Chicago Med Recap 03/09/22: Season 7 Episode 15 “Things Meant To Be Bent Not Broken”

Chicago Med Recap 03/09/22: Season 7 Episode 15 "Things Meant To Be Bent Not Broken"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, March 9, 2022, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 7 episode 15 called, “Things Meant To Be Bent Not Broken,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Dylan’s cop instincts come to life when he suspects his patient may be a drug dealer. Will must decide how to spend his whistleblower settlement.

Charles and Vanessa help a patient who believes she’s infested with parasites. Crockett and Blake are paired with an arrogant surgeon.

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In tonight’s Chicago Med episode, Vasik settled with the federal government. There’re still some state and criminal cases going forward. Other than that, Dr. Halstead doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. He actually has something to celebrate. It also gets even better. Halstead was rewarded a million dollars in settlement money and the same went for Goodwin. They were given quite a windfall.

Halstead returned to the hospital in a good mood and that mood soured the second he met a young woman in trouble. The woman was getting married next week. She thought she was having wedding jitters. It wasn’t that and it was actually a bowl infection that required surgery and so her big grand wedding was going to be with her walking down the aisle with an ostomy bag attached.

Goodwin’s mood had also turned. Thanks to Halstead. Both of them had decided to donate their little windfall and she was joking with Charles about being one step closer to sainthood when she overheard Halstead fighting with Dr. Archer. Gretchen was Archer’s patient. Halstead was not. Halstead tried telling Archer what to do with his own patient and he did so because he felt bad about the woman having a bag in her wedding photos. He tried to talk Archer into a less invasive regimen and Archer didn’t take it well. He pushed back. The two were getting loud and that’s when Goodwin had to intervene.

Goodwin told Halstead to back off. She said this was Archer’s department and that Gretchen was Archer’s patient. She advised Halstead to trust Archer. Halstead pretended like he was doing that. Then he talked to Gretchen. He told her that there were other options and that included one that wouldn’t ruin her wedding photos. She took up the breadcrumbs he was putting down. She told Archer she wanted the other surgery and so Archer got upset. He refuses to do the other surgery. he handed it over to Halstead seeing as Halstead was the one to convince her differently. And Halstead was happy to step in.

Its what he always planned on doing anyways. Halstead was known for being hotheaded and rash. He rushes into things. He never should have based a medical decision on what looks good for photos and that’s what he did here. Halstead was treating Gretchen as another woman came in following a car accident. She refused to give her name. She didn’t want to hand over her handbag. The nurses had to pry it out of her hands. They searched for an ID and found out her name is Melina. Melina was being treated for a dislocated shoulder when Dr. Scott went through her bag on a hunch.

Scott found several bags of heroin. It had been worth at least fifty grand. It was uncut. Scott wanted to call it in and Maggie had to remind him that they didn’t have the authority to report it because they shouldn’t have searched her bag to begin with. Scott stopped himself from calling the police then. He instead watched as Melina’s supposed cousin came in. the man had tattoos linking him to the Serbian mob and he walked off with the bag after Melina collapsed as she was leaving the hospital. She was suffering from a collapsed lung. They had to perform a minor surgery on her and even after that she would still be in the hospital for several more days.

Melina was refusing it of course. She wanted to leave and Scott said okay. If the patient wanted to risk her own life, it wasn’t up to him to help her. Scott also noticed that the bag was gone along with the cousin and he finally reported it. He called his siter. The next thing he knew there was a lieutenant from Narcotics division telling him to release Melina. She wanted Melina back out on the streets. Scott didn’t understand, but he developed a suspicion and so he told Melina that he used to be a cop. He said he will always bleed blue. She asked him why he was telling her this and he said it was something she needed to know. And so that’s when she asked to be alone.

Halstead meanwhile had a plan that didn’t work. Gretchen ended up needing surgery and so Archer ended up performing it in spite of everything that happened. As the surgery was progressing, Halstead met the fiancé as well as Gretchen’s future mother-in-law. Both were unpleasant. They were so concerned about the bag that they didn’t ask how Gretchen is. Goodwin was also upset with him. She told him not to intervene and all he did was cost Gretchen time she didn’t have. It was as he was talking to Gretchen that the truth came out. Halstead hadn’t wanted to donate his money. He felt pressured to do it after Goodwin did hers.

Halstead is heavily in debt. He gave away his one raft and its not like he could take the money back. That’s why his mood fell. It wasn’t because of Gretchen or her wedding. He talked to Gretchen after her surgery was a success and he calmed down some. Someone else who needed to be calmed down was a heart surgeon whose turf got stepped on by Crockett. Crockett was performing a liver transplant with Blake and the two exes had been on their best behavior when they noticed that the heart surgeon had made a mistake. Crockett fixed it. The heart surgeon didn’t like that and he hit Crockett.

Crockett kept his cool. He had a cut on his head and Blake helped him treat it. The two got to talking again and they ended up right back in bed together.

As for Melina, she checked herself out of the hospital. She later stopped by Scott’s apartment to tell him that he had been right. She was a cop. She was working undercover and she wouldn’t mind his help with her injuries.

Halstead later gave up some of the money and he kept just enough to get out of debt.

And Charles ran into his old psychiatrist. They talked as a colleagues on a case and there seems like a future for them in a romantic sense.