1000-lb Best Friends Recap 02/21/22: Season 1 Episode 3 “We’re Not a Joke”

1000-lb Best Friends Recap 02/21/22: Season 1 Episode 3 "We're Not a Joke"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Best Friends airs with an all-new Monday, February 21, 2021, Season 1 Episode 3 and we have your 1000-lb Best Friends recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends season, 1 episodes 3 called “We’re Not a Joke” as per the TLC synopsis, “Meghan organizes a glamping trip for the group, but tempers flare when Vannessa and Tina have trouble sorting out their differences. A challenging bungee workout has Ashely considering a second bariatric surgery.”

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In tonights 1000-lb Best Friends episode, after talking to the therapist, Vannessa realizes she has to make some changes. The changes were going to take some time. She couldn’t do them right away and so her focus was on losing weight first. Vannessa was close to five hundred pounds. She needs to lose weight. She and her friends had a private session for studio bungee. It’s a low impact exercise that takes pressure off the joints and the ladies got to do exercises they haven’t done in years. Vannessa loved it. She could only last for so long and it wasn’t that much of a surprise when she had to quit. It was when Ashley and Tina struggled with it that was the surprise.

The ladies thought they were in better shape than that. The workout pushed their limits and they decided to do it again. The group also discussed Tina’s weight loss journey. Tina doesn’t want surgery. She believes she can get rid of the weight all on her own. She even refuses to see Dr. Proctor much less hear what he has to say and she didn’t want to hear it from her friends. Tina’s struggled with her weight her whole life. She has aches and body pains. She thinks she can handle it by herself. She tells her friends she can handle it by herself and so they have to take her word on it because they can’t convince her of anything else.

Tina has four kids. She doesn’t really have time to commit to anything and so an idea from Meghan sounded good. Meghan thought they should take a girls trip. She got the idea after hearing from Vannnessa complaining about her sister again. Jakie is set on sabotaging her. She keeps bringing in fattening food. She tells Vannessa she’s doing it for her and she doesn’t see how she’s killing her sister. Vannessa was finally having enough of this manipulative behavior. She wants out of that house and a girls trip will help. But before they could take the trip, Ashley met with Dr. Proctor about a second surgery.

Ashley has already gotten a gastric sleeve. She got in back in 2014. She lost sixty-five pounds and then she started gaining it all back. Ashley’s problem is that she had assumed that the sleeve would do all the work in spite of the pure junk food she ate. Ashley has since realized her mistake and she wants to do better. She talked to Dr. Proctor. He did say she was at high risk. She has a family history of diabetes. She also had a history of sleep apnea. Ashley has a lot to worry about and that goes double for her being big. She needed a vacation away from her problems too. The women went on their girls trip and at first they discussed the problem with glamping.

Their girls trip was a glamping trip. But it involves nature and not everyone sold on nature. Ashley is a city girl. Vannessa is terrified of bugs. They were all a little worried about the camp sites and it turns out glamping is so far removed from regular camping that they aren’t even in the same fields. Glamping had air conditioning. It also had beds for everyone as well as bathrooms. The ladies didn’t have to go out into nature to use the lavatories. The ladies loved this version of camping. It relaxes them. They got to talking. Vannessa made some crass jokes. Tina didn’t approve of them and she got a little judgy.

Vannessa was used to it. They were able to quickly move past it and they got back to talking because there was a lot of games they brought with them. During one such game of who was most likely to get pregnant, Meghan automatically gave the card to Ashley. Tina’s husband is fixed so that they don’t have more kids. Vannessa is not there emotionally to commit to anyone. Meghan on the other hand was suffering from a dwindling sex life with her man. Meghan feels insecure about her body. She doesn’t do certain positions anymore because she’s afraid of hurting her partner and she doesn’t like having sex with the lights on because she disgusts herself so much that she worries she disgusts her boyfriend too.

Later, Vannessa went running through the yard naked. She wanted to celebrate her being able to do that and Tina once again got judgy. The two women got into an argument. The other two had taken sides and it sorta ruined the girls trip.