American Idol Recap 04/11/22: Season 5 Episode 10 “Top 24 at Disney’s Aulani Resort”

American Idol Recap 04/11/22: Season 5 Episode 10 "Top 24 at Disney's Aulani Resort"

It’s another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Sunday, April 10, 2022, season 5 episode 10 called “Top 24 at Disney’s Aulani Resort” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 5 episode 10 as per the ABC synopsis, “American Idol” waves aloha to Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii, wrapping up two nights of incredible Top 24 performances.

Pop star Bebe Rexha mentors Idol hopefuls as they belt out unforgettable tunes in hopes of making it through to the next round. Audiences at home will cast their votes, keeping the dream alive for the remaining Top 20.

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Tonight’s episode begins with the next top 12 performing and Bebe Rexha will be mentoring.

Cadence Baker is up first and she is going to sing “Something Got A Hold On Me,” by Etta James. She lacks stage presence so Bebe gives her some points on what to do on stage. Katy is enjoying herself, she is clapping to the song. Luke says it is the best she has done since her audition, they have been wanting more from her and she gave it. Lionel liked the extra energy. Katy found it was fantastic, as well as her dress and her shoes.

Sir Blayke is up next, he is going to be singing “Breakeven,” by The Script. He tells Bebe that he has a lot of self-doubts and he is working on that. She tells him that she can see in his eyes that he has a beautiful soul. She tells him to fight on stage, she wants to feel it. Katy says that was a different vibe than she was used to with him, she tells him to keep his style. Luke says he is so glad that they choose him, he upped his game on this one. Lionel felt a feeling, he brought Lionel there.

Allegra Miles greets Bebe with a big hug, she will be performing her own arrangement of “Adore You,” by Harry Styles. She is used to using an instrument, but this time she is not. Bebe says she is a natural artist and can’t wait to see this transcend on stage. Luke says her voice sounded like she had a filter, it was perfect. He liked her movement and her energy. Lionel says they selected her because she has a style. Katy loved the jazzy rendition and she has an incredible style all her own.

Kenedi Anderson is going to sing, “Human” by Christina Perri. Bebe tells her that what is going to help her translate that bigness, is to use her hands when she performs. Christina Perri Facetimes her and says she heard she is singing her song and wanted to wish her the best of luck, Kenedi says she hopes she does it justice. Kenedi decided to withdraw from the show for personal reasons.

Lady K is next, she can decide on what she wants to sing, so she lets Bebe help her decide. But in the end, Bebe tells her to keep it a secret and surprise her. Lady K sings “Before He Cheats,” by Carrie Underwood. Luke says a great job on song choice, going forward he wants to hear more of that angst from her. Lionel says she is homeless to Hawaii, and they are from the same hometown. Katy loves her outfit, she tells her that she is glowing. She knows she can get a little dirtier, a little nastier, she has to pull everything out.

Ava Maybee will be performing a song that came to her in a dream, “Tell Me Something Good,” by Chaka Khan. Performance is a really big part of this song, Bebe tries to show her what to do on stage. Lionel says the fact that she had the guts to do it, was great and it was a really good job. Katy says it was really soulful and funky. Good for you for taking musical risks. Luke says there are songs that are dangerous to perform on Idol, and this is one but you did great.

Noah Thompson is singing, “Blue Side Of The Mountain,” by SteelDrivers. It reminds him of his hometown and he wants this to be a proud moment for his little boy. Katy felt that was like a howdy, bringing some of the country to the island. She says he is almost too humble, they need to pull him out of his shell. Luke says the song is not easy, but this is all new to him. Keep going for it and take their advice. Keep being the country boy. Lionel says he has a storyteller’s voice, don’t let the shyness take him down.

Leah Marlene is singing “Call Me” by Blondie and put her own twist on it. Bebe tells her that she loves with she has that growl in her voice. Lionel can’t sit down, he loved it. He tells her that her hat is a style beyond style, she is in a lane all by herself and it is endless where she can go. Katy tells her that she is one of a kind for sure, a bunch of fun. I think you can do anything, you have just begun. Luke says she didn’t have him right off the bat, Katy disagrees.

Cameron Whitcomb is the guy that loves to do backflips. He will be performing “Bad Moon Rising,” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Bebe thinks he is a star. If he can find a way to harness his energy, he will kill his performance. Bebe is shocked when Cameron takes none of her advice on stage. She wanted him to use a mic stand and he didn’t, instead, he ran all over the stage. Katy says she understands now why he flips backward, he has so much energy. She tells him to bathe in lavender oil to calm down. Luke wants some of his energy, he tells him to keep doing what he does. Lionel tries to mimic Cameron and it’s hilarious.

Christian Guardino tells Bebe that he is nervous, she loves his NY Italian accent. He will be singing, “Leave The Door Open,” by Silk Sonic. Bebe loves his falsetto, she tells him to keep on track with the timing. Lionel, you see him and you hear him, it is like two different people. God has given you an amazing gift, enjoy the ride. Katy says he is like Clark Kent turning into Superman. You are a superhero. Luke says he is super endearing, with all the talent, all the tools. But you got to get the head game in it.

Katyrah Love grew up in a religious home, they would prefer she sings gospel music, but they support her now. She will be singing, “Blame It On The Boogie,” by the Jacksons. Her parents are in the audience supporting her. Luke says that was a great new look for her, she put on a show, and it was natural. Lionel tells her to bring mom and dad everywhere, she was performing. Katy says she was using her energy, bottling it up, and then using it. She is convinced she could sing the ABCs and it would be the best ever.

Fritz Hager is singing “Ways,” by Dean Lewis. She tells him that getting that first note is so important, once he does it, he will settle and the nerves will go away. Katy tells him that he doesn’t look like a security guard anymore, he tells her he quit. Katy was so impressed, that she tells him that he is it, a real artist. Luke says he gave different depths of who he is as an artist. Lionel says when he started he was scared and tonight he came out like a bulldog.