The Voice Recap 03/22/21: Season 20 Episode 6 “Part 6 and Best of Blinds”

The Voice Recap 03/22/21: Season 20 Episode 6 "Part 6 and Best of Blinds"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 22, 2021, season 20 episode 6 “Part 6 and Best of Blinds,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 20 episode 5 “The Blind Auditions, Part 5” as per the NBC synopsis, “Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend, and Blake Shelton vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon on the final night of blind auditions; plus, a look back at some of the best moments from the season.”

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In tonight’s episode of The Voice, We begin tonight with Denesha Dalton, who is 22 and from Warwick, New York but currently living in Texas. When it comes to music, she has been a hustler since she was little. She formed girl groups. In college, her confidence faded and she wondered if she was good enough. Denesha is singing, “Pillow Talk,” by Zayn. It’s the last night of blinds, but Denesha plans on singing her heart out. Blake turns his chair, then John and Kelly.

Judges Comments: Kelly: “You are so cute, you have so much sass, I love how sultry your tone was. You had a little rasp, then turning around was like a whole other experience. I am also from Texas. I don’t have anyone like you and I think you would fill up my team so well.” John: “I felt, before I even turned around, that you were so fearless. It was so authentically you. Your smile is infectious and your style as well. I would love for you to be the last person on my team.
Blake: “I have one spot left on my team, whatever that little break thing is that you invented is priceless. You would cap off an incredible season for me.” Nick: “I am getting to that point where I have to be so picky with filling my team-up. A few moments were a bit shaky, good coaching would help.” Denesha chooses Team Legend

The next audition is Awari, 35 from Virginia Beach, Va. He is divorced with two beautiful children and they are the driving force to everything that he does. At 30 he joined the air force as a boom operator. The military has given him a lot of opportunities, most notably, singing the national anthem for football teams. Awari is singing, “Weak,” by AJR. Kelly turns her chair, followed by Nick.

Judges Comments: Kelly: “I hit my button first, I love the song collection. I loved your runs, you weren’t trying too hard, it was emotional.” Nick: “Awari that was phenomenal, I am just thinking all the fun we could have dipping into the classic R&B stuff, and that so happens to be one of my wife’s favorite songs. You would make me very happy if you pick me. I am making an album right now that has the same influences. I could make a lot of noise with you man.” John: “I thought you sounded so good and that song is up my alley. That song is my high school years, I couldn’t turn for you, but I am excited to see you on the show.” Blake: “That was a great performance and right on time too, both of these two are down to the last spots on their teams and they are being extra picky. Way to kick the door down, congratulations. Awari chooses Team Jonas

Charlotte Boyer is 17 years old from Rock Island, IL. When she is on a stage it feels like home. She does the local restaurants and events. She loves how the coaches don’t see her first and see how timid she is. She knows the teams are filling up, but she is not going to think about that. Charlotte is singing, “Love Is A Losing Game,” by Amy Winehouse. Nobody turns.

Judges Comments: Kelly: “If you sang another song and not an Amy song and put who you are on that song, it would turn out better for you in the end. Your tone is so cool and I am glad you came here today to audition for us.” Blake: “I loved your voice, I didn’t hit my button because your style is so far out of my lane. I would drag you down in this situation. John: “I am so sorry that we don’t have better news for you today. You have a lovely voice and tone, I felt like it almost a little too stylish, we were losing you to the style that you were trying to convey. You are at an age right now where you are trying to figure that out. A couple more years and you are going to be so much better. You have the core of what you need right now, an amazing voice.”

Keegan Ferrell is 21 from Fort Wayne, IN, and living in Nashville. My mom forced me to do piano against my will, but I am really happy that she did. I was adopted, I was found in an alleyway. It made the way for him to have the life he has now. He is thankful for all the opportunities that he has had. Kelly and Blake turn their chairs.

Judges Comments: John: “My team is completely full so that is why I didn’t turn around but I thought your tone was really sweet and angelic. Blake: “I happen to be friends with the guy who wrote and sang that song. I want you to look at this coaching panel. Who is missing and who is in this chair. I don’t want to say that Kelly got Adam fired, but he is gone and she is there. If Maroon 5 inspires you, I don’t know if I would choose a coach that is their arch-nemesis. Your voice is so smooth and I don’t have anyone like you on my team, I don’t want to overstep my bounds but there is someone like you on Kelly’s team. There is only one place left on Team Blake.” Kelly: “I know and breathe pop music, have for twenty years and I really feel like you and I would be a great team together and I turned around light-years before Shelton. This is my lane.” Keegan chooses Team Blake

Conner Snow is 27 from Maui, HI. He always grew up around music and it has made him who he is today. He first started playing, he had this connection like he never had before. He performed his own show to a sold-out crowd but it is tough in the music industry. Conner is singing, “The Sea,” by Sam Fisher. Nobody turns their chair.

Judges Comments: Nick: “Thank you for coming to sing for us today there were some really special moments, your tone is interesting. I could tell you were working against some kind of hurdle. Please come back again.” Kelly: “You are way too young to get this reference but when I was listening to you, I kept thinking of “Oh Happy Day,” from Sister Act 2. You have a beautiful range, like a waterfall. Your tone is beautiful, you just need to believe in yourself 100% when you are on stage.” John: “It didn’t all come out today perfectly but you will have plenty of opportunities where that will be the case.” Blake: “Come back here, do it again.”

