Chicago Med Recap 10/05/22: Season 8 Episode 3 “Winning the Battle, but Still Loosing the War”

Chicago Med Recap 10/05/22: Season 8 Episode 3 "Winning the Battle, but Still Loosing the War"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 5, 2022, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 8 episode 3 called, “Winning the Battle, but Still Loosing the War,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Charles and Nellie clash over the treatment of a paranoid patient.

Ethan treats a pregnant patient from Hannah’s past. Crockett and Vanessa help a man who needs risky neurosurgery.

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In tonight’s Chicago Med episode, Dr. Charles was looking for a new therapist for himself. He had one a year ago. She developed a crush on him and she ultimately ended their sessions for good. It then got worse for him because he dated his former therapist before realizing he just wasn’t that into her. But breaking up with her meant he lost both a friend as well as a therapist. It was kinda hard to replace the woman in both senses. Charles tried going without a therapist. It didn’t work. He tried actively looking for new therapists and again it does not work. If the therapists weren’t so set on him filing paperwork, they were sending their assistants to see him and get on top of that paperwork.

It was ridiculous. It also made Charles feel very disheartened. He was starting to feel like there were no good therapists when work called. Someone returned to the hospital experiencing a mental breakdown. The patient’s name was David. David was someone that Charles diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Only David’s parents didn’t want to sign off on treatment. They thought Charles had been wrong about their son and that he wasn’t sick. They refused to believe that their son was mentally ill. They took him out of the hospital. He seemed to improve, but they had a relapse.

Then David ran naked through four lanes of oncoming traffic because he thought a billboard sign was spying on him. His father had to chase him down and they called for an ambulance to make sure David got treated for any injuries. While at the hospital, David’s father suffered a cardiac event. He required surgery. It was just the mother on her own dealing with both a sick husband and a sick son and so she finally admitted there was something wrong with David. She agreed to treatment for him. Charles and his resident agreed to antipsychotics. The mother was worried about David taking pills because sometimes he refuses to eat.

David thinks that there are listening bugs planted in his food. It turns out he never did get better. His parents simply chose to ignore his symptoms when they thought he was fine and so David has been sick for a while. After his mother mentioned he might not swallow pills, Dr. Nellie Cuevas mentioned that there are injectables for non-compliant patients. But Charles didn’t want to go there just yet. He wanted to at least try to get David to swallow his pills before they forcibly injected with his much-needed prescription. Charles also didn’t like the way Cuevas brought that up to the mother. He thought that she got ahead of herself and the female doctor told him off.

Cuevas didn’t think she needed correction. A lot of the residents seem to think that way. Dr. Marcel had to apologize to a resident because the guy thought he was god’s gift to mankind and that Marcel was standing in his way. Dr. Archer thought Marcel was being too passive by apologizing to a resident. Being tough on residents is how they learn. Or at least that was the rule from years ago and the new residents don’t seem to understand that. Marcel was also working on a patient with Dr. Tayler. Their patient required surgery. Which was a problem because his numbers were low. The needed surgeon didn’t want to sign off on surgery with his numbers being that low because Marcus might die on the table.

The surgeon suggested that the patient be given a back treatment. It would allow the man to sit up. He just wouldn’t be able to walk. Marcel and Taylor both tried to get Marcus’s numbers up. they gave him a blood transfusion. Marcel considered doing something more, but at the last minute he seemed to talk himself out of it and he never brought it up to Taylor. They chose to focus on just the transfusion. The transfusion thankfully ended up working. Marcus’s numbers went up and he was approved for surgery. Marcel was even one of those surgeons. He opened up the guy. Dr. Abrams did the rest.

There was also Dr. Choi and Dr. Asher. Choi had a pregnant patient. Only he didn’t use Asher. He called for a different OBGYN. Asher was supposed to cover the ED that day and so she got angry when she heard a different doctor had been called. She thought that Choi was expressing a lack of confidence in her. She confronted him. He told her that it was the patient who requested a different doctor. Liza apparently knew that Asher was an addict. She didn’t want an addict treating her. She also didn’t want to tell the doctor the real reason she wasn’t feeling well. Choi had simply thought she was dealing with the flu.

It wasn’t until Liza passed out after she was supposed to be discharged that he realized something else was going on. Asher was the closest to the patient and so she came in. She saw Liza. She recognized Liza. They were in the same Narcotics Anonymous group. Asher knew that Liza hasn’t been clean for long. Liza later confirmed once she had woken up that she got clean the moment she found out she was pregnant and she didn’t want Asher working her case because she didn’t want anyone to report her for going through withdrawal. She didn’t want to risk losing her baby. Asher understood where she was coming from.

Asher didn’t like being judged for her past either. She also knew how hard it was to get clean. She suggested an alternative medication for Liza to take to adjust to getting clean rather than cold turkey and Liza turned it down. She didn’t want to take anything that carried even the minimalist sense of risk to her baby. And so Asher supported her in her decision.

Abrams found out during surgery that Marcus was given steroids to raise his numbers and he never would have approved of that. Neither would have Taylor. Marcel did so behind both of their backs. He was lucky he wasn’t reported. Taylor also confronted him because she said she didn’t need him doing things without her knowledge. She was his coworker. She demanded respect. As for Cuevas, she learned something. She also apologized for something she did. She rushed to drug David. She gave him injectables after he was being unruly with his mother. She relied back on text when what she should have been relying on was instinct. And so she apologized for that.

Dr. Charles chose to forgive. And then there was Halstead. Halstead got a little daring in the ED once the hospital ran out of medicine his patient needed. It was a risk. It worked out, but Sharon warned him against ever doing that again.