The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, November 16 Recap – Gaines’ Press Conference Bombshell – Adam Exposes Billy’s Blackmail

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, November 16 Recap – Gaines’ Press Conference Bombshell – Adam Exposes Billy’s Blackmail

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Tuesday, November 16, reveals that Jesse Gaines (Jamison Jones) will deliver a press conference bombshell – and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) will expose Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) for blackmail. Let’s talk about what’s coming up in Tuesday’s shocking Y&R episode.

At ChancComm, Gaines will stick to his story about everything he told Billy and Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) being a pack of lies. Gaines will assume Billy didn’t have the letter authenticated since it was fake.

However, Billy will quickly guess that Adam and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) roped Gaines into an elaborate scheme. Gaines won’t outright confess to anything, but he’ll drop a hint about having Newman cash to ease his pain and will wish ChancComm luck since they’re going to need it.

At Society, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) and Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) will hear Adam laughing with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) at their nearby table.

Rey won’t get why Adam is so happy when a scandal’s blowing up that affects Newman Media, but Sharon will wonder if he really wants to spend the night psychoanalyzing Adam.

Meanwhile, Adam will tell Sally he’s an open book and invite her to ask questions, but it’ll soon become apparent that many topics are still off-limits.

Sally will decide Thanksgiving foods would be safe to discuss, so she’ll get Adam talking about a pumpkin pie recipe he wrote out for his mother when he was a child.

Sally will find it sweet that Adam still has the recipe card and will learn his mother was blind.

They’ll have a nice moment until Adam spots Gaines and excuses himself to meet with him at the bar.

Gaines will grumble about the plan, but Adam will insist all Gaines has to do is execute the next step and then he’ll be free.

Adam will tell Gaines that a camera crew is waiting back at the office and instruct him to give the performance of his life.

Meanwhile, Rey will ignore Sharon as he watches Gaines and Adam interact. He’ll guess that whatever’s going down between the two of them can’t be good.

Rey will think maybe Adam struck his own bargain with Gaines and will once again wonder why Adam is so calm.

Sharon will remind Rey that it’s not his case and will convince him to concentrate on their night together. Even so, Rey won’t be able to resist stealing a glance at Gaines as he leaves.

When Adam returns to Sally’s table, she’ll be even more curious and concerned about what’s going on. Sally will think she could be an asset if Adam filled her in, but he’ll encourage her to keep her attention on the fashion platform.

At the ranch, Victor will tell Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) about Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor’s (Melissa Ordway) decision to leave Dominic Newman-Abbott-Chancellor with Devon Hamilton (Bryton James).

Nikki will agree when Victor suggests Dominic would’ve been better off staying with them.

Victor will point out that he could’ve jumped in and taken custody of Dominic, so Nikki will realize that Victor wanted to honor Abby’s wishes on this.

Nikki will think maybe Abby’s decision is bringing her peace and will be on the same page about Victor doing everything he can for Abby.

At ChancComm again, Billy and Lily will play the blame game until Lily decides it isn’t helping. She’ll want to focus on how they’re going to save the company their employees’ jobs.

Lily will think the smartest thing they could do is get ahead of the blowback and print a retraction. She’ll feel like they have to say they were hacked and that the article was released without their approval.

Unfortunately, Billy will soon realize it’s too late for Lily’s plan. He’ll hand Lily his phone and leave her horrified over what’s going down at Newman Media.

That’s where Gaines will publicly recant everything he gave ChancComm through a press conference on Newman Media’s streaming site.

Gaines will insist the letter was fabricated and will reveal his long-standing grudge against Ashland. He’ll act like Ashland is the victim in this case and will claim to regret his part in the story.

That said, Gaines will argue that ChancComm never fact-checked or did any digging to make sure the story was true – and he’ll think that’s because they had ulterior motives.

After watching Gaines’ statement, Billy will rant about how Ashland will come out smelling like a rose no matter what now.

Lily will also note that they were painted as immoral, reckless villains in the public eye. Billy will at least be glad there’s nothing else the Newmans can throw at them, but Lily will fear an even bigger show is about to drop.

Back at the ranch, Nikki will get updates on the situation and fear that Victor is underestimating Billy.

Nikki will note that Billy is a lot like Victor since when they’re backed into corners, they tend to go on the attack. Nikki will worry this battle is far from over despite Victor’s reassurance.

At Society, Adam will approach Rey’s table and act like he was just raking Gaines over the coals for what he was trying to do to Ashland.

Rey will scoff about it being a “gentle raking” and definitely won’t buy that – particularly after the latest press conference.

Adam will call Rey’s attention to Billy’s threat before the story was published and will call it blackmail. “Now that can’t be legal, can it?” Adam will ask Rey as Sharon looks on.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say ChancComm and Newman Media’s war is just getting started, so don’t miss what’s ahead!

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