The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, May 10 – Chelsea Visits Victor – Rey Gets Adam’s Apology – Imani’s Shady Agenda

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for Monday, May 10, tease that Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) will react to Rey Rosales’ (Jordi Vilasuso) latest declaration. On Friday’s Y&R episode, Rey vows to arrest Adam following the kidney transplant surgery – and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) claims he’ll let Rey do whatever he wants.

Adam overhears this exchange and walks in the room on Friday, so he’ll have a chance to speak his mind on Monday, May 10. Instead of chewing Rey out, Adam will deliver a heartfelt apology. Although Adam didn’t poison Rey, he can surely understand why the detective would initially believe the evidence.

Rey is leaning in the direction of innocence now, but Adam will get why Rey wanted him to be guilty. After all, Adam told Rey to his face that he would be the one to end up with Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) not too long ago.

Adam also kissed Sharon behind Rey’s back and continues to put Sharon in situations where she has to choose between Adam or her husband. Now that Adam’s had some time to do some soul-searching, he’ll want Rey to know he’s truly sorry.

Adam will promise to back off and let Rey get his marriage back on track if that’s possible, but Rey may not buy that Adam’s being sincere. However, there’s one thing that Rey and Adam can agree on.

They’ll both acknowledge that Faith Newman’s (Reylynn Caster) health is what matters most.

Adam may even get some words of gratitude from Rey when it comes to the kidney donation, but Rey won’t budge on his arrest plan. Meanwhile, Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) will work on a plan of her own.

It looks like Chelsea will take a trip to the Newman ranch and perhaps try to do some negotiating.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Victor will deliver another ultimatum, but will it be the same one as before or will he put a new spin on it? Victor previously demanded that Chelsea confess to the cops or else she would lose custody of Connor Newman (Judah Mackey).

Of course, Chelsea isn’t keen on coming clean since she’d go to prison and would still lose her son. Chelsea could go on the run with Connor, but Victor would carry out a relentless pursuit – that is unless Chelsea can work out an alternative.

Will Chelsea try to work out some sort of deal with Victor instead? It might be hard to find terms Chelsea and Victor can agree on, but we’ll see how this tense faceoff turns out in Monday’s Young and the Restless episode.

In the meantime, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) will catch Imani Benedict (Leigh-Ann Rose) having a secret meeting with Sutton Ames (Jack Landron).

It’ll seem like Imani and Sutton are plotting behind Amanda Sinclair’s (Karla Mosley) back – and sure enough, Imani will carry out a suspicious scheme up in Amanda’s suite soon after.

Imani will claim she’s had a change of heart and now wants to help Amanda. After Imani reveals that she went to law school but never took the bar, she’ll assure Amanda that she wants to work on Sutton’s legal team with her.

Amanda will agree to consider the offer, especially after Devon fills her in on the clandestine meeting he witnessed. It’ll become clear to Amanda that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this case, so she’ll want to get closer to Imani and figure out what her true agenda is.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Devon will worry about Amanda getting in over her head with her shady family. Devon will offer a warning and hope things don’t get too ugly in the end! As other Y&R news rolls in, we’ll pass along updates.

It sounds like some fantastic scenes are ahead on The Young and the Restless. CDL will have other sizzling Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news to check out, so be sure to pop back in regularly.