Chicago Fire Recap 10/05/22: Season 11 Episode 3 “Completely Shattered”

Chicago Fire Recap 10/05/22: Season 11 Episode 3 "Completely Shattered"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 5, 2022, season 11 episode 3 called, “Completely Shattered” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 3 as per the NBC synopsis, “Kidd recruits Carver, Capp, and Tony to help prepare her new lieutenant’s quarters. Severide and Det. Pryma reluctantly pairs up to work on a police investigation. Firehouse 51 comes together to fight a movie theater fire.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 3 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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In tonight’s Chicago Fire episode, Brett was still reeling from her breakup. She had broken up with the love of her life. She didn’t break up with Casey because she stopped loving him. She chose to end things because he was half a country away and she couldn’t keep doing long-distance. She did however leave the door open in the future. If Casey decided to come back to Chicago after his foster kids were all older, she will happily get back together with him and so the future was open. There’s no telling what could happen one day. Brett was hoping that there was a future and she was admittedly feeling a little blue in the meantime.

Violet was set on being there for her friend. It was now a piece of gossip that Brett broke up with Casey. Brett’s friends all wanted to support her and be there for her. Violet was even planning something after work. Until then, they still had a shift. They like the rest of the firehouse got called to a scene of an accident. Some woman was looking at her phone when she crashed into a truck. The truck was carrying livestock when the crash forced the gate open and a bunch of goats went wandering. Kidd saw that, she saw an opportunity. Kidd has been wanting an office for a while now. And she thought the goats will help get her one.

Kidd made a bet with Hermann. She bet him that whoever wrangled up all the goats were going to get his office. Herman already has his office. But he agreed to bet because Kidd said she would work at Molly’s for a month for free if Hermann won. She hadn’t known that Hermann spent his summers as a kid on his uncle’s goat farm. He was so much better at wrangling those goats that he won and now Kidd has to work for free for a month. Kidd lost the bet. She was still without an office and so she tried convincing her husband to share his. Severide didn’t even fall for it. He wasn’t going to share his office.

Kidd had to come up with something else. She went to Chief Boden about getting the laundry room. She also implied that it didn’t look well that the only female lieutenant at the station didn’t have an office. The way Kidd said it. She made it seem like there was plenty of space in the laundry room. Which is why Boden signed off it. It wasn’t until later that Boden spotted a couple of the guys moving the laundry machines into the break room that he told them to find another place. It turns out there wasn’t enough space for Kidd’s desk as well as renovations alongside the laundry machines. The machines had to be moved. The soda machine had to be moved.

Kidd just doesn’t know where to relocate them. She was figuring that out while her husband was doing some investigating. Severide got a call from CPD. They wanted his help on a case because Platt had recommended him and she told her cop buddies that he has a nose for investigative work. So, Severide went to the scene of the crime. He was shown a safe that someone burned a whole through to open and he was asked to give an opinion on what could have done that. Severide was looking at the scene when in walked Detective Pryma. Pryma and Severide used to be buddies. Then a case got in the way of their friendship.

Severide had a dirty cop almost kill him plus his wife. He wanted that dirty cop to be exposed. Pryma wanted that dirty cop to stay in play so that they could use him to get drug dealers off the street. Pryma had jurisdiction. He kept the dirty cop in play and Severide went over his friend’s head to expose that dirty cop and get the dirty cop fired. But Pryma didn’t agree with Severide’s methods. He told Severide that he lost a friend. He said he wanted nothing to do with Severide and he tried to keep him from working this new case with the safe yet that went kaput when the other detectives reminded Pryma that they needed an expert.

Severide stayed on the case. He got to take photos of the burnt safe. It reminded him of another scene and he went to the scene of an arson when he ran into Pryma. The two men thought alike. They both realized the arson was connected to theft. That whoever broke into that safe had first tried to get into the safe at the burnt house and failed. Pryma decided to get over his grievances and he worked with Severide. Severide was able to use his construction expert, Carver. Carver determined that both houses recently had renovation done. It turns out both houses used the same plumber. And the plumber was the arson/thief.

Severide and Pryma caught him together. They even arrested him together. They also found the man’s haul. He left it out in his office and the police have everything they needed to put the man away for both of his crimes. Severide later went back to his firehouse. He found out his men did find a place for the laundry machines. Carver also helped Kidd hang up some shelves in her new office. The whole place looked great. And Severide approved.

Violet and Brett played hooky to get an extra lunch break. Violet’s boyfriend later joined them. Hawkins tried to set Brett up on a date and she turned it down because she thought it was too soon. They were working the night shift when they got called to the scene of a massive fire at a movie theater. It was so huge that even Hawkins showed up. There was a moment during the fire when it looked like they were going to lose Gallo, but thankfully that was a false alarm. Gallo was safe. Not everyone could say the same. Hawkins went to go help someone when the building collapsed on top of him and he was killed by the debris.

Hawkin’s death devastated Violet