The Voice Recap 04/19/21: Season 20 Episode 10 “The Knockouts Premiere”

The Voice Recap 04/19/21: Season 20 Episode 10 "The Knockouts Premiere"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, April 19, 2021, season 20 episode 10 “The Knockouts Premiere,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 20 episode 8 “The Knockouts Premiere” as per the NBC synopsis, “Snoop Dogg serves as Mega Mentor to all of the teams on the first night of the Knockouts as the coaches pair their artists to perform individually against a teammate, then select a winner to move on to the Live Playoffs; each coach has one steal.”

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In tonight’s episode of The Voice, tonight’s episode begins with the mega mentor in the house, Snoop Dogg and he has brought a gift for Kelly Clarkson; one of his jackets. Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, and Nick Jonas are also back, but Kelly is up first tonight.

Kelly says Ryleigh Modig is absolutely adorable, she is so cute and punk at the same time, she has an intimate kind of voice. Corey Ward has a really sensitive side to him that comes out. Ryleigh and Corey come out on stage and are in awe of seeing Snoop, their minds are blown. Ryleigh has chosen to sing “Use Somebody,” by Kings of Leon. And Corey, “Already Gone,” by Kelly Clarkson.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “Both of you did incredibly. Ryleigh I never could have imagined your voice with that slow vibrato that you have working on a song like this, you did great. Corey for me, it was all about you getting lost in that moment, when that happens that is all that you can ask for as a fan. I would go with Corey here.” Nick: “What a way to kick off the Knockouts., you both set the bar very, very high. Corey, I just want to give you a hug man. You inspire with every performance on stage, every time you show up you are willing to be vulnerable with us and it really connects. Ryleigh you found a way to make the song your own, to tell a story, not just to sing it well. You also brought your A-Game today. I am going to say something controversial here, I don’t know.”

John: “Ryleigh you have a special way of making us feel your presence as an artist and I think it is just typical. Corey, it’s always bold to sing the song of your coach but you made it your own and I think that was a remarkable thing to accomplish and I loved it. I would pick Corey.” Kelly: “It was really exciting to see both of you perform in person. Ryleigh you have this really cool vibe that nobody can duplicate. Your voice is leading the entire record, everything just compliments your voice. This show is about finding someone special and then Corey, the coolest thing a songwriter could experience, and I was like, you just killed my song in front of me. This is really hard and I am hoping that nobody is going home because I am stressed. Literally, just for today, I am going to go with my gut decision.” Corey wins this round.

A triple steal for Ryleigh. John says he went first because he would love to work with her. Nick says he started young and knows how to navigate a lot of things as a young person in the business and that would be helpful. Ryleigh chooses to be on John’s team.

Snoop Dogg loves country music, he has been able to work with some of the greatest like Brad Paisley to Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. Blake is up next for his Knockout and he tells Snoop that he is going to like his two country guys. They are on two different ends of the country spectrum. Ethan Lively has almost no experience but has that hard George Straight kind of voice. Jordan Matthew Young is more of a Texas red dirt, with blues and rock mixed in. Ethan and Jordan are thrilled to see Snoop who says he is ready to ride with the cowboys. Snoop says he loves Ethan’s voice, it is old school country and he can’t believe he is 17. Ethan will be singing, “Help Me Hold On,” by Travis Tritt. Jordan chooses “She Talks To Angels,” by Black Crows.

Coaches Comments: Nick: “That is the most soulful I have heard you sing yet, Ethan I thought it was really strong and you continue to surprise me and make me smile every time you sing, you have such a unique instrument.” John: “Ethan I just think you are so cool, you know who you are and you deliver it really well. Jordon you were in your zone, it was passionate and you were in your element, I thought it was the more compelling performance.” Kelly: “It is shocking to me that you are 17 Ethan, your voice is really special. Jordan, I will say that today you showcased the rock & roll side of you, I would go with Jordan.” Blake: “Now that I know as coaches we can take sick days, I really wish I had taken mine today because this sucks. Ethan, your voice is so crazy and cool. There is nobody out there like you. Jordan your voice is cool too, I love that raspy voice you have.” Jordan wins this round.

John has worked with Snoop over the years, the first time was on his first album. John calls Snoop a global icon and believes he is going to give great advice to his artists; Ciana Pelekai and Pia Renee. Pia has chosen to sing, “What The World Needs Now Is Love,” by Dionne Warwick for her mother who recently passed away. Snoop says he is holding a tear back. Ciana is going to sing, “Because I Love You,” by Lizzo and when she sings this song, she thinks of her parent’s relationship.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “Pia, it was so beautiful, I love hearing singer where they have felt tragedy or pain and put it in the song. Ciana you picked a hell of a song to sing, you hit the notes, there were a couple of parts that were pitchy, but that is just a problem with air. Pia, I thought yours was really authentic.” Blake: “Ciana I love your determination, it was a knockout, you were fighting for your spot on this show. I think Pia did that too, it was very calm, very collected, and very authentic. Pia, you won this knockout.” Nick: “Ciana, you came out swinging, you turned it up to 11. Pia, I thought I was listening to Whitney Houston, it was exceptional. You raised the bar for this whole thing.” John: “Ciana this song is so hard to do and I thought you did a fantastic job, you should be incredibly proud. Pia people don’t know how meaningful this song is to you, you flawlessly delivered this song without letting the emotion get to you.” Pia wins this round.

