90 Day Fiancé Recap 06/12/22: Season 9 Episode 9 “Poison in the Honey”

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all-new Sunday, June 12, 2022 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 9 episode 9 called, “Poison in the Honey,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Shaeeda tries to bond with Bilal’s children. Miona continues to come between Jibri and David.

Kobe and Emily’s dad talk man-to-man. Pat’s gift to Thais has strings attached. Guillermo’s vision for their wedding doesn’t match Kara’s.”

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In tonight’s 90 day Fiance episode, Bilal has shared custody of his two children. He had the kids for one week and Shaeeda did her best to bond with them. She taught his daughter how to cook a curry Trinidad dish. She also talked to her future stepdaughter about Bilal. Bilal is a neat freak. He was a bit OCD about it. They had to make sure they cleaned up after themselves each step along the way. Shaeeda also talked about her nickname. Her future stepchildren call her by her name. She wants them to call her “omi”. It technically means “mother” and so the kids weren’t ready to go there just yet. They just met Shaeeda. They also already have a stepdad and they call him by his name.

It wasn’t a sign of disrespect. They just needed time to get to know Shaeeda before they call by any other name. In Shaeeda’s culture, they call all female adults or older women by that nickname. It doesn’t mean what it does to Americans. But Shaeeda is in the United States now. She needed to grow accustomed to them at the same time that they were learning more about her. Shaeeda was lucky in the sense that her future stepkids were good kids. They were never disrespectful. They never told Shaeeda to go back to her own country or catch an attitude with her. And so she was quite lucky and soon she’ll realize it once she gets over the title thing.

Then there Jibri. Jibri was in a band. There were people in the band that seemed to resent his fiancé’s presence because they claim that it was taking away Jibri’s focus. David is otherwise known as Dacho even went as far to claim that Miona needed to stop acting up like she needed Jibri to hold her hand. Never mind that Miona left her country to be with Jibri. She came here knowing that they were going to get married and start a life together and Brandi, who was also in the band, had said it best. Miona doesn’t have anyone else here besides Jibri. It would be great if his family was supportive and she felt welcome, only Jibri’s mother didn’t seem to like Miona.

The mom did everything possible to put the younger woman down. If it wasn’t calling her food horrible (which even if true should have been kept to yourself) or telling Miona to cover up because she felt Miona was dressing inappropriately then it was something else. His mom doesn’t seem to like her. Which sucks because they were living with his parents. Miona was in a house that wasn’t her own and the only sense of support she had was from Jibri. And so if she wants him to stay home more to help combat her feelings of loneliness, his friends should be adult enough to see how they could help. And not tear him down.

Of course, Jibri lost it. Of course, he hit his friend and it started a fight that the other band members had to break up. But Dacho was in the wrong here. He was so focused on badmouthing Miona that he failed to remember they were in a studio and with a producer who could help their careers. The fight reminded him of that. The two men eventually stopped fighting each other. They focused on the music. They performed and they put aside the topic that created the fight. When they weren’t arguing, they actually sounded good. They sounded like professionals and so hopefully it does help their careers.

Emily meanwhile wanted a big wedding. She was engaged to her boyfriend Kobe and Kobe left his home country to go be with her and their son however her family seems a little ridiculous. They were on Kobe to hurry up and support his family. To find a job. Something he couldn’t do until they were married because otherwise, he wouldn’t get a green card and so the person who needed a job right now is not him. It was her. Emily is American. Her son is a toddler. He could stay home with his dad while she goes out and works for a living. All they’re doing right now is living off her parents and her parents don’t think she should rush to get married to Kobe because they want him to prove he could support a family. And again he couldn’t do that until after they were married.

Families were sometimes ridiculous in the things they expected from people who’d literally just landed. These people have ninety days to get married or go back to their home countries. They can’t work, they can’t drive, and they can’t choose where they live. That’s all up to the Americans. It’s not anyone else’s fault if Americans can’t afford the lives they offered to these people to get them here or that the Americans often con these people. Take Thais. They didn’t like living with her fiancé and her fiancé’s brother. The brother also had a habit of treating the house like a frat house. He still wants to party while Patrick claims he wants to settle down with Thais.

Only Patrick felt Thais wasn’t grateful enough for the life he was offering to share with his brother. He thought she should be more excited and his brother told him to take off the tracker on his phone. Patrick allowed Thais to track his phone. He initially claimed he did so because he wanted her to feel reassured with their long-distance relationship and that turned out to be a lie. He gave her access to his phone because he once cheated on her. He met Thais in Brazil. He told her he loved her. He then went back to the States and threw a party with his brother where he met a woman and made out with her. He claims it was just kissing.

