Chicago PD Winter Premiere Recap 01/05/22: Season 9 Episode 10 “Home Safe”

Chicago PD Winter Premiere Recap 01/05/22: Season 9 Episode 10 "Home Safe"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 5, 2022, season 9 episode 10 called, “Home Safe” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season 9 episode 10 as per the NBC synopsis,“The team searches for a missing child in what turns out to be a very complicated case; Burgess and Ruzek are in for a shock when someone from Makayla’s past comes forward.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) walking Kim Burgess’ (Marina Squerciati) daughter from school. He is stopped by the teacher who questions him about being Makayla’s father. He says he is going to call Kim to straighten things out, as she calls Mak over to her and away from Adam. Adam confronts the principal, as Kim rushes in, saying Adam is authorized to get her daughter but they need to resubmit paperwork; Adam just wants to get Mak now. Kim looks worried at Adam. As they walked out of the school, Adam thought she did the paperwork a month ago and feels she would have done it automatically. Adam gets a call, causing Kim to take Makayla home.

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) questions the mother who doesn’t recall when the last time she saw her child, Brianna. She explains how her daughter plays in the yard every day after school and she always checks on her. Adam and Hank see a picture of Brianna and leave an officer with the mother as they scope the yard. Adam learns from Hank that there is evidence of blood in the back and Adam thinks it is possible that she got scraped while wandering off. He finds a little girl’s tiara in the bushes, with several hairs in it.

Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins), Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) arrive on scene. He wants Hailey to speak to the mother for more info. Hank notices their rings as Kevin offers a congratulations. Adam approaches Hank and tells him the neighbor heard screaming and this could be the real deal of a stranger abduction.

Hailey is questioning the mother when Adam asks to see the laptop Brianna uses. Hailey assures her they are doing everything they can to find her. Kim arrives on scene and helps Adam search the room. Kim says she filled out the paperwork and needs to call to add Adam on, like Makayla’s soccer.

The UI reviews camera footage where they see Brianna leaving the yard, but it looks like she is looking at someone in the alley. Jay says there are 5 registered sex offenders within a 2 mile radius. Hank wants Jay and Kevin to hit the registry as everyone else begins questioning the neighbors. Kim and Adam hear from a neighbor how the parents are always arguing about what is best for their daughter; saying the father gets too fired up.

Voight and Adam question the father, who says he was away dealing with clients. Mr Hall admits he argues and fights with his wife because she thinks he is overly protective. He is furious that his wife left his daughter in the backyard so someone could do this. He swears he didn’t hurt his kid. Kim interrupts them as she is able to show Hank a picture of Charles Kalzenski who is registered on the sex offenders list and he lives 3 doors down, but there was no proof of that as he didn’t update his information. He is a tender age pedophile.

They have a warrant, and breach into the house. Everyone is giving an all clear as Adam spots paintings in the one room, including a portrait painted of Brianna; something that irks both Kim and Adam as she clearly reminds them of their “daughter” Makayla.

Hank walks into the UI squad room as they bring him up to speed. They have perfect timing of him driving down the alley right around the time Brianna walked out back. The police found Charlie’s car and Hank tells Kevin and Adam to go. The witness says he never approached the car so Kevin and Adam do. Kevin breaks the window open as Adam watches out, there is no body in the trunk but there is girl’s clothes. They back away from the car and call it in.

Jay and Hailey watch cameras where it shows Charlie on his own with a bag, no Brianna. Kim informs them that the family does know Charlie but cannot confirm whether the shirt is Brianna’s but she has a similar one. They spot him entering a factory he used to work in and the team goes to check it out. There are tons of storage boxes but suddenly Adam spots his bag and it looks like he has been camping there. Together, Kevin and Adam continue to search, Adam giving chase, ordering Charlie to stop but plows him into a bunch of crates; Kevin arresting him. There is no sign of Brianna as Adam demands Charlie to tell him where she is.

Adam tells Charlie they are not going in circles, revealing all the information they have on him. Charlie is sticking with he would know he would be a suspect. Adam says he saw the painting in his house as Charlie insists he would never knowingly hurt a child as he loves them. He asks Adam if he has a child and he gets angry, saying they are not talking about Adam. Charlie says he saw other people out when he was driving but Adam orders him to stop, demanding to know where Brianna is. Charlie looks him dead in the eyes and says he does not know.

Hank learns that Charlie is in denial and is offering up other suspects. Adam is given permission to take some of Charlie’s freedoms away from him. Kim walks over to Adam’s desk saying she could not imagine the parents and how they are feeling. Adam wants to know if she intentionally left him off the paperwork for Makayla and she suggests they talk later. He wants to know now and Kim says they need to have more boundaries and make it easier for Makayla. She thinks this would be easier if he would ever not be around as he will find someone and move on. He fears that she is leaving him as he is currently only a back up who sleeps on her couch; they are interrupted by Kevin so Adam returns to the interrogation room.

