Chicago PD Recap 11/16/22: Season 10 Episode 8 “Under the Skin”

Chicago PD Recap 11/16/22: Season 10 Episode 8 "Under the Skin"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, November 16, 2022, season 10 episode 8 called, “Under the Skin,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season 10 episode 8 called, “Under the Skin,“as per the NBC synopsis“In an attempt to distract Intelligence from the investigation into his son, Chief O’Neal forces Voight and the team to handle a “dead fish case.”

However, when that dead fish turns into a complicated heater case, Burgess is thrown back into difficult memories from her past.

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In tonight’s Chicago PD episode, the Intelligence squad was still looking into Shaun O’Neal. The man was guilty of selling at-risk teenagers into a sex trafficking ring. The cops knew it. They just couldn’t prove it. Shaun has remained one step ahead this whole time and it didn’t help that his father was covering for him. Chief O’Neal was the big boss. He arranged for Intelligence to handle a simple homicide. The homicide wasn’t gang-related or mob-related or even sex trafficking-related. It was just a homicide. The victim was Thomas Quinn. He was an investment banker. He was found dead outside of a club and it appears he had been repeatedly stabbed to death.

Voight wanted to hand this case to the Homicide unit. Chief O’Neal stopped him. O’Neal ordered Voight to handle the case because he claimed the victim was in fact a major donor to the police department and that turned out to be a lie. Voight and his people looked into Quinn. The most he’s ever donated was a box of hamburgers to the police picnic. O’Neal had no right involving himself in a simple homicide much less ordering Voight to waste manpower on it. But he was the boss. Voight took on the case. He had his people comb through Quinn’s life. He tried to find out who had the motive to kill Quinn.

Voight also put in for vacation time for Upton. Upton wasn’t going to be working the homicide with them. She was instead using her vacation days to continue the investigation into Shaun. Everyone else was working the case. The squad was able to track down the killer’s movements. They couldn’t name him just yet. They instead tracked the car he was using. They tracked it back to a maintenance tunnel. Inside of the tunnel, there were several other bodies. They were all stabbed to death. The other victims had been stitched up. They also had flowers left down there for him. And the whole scene turned this simple homicide into a serial killer manhunt.

There were several types of serial killers. There were those seeking power. They were those getting off on the sexual component. There were also some who were mission orientated. The victims were all one percenters. They were rich. Some had families. Others did not. It crossed the gender boundary. The squad realized that they were looking for someone who got off on killing the rich. The victims were all stabbed where Burgess was shot. It made her think of that day whenever she saw a new victim. It also made her a little testy in the field. Only the squad found something. The squad had found out that each of the victims reported someone breaking into their homes and stealing inexpensive things.

The killer was taking things like a cheap necklace even though the woman has over two thousand dollars worth in jewels. But the killer left behind a glove at one of the scenes. They ran DNA on the glove. It came back to Tyler Jerome Hansen. The police went to the man’s house and they arrested. Burgess was rather forceful with the suspect’s wife. Ruzek saw it. He didn’t say anything because he figured Burgess was working through whatever it was that was bothering her. Plus, they had a suspect. They took him back to the station and interrogated him. Tyler had nothing to do with the murders. He also said he lived in St. Louis for three years and that was during the murders.

The police didn’t dismiss him as a suspect until another report came in of a burglary. The cops tried to interview the rich couple that reported it and the wife was busy driving. Burgess was on the phone with the woman when she heard her park and get attacked. The police tried to catch the killer, but he got away and he took Linda Moore with him. The police checked nearby cameras. They got a photo of their killer. It was Mark Hansen. Tyler’s brother. Tyler’s brother was obsessed with the Latin American folk lore about Lantos. Lantos took revenge against the rich for atrocities against his people.

Mark thought he was Lantos. His parents died after their car got hit by a drunk driving rich guy. The rich guy got two years in a posh prison. He then went on to die of pancreatic cancer. But Mark had been the only survivor of the car accident. He watched his mother bleed out after being pierced in the stomach by glass shards. Mark became so obsessed with seeking revenge that he now blames every rich person for the death of his parents. Tyler was the one who came up with a motive. He was still in custody when Burgess told him his brother was wanted for murder and so Tyler figured out why Mark was doing all of this.

The squad knowing about Mark’s obsession with Lantos helped. They checked properties under that name and it eventually lead to where Mark was holding Linda captive. They found Linda. Ruzek was able to arrest Mark, but Burgess hadn’t played a part in the arrest because she left behind her gun at the station. And she was still reeling with remembering herself almost dying.

But they saved Linda’s life and they caught a serial killer. It should have been enough. Only it wasn’t for Burgess. Burgess decided to go work on the Shaun case with Upton. She didn’t want to go home or face her problems anytime soon. She went to Upton. She put what she learned with Mark and applied it to Shaun. Why did he traffic girls? Burgess also noticed on the police board that Shaun has done all of his rehab stints in Wisconsin. His family owned a cabin up there. Burgess and Upton went to that cabin. They found a bunker and inside was as mass grave. And so they at least knew Shaun was guilty of something.