Chicago Fire Recap 10/19/22: Season 11 Episode 5 “Haunted House”

Chicago Fire Recap 10/19/22: Season 11 Episode 5 "Haunted House"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 19, 2022, season 11 episode 5 called, “Haunted House” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 3 as per the NBC synopsis, “Kidd gets a glimpse into Carver’s chaotic personal life. Mouch and Herrmann receive an unexpected gift.”

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In tonight’s Chicago Fire episode, Firehouse 51 was hosting their very first Halloween Open House. It was a way to get in touch with the community as well as keep some teenagers off the streets at night. It was Chief Boden’s hope that they could stop the teens from causing mayhem. But its Halloween. Boden wasn’t going to stop all the mischief. He couldn’t even get his firefighters to take the holiday as seriously as he does. Boden had appointed Brett as the Halloween chairwoman and no one else wanted to join her in planning the event. She turned her back on the room to write something on the board. And when she turned back, most of the room was gone and she had to guilt trip the last stranglers into joining her committee.

Brett wanted to do some bobbing for apples or possible pumpkin carving. The others had to tell her that that sounds a little young. They were hoping to reach teens with this event. They needed to cater to them and so the group suggested a haunted house. Brett had thought that would sound a little complicated, but it was the best suggestion and it wasn’t hard as she thought. Finding stuff for the haunted house was a breeze. The firefighters collected stuff all the time in Halloween mishaps. Mouch got them a guillotine that way. Some guy had purchased it and tried to test it out himself and he almost cut off his head.

The poor guy’s wife hated the thing so much that she told him she was throwing it in the garbage. The guy couldn’t say anything because he was going to the hospital. So, Mouch gave the wife an alternative. He brought back the guillotine to the firehouse and there he learned that the others hadn’t been as successful as he was. They combed over the party store only to find out most of the stuff was gone. Most of the kids and parents had gotten all the good stuff. Brett had wanted to back out of the haunted house thing, but she couldn’t because one of them spilled to a passing mom and she spread the word. It was known everywhere that they had a haunted house. And now they couldn’t back out of it.

The firehouse also had a teenage problem. They got called out to what was supposed to be a fire and what instead turned out to be a domestic dispute. A teenager was fighting with her mom. The fight got physical. They were screaming at each other. The firefighters suggested they walk it off and that’s when fifteen year old Jenny said she was leaving. Her mom said good. Jenny got kicked out of the house and she became the firefighters’ problem. They couldn’t leave a teenage girl unattended. They told her she could stay at a friend’s or go stay with nearby relatives. Jenny said her friends are all school friends. And that no relatives live nearby.

The firefighters then said they had to call social services. But Jenny said she didn’t need that. She said she’d call her dad and her dad would come to get her. She had said that all day. The firefighters basically figured that the father was never going to show up. They also noticed that she’s been carrying around a bag that she never puts down. When she was sleeping, Kidd looked in that bag. She saw two to three thousand dollars in there. She didn’t figure out where the money came from because Jenny woke up. She freaked when she saw Kidd looking through her bag. And she stormed out of there.

Kidd had no clue what happened to her. She went to Jenny’s house to see if her mother has seen her and the mother assured Kidd that she got a call from social services. They picked up Jenny. She was in their custody. But the mom was done. Her ex was an addict that she kicked out and he died of an overdose not long after. Jenny started to blame her mom for her father’s death. They’ve been yelling at each other ever since. It didn’t turn violet until just that time the firefighters interrupted only the mother couldn’t put up with Jenny’s behavior anymore. She was fine with her daughter staying with social services because she doesn’t know what else to do.

Kidd later called around. She found out that Jenny was staying at a nearby girls group home. Jenny had checked herself in. It was the oddest thing. The lady who ran the home had said she’s never seen anything like it. Usually, kids don’t know when to ask for help. Jenny doing so was a first. Kidd went to go check on Jenny and she talked to her. She told Jenny she saw her mom. Jenny asked if her mom was mad. Jenny stole from her mom. She stole the ring that her dad gave her mom and she sold it at a pawn shop. Its how she got the money. Jenny did what she did because she blamed her mom for “killing” her dad. And Kidd had to tell her that’s not how addiction works.

No one killed Jenny’s dad. He died because he was an addict. There was nothing his family could have done could stop that and so Jenny needed to stop blaming her mother for it. Her mother had the chance to tell the cops about what Jenny. But she chose not. She still cares and that’s what matters. Kidd even got the ring back for Jenny. Jenny later went back to her mom when she was ready and if she wants – there’s a haunted house. It wasn’t a good haunted house. They got stuff to make it great and then had to take it all down because the mom that spread the word had brought along her kindergarten class to the house. And so they had to take it down all very fast in order to not traumatize a bunch of babies.

As for Violet, she was feeling like her old self again. She gave Gallo and Darren advice. Bad advice. Gallo ended up sleeping Tracy at Molly’s and he pulled the favor he had with Carver to get Carver to erase the footage from the security cameras. And Darren went on a date with a straight guy and his girlfriend. And so they told off Violet and she was thrilled because it made her feel like her old self again.