Adam tells Charlie to think really hard because what he says will play out a certain way. Adam says he is no longer going to lie to him and produces the photos of the little kids that Charlie hurt. Adam says one of his victim’s killed herself at 15 because of what he did to her. He forces him to read the warning posters that say he is a pedophile; and the posters are everywhere in the neighborhood and everyone knows who he is now. Adam pushes for the truth as Charlie says he never wanted to hurt anyone, sobbing. Adam sits right next to him, saying he knows what this kind of news will be known in prison and they will tear him apart and Adam is the only one keeping him from Gen Pop. Charlie is about to speak when there is a knock at the door. He clamps up and says he doesn’t know as Adam leaves the room again.

Kevin is at the door, saying there is footage that Adam needs to see. It is not Charlie but they now have video of Brianna fighting to get away from the man, smashing into a brick wall knocking her out cold and he takes her. Adam remembers that Charlie tried to give him a white car with other suspects. Adam rushes back to the room, asking Charlie about the white car. Adam begs with him to get it together and Charlie looks him dead in the eyes and says he will never tell him anything.

Hailey and Kim share the information from the car with Hank. Kevin is told to track the registered sex offenders. Adam is told to make things work even though he already pushed Charlie too hard. Adam takes Charlie for a drive back to the neighborhood, where Brianna’s father is being arrested for vandalizing Charlie’s home. Charlie emerges from the car and he attempts to attack the pedophile. Charlie returns to his home with Adam behind him.

Once inside, Charlie sobs about the damage done to his house. He orders Adam to get out of his house but Adam presses for more information. Charlie says this child could be dying because of Adam, not his lack of information. Adam shares that he has a kid the same age as Brianna, explaining that it is overwhelming to be a dad sometimes, loving them so much it hurts. Charlie reiterates that he loves children, something Adam says he understands.

Charlie takes a deep breath admitting he didn’t see the driver. He knows the car, but didn’t see the plate. He is able to reveal there was a sticker on the window. Adam is about to leave as Charlie is asking him there is no thank you? Adam says he has pity on him but he meant everything he said about Charlie being a predator and if he ever hurts a child again, Adam will reign down the hell he promised.

Jay finds a white honda registered to a Priscilla DeFranco, the name rings familiar with Kim and Hailey and they realize there was someone they interviewed who talked about the parents arguing and his name is Joseph DeFranco. Kim finds out he had a daughter that died, the team sets off to Joseph’s house; Hank calling it in.

They break into the house, Joseph escapes out the back and Hailey has eyes on him. Jay jumps over the car and arrests him but when Adam opens the trunk, there is no child.

Hank tries talking to Joseph, saying they found Brianna’s DNA in his mother’s car and the jacket. Hank snaps his fingers, trying to tell him it will be a lot harder if he doesn’t talk to them. Joseph says the word Daughter, as Hank wants to know if he just wanted to take Brianna because he wanted to be a dad. He is near catatonic, not responding when they say his mother can be held for this. Hailey returns, saying Joseph has bought furniture and built a room for her. They banking on him not turning off his cellphone when he built the room.

Adam and Kim break into a factory, calling out for Brianna. Kim runs around as Adam opens the different rooms. He finds Brianna who has a pulse and is sleeping in her bed. He carries her out as Kim calls for paramedics.

After the whole ordeal, Adam says Brianna is out of surgery, she had a brain bleed and Chicago Med was able to stop it. Kim knows she killed Adam with what she said about Makayla. She clears it up, saying she knows how much they love each other. She insists she is just trying to protect Makayla but he swears he is not leaving. He can’t feel like he is going to lose her all the time. He wants to know he has the right to be in her life going forward. Kim says they were going to do it before with their baby and they should have the modern family with Makayla. He likes that very much as the two hold hands.

Adam cleans up Makayla’s room, as she shares stories. He talks to her about what Kim and him discussed, as him moving in with them. She thinks it sounds okay as she shares about Teddy who gives her stickers all the time. She tells him about the man who waits by the fence for her and only wants to talk to her.

Kim and Adam barge into the school, demanding to see the footage of school grounds. They all see what is happening; Kim startled as she wants them to fast forward it. Kim wants to see who the man is, but he avoids facing the camera as Adam orders a grid search. They meet with DCFS, who says Theo Morris is Makayla’s paternal uncle and he has filed a petition for full custody, causing Kim to break down in Adam’s arms.