Welcome to Plathville Recap 10/19/21: Season 3 Episode 10 “Wanna Get a Room?”

Welcome to Plathville Recap 10/19/21: Season 3 Episode 10 "Wanna Get a Room?"

Tonight on TLC their reality show Welcome To Plathville airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 19, 2021, episode, and have your Welcome to Plathville recap below.  On tonight’s Welcome to Plathville season 3 episode 10 called “Moriah, Micah, and Olivia face performing on stage amidst family drama, and Ethan takes action; Max surprises Moriah with a special gift; Olivia offers Ethan an invitation; Lydia takes steps to advance her own relationship.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with Ethan and Micah looking around the parking lot for their mother, who they know is at the concert. Olivia tells Moriah that there should be boundries that are respected. Max doesn’t see this getting any better unless someone admits they are the problem. It is two minutes before they are supposed to go on stage, Micah is gone, Ethan is gone and Olivia isn’t taking it well. Micah and Ethan are back, Olivia really doesn’t think she can play with their parents around since they said she had evil spirits. Kim admits it, but it has been two years ago and she doesn’t know exactly what was said. Barry says he never intended to hurt anyone and he is really hurt.

Kim would love the opportunity to sit down with her and speak to her. But today, they want Moriah to know that they are there to support her.Moriah starts singing, Olivia is playing beside her. Moriah looks over at Max and is thankful to have someone to support her so much. Meanwhile, Ethan hasn’t given up looking for his mom, he knows she is there because her vehicle is there. Ethan thinks they are probably in another vehicle if they are not in theirs. Kim sees Ethan and he looks like he is hunting someone down, she can’t believe it.

Lydia can’t believe how Ethan is acting, this is a public place. Ethan finds them and tells Kim to get out. She says no, she is listening to Moriah’s concert. Isaac swears they are not going to bother anyone. Ethan calls her sneaky. Isaac says they stayed as far away as possible so this wouldn’t happen. Kim tells Ethan that he just wants to hear her sing. Isaac tells Ethan it is kind of natural if Kim wants to watch Moriah. He is not going to buckle to Ethan, he is firm. Ethan tells Isaac it is not his fault, he loves him. Ethan walks away, he has no right to tell them they can’t be there, it is a public event. Ethan wants to point out that his dad didn’t come and that actually means a lot to him.

Moriah says the concert went pretty decent given the situation they are were in. Kim hopes that Moriah has many more concerts and she will cheer her on and be there for her, she doesn’t care who is there and what they think.

Olivia and Ethan get drinks and sit down together outside a hotel. Olivia wanted so bad for the gig to go well for Moriah and she was freaked out because of Kim. She tells Ethan this reminds her about the boundaries she wants but she cannot hold them accountable for them. Ethan says if they are within an hour of Kim, she is going to show off. She doesn’t want to ask him to move to Tallahasse, but she doesn’t want to stay there, she is being honest.

He admits that he was always scared of that. He says he went out to the west coast when he disappeared and he asked himself why he lived in such an ugly place and why he would do that at the cost of them and it is not worth it. If they are going to stay together, he thinks they should spend the years they don’t have children, to live in different places, maybe out of the state or out of the country.

Something has changed in Ethan since he separated with Olivia, he has revaluated a lot of things. She is worried about him saying yes to get her back, then change his mind again. He says there are so many memories they can make, so many places they can go and he would be a fool to give that up. She says she was really scared that they wouldn’t make it, and she knows one thing, she doesn’t like living on her own, he says he doesn’t either. They both say they miss each other and hold hands. She asks him if he wants to get a room, he says yes.

At the Plath family home, Barry sees that Isaac is growing in some facial hair. Kim says besides physical growth, Isaac is become a trustworthy man. Barry takes him to the washroom and shows him how to shave. Little does Barry know that Isaac has already been shaving but doesn’t want to spoil the moment for his dad.

Max takes Moriah on a picnic to the lake where he broke up with her. He reminds her that they pinky promised to do what was best for them and that was staying together. And, he got her a gift, a pinky promise ring, a promise from him to her. It has the jasper stone in the middle of it and he always chooses her. Moriah is thrilled and hugs him. He is not ready for marriage, but he has good intentions and wants to commit to her. She feels like the most special girl in the world. She has always felt like she didn’t belong and finally feels like she does now. She did not see this coming, he is happy that he could surprise her.

It’s been a few days since the concert, she is going over to her family home to speak to her mother. She shows them the promise ring that Max gave her tells them that she is happy. Lydia arrives home and dad switches topics. Moriah said that she heard somebody showed up. Kim says she couldn’t miss it because she wanted to be there for her but they really tried to be discreet and hide so nobody would see them. And if Ethan didn’t look for them, they wouldn’t have known they were there. Moriah understands but she made a promise to Olivia.