American Idol Recap 04/03/22: Season 5 Episode 7 “Hollywood Duets Challenge”

American Idol Recap 04/03/22: Season 5 Episode 7 "Hollywood Duets Challenge"

It’s another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Sunday, April 3, 2022, season 5 episode 7 called “Hollywood Duets Challenge” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 5 episode 7 as per the ABC synopsis, “Hollywood Week continues as fan favorites form dynamic duos and hit the Hollywood stage for the Duets Challenge.

Platinum Ticket winners handpick their duet partners and rejoin the competition in hopes of making it through to the next round. Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie are faced with tough decisions that will determine the fate of this season’s aspiring superstars.

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In tonight’s American Idol, it’s Part Two of Hollywood Week. The contestants were given the rare chance to perform duets with each other and so they had to be at their best. They had to perform to an exacting standard. But, unfortunately, they couldn’t choose their own partner.

Their partners were given to them by the judges. Some were great matches and others were unfair pairings because one sank the other. Up first were Fritz and Leah. They were both guitarists. They picked the song “Locked Out of Heaven” By Bruno Mars and they delivered one of the best performances to date in this category. They were so in sync. They both gave the other a chance to shine. And so naturally the judges gave them a standing ovation.

Both Fritz and Leah made into the next round thanks to that performance. Only, the show was trying out something new this year with the platinum ticket winners. Those guys got to watch the first round and pick their partners. Kendri was one of those ticket winners. She chose Jordan as her partner and together they chose the song “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. They each had their moment, but Kendri went for those big moments and her voice sorta outperformed her partner. She should have chosen someone a little be stronger vocally. And it’s a good thing that the judges decided to ignore the errors by sending them both into the next round.

Next up were Allegra and Taylor. These two are really lucky because they clicked instantly and so the judges did do them a favor. They made a friend. But the song they chose didn’t fit both of them. It was a simple error. They chose the song “Locked Out of Heaven”. Something the judges had heard before and that they clearly remembered. They liked Allegra’s voice. They liked her take on the song. They just didn’t feel Taylor lived it up to it. Allegra made it into the next round and sadly Taylor was eliminated. Taylor’s performance wasn’t bad. It is even good. It just failed to live up to what came before.

Up next was Cole and HunterGirl. She was a platinum ticket winner. She chose Cole because she saw something in him that she could connect with and they did have an easy working relationship. They chose the song “Dreaming” by Fleetwood Mac. It was a beautiful song. A song that they did justice to. The judges especially enjoyed this one because they could be overheard saying “solid”. There were even moments in which HunterGirl just sounded like an amazing singer and not an amazing Country singer. Which were Luke’s words by the way. He loved HunterGirl and so did the other judges and they loved her paired with Cole because they brought out the best in each other.

HunterGirl and Cole were both going into the next round. But as for the next duet, it wasn’t technically a duet. It was a quartet. The judges paired the two pregnant women together and so they called themselves the “The Watermelon Smugglers”. The two women bonded over their pregnancies and pursuing their dreams. Something that brought Katy to connect with them. They know not a lot of people would support them for being heavily pregnant and entering a competition yet they didn’t pick the right song for a duet. They chose the song “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn. It worked for Sam and not for Hayley. And so Hayley was eliminated.

Another platinum winner came up. Jay. He chose Morgan as his partner in the duets and they did everything together. They even got help from a voice coach. Something they needed because they chose one of the toughest songs there is. They chose “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It may seem simple at first. Then they have to get into it and it quickly escapes once freed. It didn’t help that Jay didn’t really know the song. He still gave it his best and his best was enough to get him and Morgan both into the next round. But he couldn’t keep risking it with a terrible selection. He should have chosen a song he was more familiar with.

Up next were Noah and Olivia. They performed “July” by Noah Cyrus. They chose this song because they wanted to make back home proud and boy did this performance start out beautiful. It only as it kept going that song sorta went downhill. Not too far mind you because they both made it into the next round. The contestants were always so shocked when they made it. They didn’t think they would once the judges started going in about where they went wrong and, to them, succeeding seemed impossible. Until they did it. They were better off than Cameron and Tristan. Those two called themselves Crazy because it was all excitement at first.

Then they got to know each other. Their relationship deteriorated once it came out that one of them has never performed in front of a crowd before and that they barely knew how to harmonize. It took hours. Practically, the whole day before they were able to perform together. They didn’t sleep and so their performance was literally them giving it their all because they never knew when the other would fail them. Yet, it was a great performance. Cameron and Tristan performed “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”. It was a great song for them. They eventually figured out working together and so they both made it into the next round.

Douglas and Scarlet were next. These two also couldn’t work together. Douglas chose the song “Rewrite the Stars”. He didn’t wait to choose it with Scarlet and neither of them knew the song. Douglas kept forgetting the words while they were practicing. Scarlet grew frustrated with him. She kept snapping at him. She said she felt embarrassed and this was before they even went out onstage. She even walked off in a huff when they should have continue practicing. Douglas had to go look for her. He asked people if they saw her. He eventually found her and she apologized for storming out. She said she just needed to get herself right first.

The two of them later performed the song. It proved to be a horrible song for them and even the judges noticed it. But they still allowed this duet to go through to the next round together. Next up was Cole and Cadence. They chose the song “How Sweet Is It To Be Loved By You”. They also devoted all of their time to this song and Cadence didn’t even accept calls from home. She was feeling a little homesick. She admitted to breaking down and crying after each time she talked to her family on the phone. So, she hadn’t been herself in a while. She and Cole went into the performance with nerves and it wasn’t one of their best.

Cole was even losing his voice. The judges decided to cut him and to keep Cadence based on her previous performances she’s given. Then there was Nicolena and Christian. They chose the song “The Prayer” by Celion Dion and Andra Bocelli. They got lucky with this song because it came to them as a duet. It was a built-in. The two contestants just had to follow the stars behind the song and thankfully their voices were able to rise to the occasion. They both made it through to the next round. They also got standing ovations from the whole auditorium. Even the other contestants rose to cheer for them and so they were that good.

Kelsie and Betty went next. They had to deal with a lack of self-confidence. Kelsie was a Debbie Downer. She thought Betty sounded better than her in the duet. She also didn’t think they should practice how they stand or where they go. Kelsie just wanted to hide out onstage. They chose the song “Just Give Me A Reason” by P!nk. It had been Kelsie’s choice because Betty had wanted her to pick something she was familiar with and still Kelsie struggled with it. And so Betty was patient with her. Betty kept Kelsie focused and together they pulled off an amazing performance that got them both through to the next round.