Chicago Fire Fall Finale Recap 12/07/22: Season 11 Episode 9 “Nemesis”

Chicago Fire Recap 12/07/22: Season 11 Episode 9 "Nemesis"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, December 7, 2022, season 11 episode 9 called, “Nemesis” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 9 as per the NBC synopsis, “Severide struggles with the cost of helping Det. Pryma with the Martucci case.

Gallo campaigns for Herrmann to represent 51 at the National Firefighter’s Association’s Winter Conference. A familiar face makes a shocking return.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap, check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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In tonight’s Chicago Fire episode Detective Pryma wanted to use a witness in a big case he’s working on. There was just one problem with the witness. The witness was a dirty cop that almost killed two firefighters. He almost killed Severide and his wife Kidd. But the firefighters fought back.

They made sure this dirty cop was named, shamed, and arrested for what he did. The District Attorney’s office won’t make a deal with their former cop if the man’s victims were against the idea. Pryma talked to Severide. He and his wife were against using a man that almost killed them. They told Pryma to make his case another way. Any other way as long as it didn’t put a dangerous man back onto the street because that’s what would happen if they made a deal with this former cop.

Severide was still haunted by the mere possibility of this guy getting out when his wife tried to talk to him. Kidd noticed that Severide hasn’t been sleeping. He hasn’t been coming home after his shift. He’s just been out driving all night. It was getting so bad that it made Kidd worry for him. She even tried talking to him about the idea again and he refused to discuss it. Severide would rather be mad than talk about his feelings with anyone. Especially not his wife. Severide chose to get lost in his work and he and his squad along with Kidd and her squad got called to a scene of an accident. Some bikers ignored the warning signals and tried to cross a bridge before it fully raised.

Naturally, the biker failed. He got to the middle of the bridge when it went up and he was left dangling for his life with a weak hold. The person who operates the bridge saw that biker. But chose to leave it as it was while calling 911. They didn’t want to lower the bridge because it was against policy and so Carver had to break down a door to get into the control room where he lowered the bridge himself. Carver tried asking the bridge worker to do it. The guy refused. Carver pushed past him and he later got in trouble for that. It didn’t matter that they saved the biker’s life or that Severide had ordered the bridge be lowered because that was the only way to rescue the biker.

Carver was the one who got in trouble over it. He got called into Boden’s office after they saved the biker’s life. Boden said the bridge worker had filed an official complaint and that the guy said Carver put his hands on him. Carver of course denied assaulting the guy because that’s not what happened. He simply pushed past him. But the guy must have gotten in trouble at work and chose to blame Carver for what happened. It didn’t matter that he was now affecting someone else’s career. Carver got into serious trouble over what happened. He was investigated by the Internal Affairs Division. And so Kidd did her best to help him out.

Kidd told him to smooth talk the investigator. She said he needed to be on his best behavior. Only she didn’t realize the investigator was going to be a problem. The investigator turned out to be Emma. Remember crazy Emma. She was so desperate for a job at 51 that she tried to blackmail Hawkins and get Violet fired. Violet told her friends what Emma tried to do. They all hated Emma for the many lines she crossed while she was there. They also thought they had seen the last of her when she got transferred out, but now she’s back and she’s an IAD investigator. She can now end their career.

Emma at first seemed to want to end Carver’s career. She has a lot of issues about 51 and she brought that up while questioning Carver. The whole interview left Carver fearing for his career. But they didn’t need to worry. Emma agreed that Carver wasn’t at fault. He needed to write a written apology and 51 had to pay for the door he broke down. Emma left things at that. She almost made it seem like she did them a favor. She told Violet that its good that they have a friend in IAD because you never know what might happen. And so Emma is back, she’s just as dangerous as before, and she now has even more power to destroy her enemies.

But the station has some good news to celebrate. Cruz heard back from their case worker. He and his wife were free to officially adopt Javi and they did just that. They adopted him. Now, no one can separate him from his family. Javi was a Cruz now. There is also some other kind of news. Some of which were a little upsetting. Hermann gets the opportunity to represent 51 at the National Firefighter’s Association’s Winter Conference. Gallo went around and made sure everyone voted for Hermann because he wanted to tell Hermann the truth about sleeping with his niece. Something he eventually did. Only the conference was in Miami, Ohio. And so it wasn’t as great as Hermann thought it was on top of finding out Gallo slept with Tracey.

Severide meanwhile figured out what to do with his anger. He contacted Pryma. He asked to interview the guy that almost killed him. He then used that interview to push Kavanaugh into giving them actual leads on Pryma’s case. Pryma found out that the guy he was really after was holed up somewhere. Pryma later trapped the guy in a house. The firefighters were called as backup and everyone was there to see them take down this Martucci guy, but Pryma got a missile stuck in his leg. And so Kidd, Carver, and Mouch went into the house to offer the first aide. And they were still there when the bomb went off.