Ainae is 21 from Washington, DC and this moment is really crazy because she was born into music. Her mom worked in music marketing. Her mom’s mom came from Ethiopia, at 17 she started one of the last jazz rooms in DC. Her dad is a songwriter, rapper, and audio engineer. Her dad is her anchor and that is why she is on the show. Ainae will be singing, “Best Part,” by Daniel Caesar. Kelly turns her chair.

Judges Comments: Nick: “Your voice has really unique qualities, especially in the higher part of your registration. You’ve got such control. I couldn’t turn for you because my team is full.” John: “My team is also full and I was regretting it the whole time and I love the tone of your voice. It just seemed like you were being free with the song and taking chances, it was a lot of fun.” Kelly: “It takes so much air to do what you did and that means that you are a competitor and ready to go. You are super special and the final person on this show.” Ainae is on Team Kelly

Nick is thrilled to be back on the show, it is an honor. Blake is happy to have him back and he is still being initiated. Nick’s notes; he loves to take notes and write everything down. This year it has been an important part of his coaching, gives his team their own Nick Notes. Nick says he and Blake have a love/hate relationship. Blake says as much as he picks on Nick, he loves that he is back on the show.

Team Nick Jonas is made up of Andrew Marshall, Bradley Sinclair, Dana Monique, Devan Blake Jones, Jose Figueroa Jr., Lindsay Joan, Rachel Mac, Raine Stern, Zae Romeo, and Awari.

Dana said that she was an Aretha Franklyn, Shaka Khan, Tina Turner kind of girl. Nick thought she was absolutely exceptional.

Andrew said he was dreaming of being a Jonas brother since he was ten years old. Nick was impressed with his sultry voice.

Raine was in a blues band, Nick couldn’t say enough, she was electrifying and unique.

Nick thought Devan just let it rip and the other coaches were crazy for not turning their chairs, there is nothing he can’t do.

Zae got a four-chair turn, Nick thought he was spiritual and it touched him.

Rachel is Nick’s youngest artist and says she reacted to Blake the way people usually react to him.

Bradley couldn’t resist showing how much he wanted to be on Nick’s team.

Nick beat out John for Jose, a Zumba teacher whose style is unique. Nick said it would break his heart if he chooses John.

Nick went head to head with Blake to win over Lindsay and went so far as saying Blake was a terrible coach to win her over.

Nick told Awari that he was making a new album with the same influences that he has.
Kelly proved to the other coaches that she came to win. John says that she is his biggest competition. She is willing to go the extra mile, so the coaches know they need to fight against her. Kelly says she specializes in winning and she is the queen of four chairs. Kelly says being with the other coaches is like being with three brothers on set.

Team Kelly is made up of Anna Grace Felten, Corey Ward, Gean Garcia, Ghianna Zoe, Halley Greg, JD Casper, Kenzie Wheeler, Ryleigh Modig, Savanna Woods, and Ainae.

Kenzie was the first artist to join Kelly and compel her to use her block. Kelly loves his vibe, the look and sound of country music, he is really good.

Corey was back for his second shot at turning a chair, Kelly loves a passionate performer and she felt that was him.

Ryleigh who wasn’t swayed by Nick’s charm, Kelly felt that she got lost in her song and she connected with that.

Kelly battled with Nick for Gihanna.

Wayne would not be there without the inspiration of his father, Kelly thought there was a presence with his voice.

Anna was really sick when she was seventeen, she got a four-chair turn and Kelly thought her voice was unbelievable.

Halley is a former teacher, Kelly said she was glad that she couldn’t lose her.

JD is a one-man show, Kelly thinks he is cool.

Savanna has traveled all over the world, Kelly loved the creepy kind of vibe and thought she was cool and super intense.

Kelly thought that Ainae’s voice was special.

We get a look back at John, “the legend” and all the songs that he sang for his team this season, especially when he sang “Ordinary People,” with Victor. John’s youngest person is Rio, she is 16 years old.

Team Jon is made up of Carolina Rial, Christine Cain, Ciana Pelekai, Deion Warren, Durell Anthony, Pia Renee, Rio Doyle, Victor Solomon, Zania Alake, and Denesha Dalton.

Blake thinks this is a very competitive panel, the most competitive since season one. He is a master of reverse psychology. Blake has been doing the show for twenty seasons.

Team Blake is made up of Aaron Konzelman, Avery Roberson, Cam Anthony, Connor Christian, Emma Caroline, Ethan Lively, Jordan Matthew Young, Pete Mroz, Savanna Chestnut, and Keegan Ferrell.

Cam sang at the Whitehouse, Blake was so excited that he got him, he didn’t think he had a good chance.

Pete sang in a group called the “Young Riders” with Blake way back when.

Savanna has an authentic country song, Blake loved it.

Ethan is a tender cowboy, Blake loved the country sound.

Connor has always had a guitar in his hand, Blake loved his energy.

Avery is a small-town boy with a four-chair turn, Blake was thrilled that he choose him.

Blake beat John for Aaron and told them that they had more in common.

Blake beat Kelly with Emma, he loved her mountain country voice.

Jordan is a builder, Blake loved his lower voice.

Keegan closed out Team Blake.