Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sloan’s Brother Comes to Salem – Stephanie’s Mysterious Ex Revealed?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sloan’s Brother Comes to Salem – Stephanie’s Mysterious Ex Revealed?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Sloan Petersen’s (Jessica Serfaty) brother may come to Salem, so could Stephanie Johnson’s (Abigail Klein) mysterious ex be revealed? Let’s talk about some clues in the dialogue and see where this Days storyline might be headed next.

Stephanie has repeatedly talked about someone who seemed really into her before he broke her heart.

Every time Stephanie tells that story, she complains about how this guy ghosted her and left her wondering what went wrong.

Stephanie was initially reluctant to get involved with Alex since the situation seemed so similar.

Alex was also making Stephanie feel like the center of his universe, so she was afraid she’d fall hard and get ghosted – just like before.

However, we have to believe there was a deeper explanation for why this guy disappeared on Stephanie.

There’s just been way too much focus on the whole “ghosting” thing for it to not be a misunderstanding.

Let’s consider the possibility that Stephanie’s ex will turn out to be the brother that Sloan mentioned having.

It’d be a great way to tie these Days stories together and create a new DOOL character with multiple connections on canvas.

Like Sloan, her brother had to deal with their dad drinking himself to an early grave after Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) pushed Martha Bedford off the roof.

On his deathbed, Nathan Bedford admitted Martha hadn’t committed suicide – that she was shoved by Chanel, though viewers know she was acting in self-defense.

Sloan has made it her life’s mission to get revenge, so that’s been her way of coping.

What if Sloan’s brother took a different approach to dealing with all that and shut out the people he cared about?

It’s easy to imagine Sloan’s brother feeling overwhelmed by his dad’s demise, especially after Nathan’s confession about Chanel.

If this guy was dating Stephanie, maybe he didn’t want to drag her down into the pit of despair with him.

When Sloan ripped into Chanel over Martha’s death and the cover-up, she acted like Chanel didn’t care how hard this was on her as well as her brother.

We can assume this has indeed been a difficult ordeal for Sloan’s brother too, so maybe that’s why he ghosted Stephanie – that is if her mystery ex turns out to be Sloan’s sibling!

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Stephanie’s former flame might enter the picture, so it’ll be interesting if he also turns out to be part of Sloan’s family.

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