FBI: International Fall Finale Recap 12/13/22: Season 2 Episode 8 “Hail Mary”

FBI: International Fall Finale Recap 12/13/22: Season 2 Episode 8 "Hail Mary"

Tonight on CBS FBI: International airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 22, 2022 season 2 episode 8, “Hail Mary” and we have your FBI: International recap below. In tonight’s FBI season 2 episode 8 as per the CBS synopsis, “Vo goes undercover when the Fly Team investigates the mysterious death of an American model in Milan. Also, Kellett is caught off guard when Dandridge arrives looking for visibility on the case.”

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In tonight’s FBI International episode, an American model was in Milan for an event when she witnessed something. She witnessed another model arguing with a man in Italian and not long afterward she witnessed the same model fall on top of a car after she either jumped or was pushed off a balcony. The local authorities had ruled Jocelyn Bell’s death a suicide. They didn’t even follow up on the lead that Emma Staley gave them about the fight. They instead wrote Emma off as unstable because it looked like she had been having drinks on the night in question. Which was true. She did have some drinks only she wasn’t drunk. She was troubled that night because she witnessed someone die. And her reaction to that was actually quite reasonable.

The local cops didn’t believe Emma’s story about what she saw. But the FBI did. Forrester was once again being left behind because of a situation out of his control and so someone else asked to be roped in on any future investigations. Like this case with the models. Special Agent Kellet was running the lead on this one. She and the rest of the crew flew to Italy. They gave Emma protection. They also heard her out on what she saw. Emma saw Jocelyn arguing with an Italian man moments before the woman’s death. Jocelyn didn’t heartbroken or sad. She looked angry. She didn’t look like she was going to commit suicide after a bad argument with her boyfriend.

Emma was also unclear on what the man looked like. She wasn’t sure if he was wearing glasses or not. She seemed a little confused and so Kellet asked her if she had been drinking that night. Emma said she wasn’t drunk. She was just shaken by what she saw. Kellet chose to believe her. She also warned Emma to stay inside. Kellet and the rest of the team then continued to investigate Jocelyn’s death. Jocelyn had some unexplained bruises on her. She was attacked on that night or not long before it. She was bruised. She was mistreated and nothing about her death makes sense. She was in a building attending a crowded party.

When did she leave the party long enough to go into the owner’s private suite? When did she get those bruises? What happened to the expensive necklace she was wearing? Jocelyn had a necklace that cost over eighty thousand euros right before she died. But it was missing from the evidence collected at the scene. Would someone suicidal take the time to take off her most recent gift right before she jumped from a balcony? There were so many questions and the Italian police were choosing to be incompetent. The guy guarding Emma had taken a lunch break. And while he was gone, two men in suits showed up and escorted Emma into a black car.

Emma was gone. The team assumed she had been taken. They thought they knew who did it. They believed that Jocelyn’s Italian boyfriend was behind her death and Emma’s disappearance. The boyfriend was identified as Walter Maldini. He was a known figure by Europol. Maldini manages over a billion dollars of the Vatican’s assets. He was known as “the holy dealer”. Maldini uses his connection with the Pope to hide the fact he’s embezzling and might be beating on his girlfriends. But there was a problem with going after him. The Italian police refused to do it. The police were led by prosecutors doing all the investigating and Prosecutor Lineri refused to open an investigation into him.

Lineri also tried to shut down the FBI’s investigation into him. But their short-term supervisor was able to buy them more time. He probably wanted something in exchange for it only Kellet knows how to fob him off. They kept up with the investigation as usual. They eventually found evidence of Maldini connected to the necklace. He bought it. They just needed to question him about it. Special Agent Vo pretended to be a model. She got invited to a major party where the models are supposed to cozy up to the VIPs. She made her way over to Maldini where she pretended she knew Jocelyn. Vo was doing really well at frightening him when his lawyer informed Maldini that Vo was actually an FBI Agent.

Maldini then said he couldn’t kill Jocelyn because he didn’t know her. He showed her Emma. Emma was alive and at the party. She was also claiming that she didn’t see a fight. She said she had been wrong and that she never saw Maldini at the party. He apparently wasn’t there. He was at home with his wife. She also said Maldini sent a car to pick her up from her apartment because he was interested in helping her with her career. But Maldini’s lawyer also happened to be Emma’s new lawyer. He came in with Emma after they wanted to ask her about the affidavit she signed. And her new lawyer now speaks for her.

Emma refused to say she saw the fight. She also said she wasn’t on her medication that night. Emma is bipolar and now everything she said is tainted. But a hail Mary came through. The Europol Agent was able to find a witness. The witness said she had a security camera out on her balcony. It was saved to the cloud. The security camera had footage of Maldini pushing Jocelyn off of that balcony. And so Maldini was arrested for murder.

Emma was rescued from his people and she was returning to the U.S. She was going to give up modeling for a while. Especially as her own modeling agency was basically a pimp service. And it was being shut down for human trafficking.