Patrick said he was too drunk to do anything else. But the truth is that he met up with this woman several times and he was even liking her photos on Instagram. Thais saw this. She put two and two together and now she no longer trusts Patrick. Patrick may have brought this on himself, but a marriage can’t work without trust and right now Thais doesn’t trust him or his brother. His brother wasn’t trusted because of the partying. Which seemed to be his answer to handle everything. The man was drinking beer in the morning and inviting women to the house to come party in spite of him knowing all about the cheating. And how its still affects his brother.

Guillermo was also acting like a child. He was used to his relationship with Kara being in the DR because there he knew how to get around and it was his decision what they did and so being in the States was different. Here, Kara was the one with the car. She gets to decide where they go. She gets to decide their budget. She tried to tell Guillermo that they couldn’t afford a big wedding because it would be too expensive and he told her not to talk to him like he was her child. He still wanted to visit the venues. Even once she said they were expensive. He thought she was exaggerating and so they went to the place. And they found out it cost over ten grand for what they wanted. So, Kara was right.

Another person that was right was Yve. Yve was basically engaged to a man child as well. Mohammed couldn’t bring himself to watch YouTube videos to put in his own bidet, but he would get upset when she hired someone and stayed in the room with the guy while he worked on their toilet. Mohammed likes to use his religion to tell Yve she’s in the wrong. She can’t be alone with the plumber because it was against his religion. She can’t go out with her friends because it was against his religion. She also couldn’t complain he was using his religion to try to silence her because he said she knew what she was getting into.

The couple has been together for two years. In all that time, religion never came. It doesn’t stop them from sleeping together or living together before marriage. It is just very selective in how it’s used. It stops her from doing basic things. Especially going out with her friends. Her friends were worried about her. they didn’t seem to care for her relationship with Mohammed. Then again, Mohammed is a momma’s boy who likes to be catered to. He was used to that from where he was from. He expected Yve to do that when he came to the States and she’s just not doing it. The only person she’s catering to is her son whose special needs require a lot of attention. And so eventually Mohammed and Yve were going to call it quits, it was just a matter of time.

Not all relationships were shown were going to make it. Bilal was dragging his feet in planning his wedding to Shaeeda. Shaeeda tried to get him to focus. She tried to get him to plan something and he kept fobbing her off because he wasn’t too sure about her. He said he’s never argued this much in his life. She, on the other hand, said that whenever she tries to talk to him about something that it suddenly becomes an argument and he has to win it. He has to find a way to win it before he gives her that point. Shaeeda tried to talk to him about his OCD level of cleanliness. She was telling how she didn’t feel comfortable because she was so focused on his needs and he came back that she doesn’t really clean all that well. And so that turned into an argument.

Jibri later forgave his friend for badmouthing his fiancé. In Dacho’s culture, they had to talk after each fight and that’s what they did at their favorite Serbian restaurant. They talked about Dacho’s opinions on Miona. This time Dacho was respectful. He didn’t hate on the girl. Dacho simply asked what Miona brought to the table and Jibri said that Miona doesn’t understand his creativity. She doesn’t want him to get inspiration at four in the morning. She doesn’t want him running to the studio. She doesn’t understand his dream and Dacho was a part of that dream. They wanted to make it big in the music industry. They couldn’t do it if everyone wasn’t all in. And Jibri wasn’t all in.

He was half out because of Miona. He felt Miona was depriving him of his creativity and he needed to create something. If it wasn’t music, it had to be something else. He just couldn’t be what she needed. Hence his temper flaring out. He was overcompensating because deep down he doesn’t think what he has with Miona is worth it or that it can last as it is. Jibri isn’t even sure if he still wants to get married. Miona was out looking at dresses while Jibri was asking Dacho if he should get married and Dacho told him not to. He thought marrying Miona would be a mistake. And Jibri seemed to agree with him.

Later, Emily’s dad asked Kobe what was his plan. His plan for the future. Kobe mentioned civil engineering. He also mentioned taking over his father-in-law’s business one day and the dad shut that down right off. Kobe doesn’t have a degree in civil engineering. He doesn’t have a degree in anything. And at most he has four thousand dollars, which isn’t going to take him very far in the States.

And John’s party at the house was supposedly in honor of Thais moving in with them, but it was done without her input and it did have to involve people who in turn invited more people. Thais didn’t like other women being around Patrick while they were working on their trust issues.