Big Brother Recap 07/27/22: Season 24 Episode 9 “PoV and Ceremony”

Big Brother Recap 07/27/22: Season 24 Episode 9 "PoV and Ceremony"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother airs with an all-new Wednesday, July 27, 2022, season 24 double episodes 9 and we have your Big Brother recap below! In tonight’s Big Brother season 24 episode 9 is called, “PoV and Ceremony,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Tonight on BB24 we have another PoV competition and festie bestie Brittany & Michael will be trying to get off the block.

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Tonight’s Big Brother episode begins with Turner’s nomination, he wants to get out one of the girls to get back at what they did to Pooch. The only way Brittany is going to feel safe is if Michael and she wins the Veto. Turner is sad to see them on the block because they are two who have been there for her since the beginning of the game. Although, she is thankful she is not on the block. Ameerah doesn’t want to see her and Terrance on the block, so she goes to speak to Turner. Ameerah mentions Taylor and says she is a wild card and she wants to get rid of a guy, he should backdoor her. Turner is thinking maybe Ameerah is right and this will get less blood on his hands.

Turner tells Nicole that he is thinking of putting her and Taylor up, but she is not the target, it is what all the house wants. Nicole is for it, she is thrilled because she thinks she is going to get some kind of power from Julie when Taylor walks out the door.

Monte starts to bond with Taylor when she tells him how she sometimes has a hard time fitting in because of the color of her skin.
The guys start talking about the girls and how they think they have an alliance, they want to start chipping at them. And those girls hate Taylor and Kyle thinks she just has to find an alliance to join and maybe theirs. Ameerah’s name comes up, on how she is a strong competitor. Kyle suggests that Turner put up Terrance and Ameerah, the head of the dragon. Turner loves the idea, he thinks Ameerah believes she is in control of the flow of the game.

Time to choose the Veto players. Turner puts his hand in the box to choose the other set of besties who will compete, Nicole and Taylor.

Nicole tells Turner that she is going to throw the competition, she has no idea that she is going to help him backdoor Ameerah.

Nicole goes to the bedroom and asked everyone if she can have the room, she starts crying. Daniel goes in and consoles here. The rest of the HG’s are worried, they don’t know if there is something wrong with Nicole’s mom. Meanwhile, she is crying because she feels like she is forced to throw the Veto competition. Daniel thinks they should remove Taylor because she is the only one that they are not connected to in the house. Nicole says she is a threat to their game, and they both say that they believe she is not a good person.

In the other room Taylor tells Monte they should say a prayer for Nicole because she sees her hurting. Afterward, Taylor goes to see Nicole and hugs her and tells her that whatever she has to do just do what is best for her game. Nicole gets her back up, but all Taylor meant is if you have to leave because of your mom, don’t worry about them being bestie festies. Nicole then goes around the house and tells all her alliances what Taylor said, but in a negative way. Daniel now thinks that Taylor caused Paloma to leave the house. Daniel confronts Taylor and tells her to stop being fake and from here on out, don’t speak to him. Taylor is clueless, she doesn’t know what is going on and asks Nicole, who says she is not involved.

Taylor goes to speak to Daniel and he warns her to never speak to Nicole that way again and blames her for Paloma leaving. Ameerah actually feels bad for Taylor, it is not a public argument that needs to be had.

Taylor goes to speak to Nicole who tells her that she needs to learn how to speak to people and was really rude. She goes on to tell her that she better fight for her life in the Veto.

Time for the Veto competition, they HG’s are transported into a hippie wooded commune. The competition is called the Woodstack Festival, the grooviest lumberjack festival in the world. On go the festie besties must build a puzzle, one has to grab the pieces on the ground, the other has to build it in the air, on top of a tree.

Jasmine is passed out, a medic is looking at her. She is ok, but due to her fear of heights she has decided not to compete, so there are only two teams competing. Taylor is going to sabotage the Veto, but she doesn’t want it to look obvious, so she first does give Taylor a few correct pieces. Michael and Brittany win the POV, Nicole couldn’t be happier, she is sure that she and Taylor will go up and she can get rid of Taylor.

Monte tells Taylor people want to talk to her I the HOH room, Kyle, Monte, Brittany, Turner and Michael. They talk about the girls alliance, how they are not included and are treated so poorly. They want to change the narrative and take control of this game. Monte says Ameerah is the strongest one controlling the game, she has to go. Joseph walks in and says when Ameerah goes, they will be the majority in the house. The new alliance is called the Leftovers.