’s voice also has a rasp to it. She has a great voice and she showed that she could sing. Two of the judges must have thought the same because they later turned for Savanna.

Both Kelly and Nick turned for her. Nick turned almost right from the start and Kelly chose to wait almost until the song was over before she turned. Kelly explained how she wanted to hear the full range of Savanna’s voice first before she made the decision, but Nick pointed out that he didn’t need to wait. He knew right from the start that Savanna was talented and he reminded her that he turned first. Savanna had two great coaches prepared to fight for her. She could have chosen either one and be happy and tonight she chose Kelly. Kelly won because Kelly spotted Savanna’s creepy vibe. Savanna loved being called creepy and that’s what convinced her that Kelly would make the better coach.

Up next was Rachel Mac. She was fifteen years old and she was living in Michigan with her dad. Her parents divorced when she was four. She has a great relationship with her mother and an even better one with her dad. Rachel and her dad were super close. She especially felt for him after he got married again and one day his wife just left. Her former stepmother had cleared out everything. She took things that weren’t hers and it forced Rachel’s father Scott to start over again. Scott could have been bitter. He could have made his ex-wife turn him off of love and he didn’t. He happily raised four girls who loved themselves as well as him. His daughter Rachel has a great voice. She loves country music and she also loved Blake.

Rachel had wanted Blake as her coach. She went into tonight hoping that he would turn for her and he didn’t. Nick turned for her. Nick is a great coach and Rachel is happy to have him, but she also told Blake how much he means to her and so everyone turned on Blake because he should have picked her when he had the chance. Rachel was still glad to see him. She was also happy to be joining Nick’s team and it doesn’t hurt that Nick suffered this wound to his pride. Rachel reacted to Blake the same way people usually react to Nick and so Nick needed this lesson. It will do him good in the long run. Next up was a duo. Almond and Olive were a folk duo and they weren’t related or married.

Almond and Olive were friends. They’ve both been performing since they were kids and they met as adults. The duo performed “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty. They also played the guitar and a banjo for their performance. Only none of the judges turned for them. The judges had liked their sound. They just felt they weren’t always singing as a pair and that the instruments took away from the performance rather than enhanced it. The next contestant was Lindsey Joan. She was twenty-two. She grew up singing as well and she chose the song “Nightmare” by Halsey for her performance tonight. Lindsey was singing for a while before two of the judges turned for her and it was both Blake and Nick.

Lindsey was actually a super fan of Kelly’s. She also did a PowerPoint on her when she was younger and so it sucked that Kelly didn’t turn for her. Even Kelly felt bad she didn’t turn for her. She still had some nice words for Lindsey and that was enough for her. She was just glad someone turned. Lindsey later chose to go with Nick and so Nick’s spots were now limited. He only had one seat left after Lindsey. Next up was Rio Doyle. She was sixteen and she grew up singing. She performed everywhere she could in her hometown in Michigan. She too was also glad that her mother was still around to hear her perform. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She’s currently going through radiation and treatment and so all Rio wanted to do was make her proud.

Rio’s mother was there with her now. The older woman watched as Rio performed “When We Were Young” and she saw how quickly John turned for her. John literally turned on the third note. He was the only one of the judges to turn for Rio and so later the other judges had some explaining to do. Nick explained he didn’t turn because he felt Rio’s voice sometimes lost pitch. It was something she needed to work on and John was the best person for that. Next up was Jordan Matthew Young. He was originally from Utah and he now lives in Texas. Jordan didn’t come from a musical family. Nor did he start performing until he was an adult. Jordan joined a rock band when he was older and now he was singing Country.

Jordan performed “I’m No Stranger to the Rain”. He started off slightly unsteady and he gained footing as the song went on. Three of the judges turned for Jordan. Kelly and Blake were both obvious choices and so Nick was the surprising person to turn. Nick has a female country artist on his team. He believes that country artists are now paving the way and so it hurt when he lost Jordan. Only Jordan was always going to choose Blake. Blake was again the obvious choice in these matters and not even Kelly’s deep fake video with Gwen trashing Blake was going to change Jordan’s mind. Blake still has two spots open. Kelly and John also have two. Nick has one and so the next few performances were very important to him.

Up next was Tyler Kohrs. He was an Asian man from Nashville and he performs Country music. It’s been hard breaking into Country music for him. He would sing a song about white rednecks and someone from the audience would usually shout “you’re not even white”. Like, real lady! He knows he isn’t white. He was adopted and he found out when he was eight years old and it didn’t mean anything to him then nor does it mean anything to him now. He was happy with the family he has. He was also happy with himself. Tyler performed in front of the judges and unfortunately, he let his nerves come in a little. His voice sounded wobbly. The judges noted it and they later told him about it to explain away why none of them turned for him. And so unfortunately tonight wasn’t Tyler’s night.

Zania Alaké went next. She was a single mother who herself grew up with a single mother. Her mother was a performer herself and so Zania used to watch her mother. Now, it was her kids watching her. Zania performed “Sweet Love”. It was a classic and she did it justice. Zania has a great voice. Her voice alone was enough to sway both Kelly and John. John turned first because he loved this song and he was dancing in his seat when he first heard it. John was also who Zania chose. She couldn’t wait to have him as her coach and John even welcomed her to the team with an original song that he wrote just for his team members. And next up was Savanna Chestnut who was a Country artist.

Savanna grew up poor. She was raised in a trailer and it was a special treat for her when her mother bought her guitar lessons. Savanna has been playing guitar ever since. She used to perform for her friends and now she’s performing in clubs. Savanna performed her rendition of “Hold Me Now”. She turned the 80s love ballad into a country song and it won her Blake. Blake was the only one to turn. She therefore automatically joined his team and that’s okay because she was shooting for him. Blake was a big deal in her hometown. He came there to perform one and that was enough for the whole town to fall in love with him. Next up was Nadianicole. She was a first-generation American. Her parents were Jamaican and so they used to love to play Bob Marley on the weekends.

Her mother would usually sing along. So, that’s how Nadianicole came to find out she too enjoy singing and she even went to school for it. She wants to be a performer. She performed “I Wanna Be Down” for the judges and sadly none chose to turn for her. Her nerves had gotten in the way of the performance. She sounded shaky to them and there were down to their final if not close to the final seats. They couldn’t take the risk of turning for her. Nadianicole was free to try again for a new season and hopefully, she does come back. In the meantime, the show moved on. Next up was Anna Grace. She grew up singing in church and then it suddenly changed. She stopped performing at thirteen.

Anna said she didn’t want to do it anymore. She was shy and so she gave up singing until she was about seventeen when she caught a blood infection. Anna has almost died. The fact she didn’t was a big game-changer for her because she remembered how much she loves singing and so she eventually went back to it. Anna Grace performed “My Future”. She won over the judges with the first verse and three of them decided to turn for her. John, Nick, and Kelly turned for her right away. Blake turned for her later on and so she was a rare four-chair-turn. All the judges wanted her for their team and she chose Kelly because she was actually a fan of Kelly’s. She loves her.