Nick and Snoop go way back, last year he and his brothers went on his show with Martha Stewart for a wild BBQ. Nick’s first artist is Dana Monique and she is the first artist that he brought to his team. Keegan Ferrell is new, Nick stole him in the last round. Keegan is singing, “Just My Imagination,” by The Temptations because his father loves this song. Dana is singing “Nut Bush City Limits,” by Tina Turner because it is a good ole country song. Snoop says he felt Tina in the room for a moment.

Coaches Comments: John: “What excellent song choices, Keegan I really love the tone of your voice, and I have a lot of respect for you as an artist. Dana this song was all about giving it your all and you should be doing this on all the biggest stages.” Kelly: “Keegan I loved your tone, I like you with the guitar as well. But what happened here today is that Dana sand the hell out of that song. You went from Aretha to Aerosmith, it was all the amazing singers I love.

Dana won this round for me.” Blake: “Keegan, I am sorry you ended up on Nick’s team but that’s how things worked out. You saw happier than when you were singing that song. Dana, God doesn’t make mistakes, we know that. But maybe somebody bumped his elbow when he was pouring talent on you.” Nick: “Keegan you got a phenomenal voice, you surprise me every time you can hit those higher notes. Dana, I am so proud that you are on my team, your trust in me as a teammate is a lot. You are both amazing vocalists and I am proud that I got to work with both of you.” Dana wins this round.

John is with Snoop again who tells him that he usually steals something from every set, and he is taking his travel mug from The Voice. Victor Solomon will be performing “My Girl,” by The Temptations. Snoop asks him if he needs a background, he’s feeling it, he’s up dancing. Snoop says he wishes Victor was wearing bell-bottoms with an afro. Gene Garcia just joined John’s team, he was on Team Kelly and he will be singing “Afterglow,” by Ed Sheeran for his mother who sacrificed a lot for him, having had him at 17.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “Victor I am going to start with you, I love where you went vocally. I saw you on tour with all the dancers and this throwback vibe. Gene you just really have really cool magically tone. I have to go with Gene.” Blake: “Gene the last time you were here you inspired a song I did, I wanted to write a song about a guy named Gene who is really sad and call it Blue Gene. I also keep thinking you are on Nick’s team because he hit his button so many times and you refused to choose him. I got sidetracked. There was something about your performance I was really drawn to it. Victor, I don’t think you ever did the same dance moves twice, I thought your singing was incredible and to be the victor, was Victor.” Nick: “Gene I thought you killed it, but when you go up against ‘My Girl’ it is just a little bit difficult to feel better, but you did a good job. Victor, you made us feel like it was your song, I would go with Victor.” John: “We joke but I am so happy that it all came together for you Gene, it was like you were in your zone. Victor, you made the song your own and Snoop was so excited, I loved that.” Victor wins this round.

Blake is with Snoop and he tells him that the coaching with the other coaches is not good compared to him, Snoop laughs and says you are right. Andrew Marshall says he is singing, “I Won’t Give Up,” by Jason Mraz for his friend with who he chemo with and Blake thinks he is a great addition to his team, this is why he used his steal on him. Pete Mroz is next and Blake tells Snoop about his being in the same band with Pete when they were younger. Pete is singing, “Before You Go,” by Lewis Capaldi. Pete wants to show that his voice is current, yet classic. When he sings this, he thinks about his father who passed away and he was with the days leading up to his passing.

Coaches Comments: Nick: “I love Lewis Capaldi and think it showed that you have the ability to showcase that big belt. You are always someone I like to watch. Andrew, miss you a lot, when you come out and give a performance that solid, I don’t know if I had to pick – Andrew you won this round for me.” John: “That is interesting because Pete was more compelling in the lower ends of the song, Andrew I felt like you didn’t get your footing until you got to the higher ends of the song and once you got there it was really good. It was pretty much even.” Kelly: “I got to see you both in battles from a different vantage point, I was watching in my PJs. Pete, there is just something really special about you, you nailed all the hard parts and it was effortless. Andrew your falsetto is magical, it was a nice thing to see your versatility as a vocalist. I think I would lean towards Pete because I gravitate towards your voice.” Blake: “This one is tough, Pete I thought you stepped up to the plate. With you Andrew, it was just a struggle of just getting some presence there. You both had good moments, it almost becomes a tie.” Pete wins this round.

Nick steals Andrew, he says he wants him to come home.