FBI: International Recap 03/29/22: Season 1 Episode 15 “Shouldn’t Have Left Her”

FBI: International Recap 03/29/22: Season 1 Episode 15 "Shouldn't Have Left Her"

Tonight on CBS FBI: International airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 29, 2022 season 1 episode 15, “Shouldn’t Have Left Her” and we have your FBI: International recap below. In tonight’s FBI season 1 episode 15 as per the CBS synopsis, “When Raines’ sister goes missing in Kosovo, he goes rogue to find her, putting his job and his life on the line. Also, Kellett and Forrester face further scrutiny from inside the Bureau.

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In tonight’s FBI episode, FBI Special Agent Andre Raines has a sister. Her name is Jordan. Joran was actually in Europe. She was traveling around the continent with her boyfriend and a friend when they stopped over in Kosovo. They didn’t go to the capital.

They instead stopped off in Pristina which was considered a hot spot because it was high in terrorism and organized crime. It, therefore, wasn’t surprising that the trio was targeted the moment they came off the train. The person they were supposed to be meeting up with had never shown. They instead ran into kidnappers who grabbed the women and knocked out Ethan.

Raines later heard from Ethan. Ethan told him that some guys grabbed Jordan and their friend Grace. He also never heard from his connection in Pristina. It turns out the trio had only gone there because Ethan’s roommate from college had promised to hook them up with drugs.

None of them had ever tried it before. They all wanted a new experience and why not in Europe? It didn’t dawn on them that they were dangerous or that they shouldn’t go into a no-fly zone like Kosovo. Ethan told Raines everything he knew and so Raines asked him to send a map pin. He was going to go to Kosovo to rescue his sister.

His team wanted to go with him. But they couldn’t. Kosovo wasn’t considered safe for them and the FBI had no presence in the country. Jaeger had offered to open up a channel there. She said it would take time and Raines didn’t want to wait. He ran off to Kosovo the first chance he could.

His team wanted to follow him, but they were held up by Special Agent Porter. Porter was an officer from the Office of Professional Responsibility. He initially began investigating Kellet because her actions in an old case were suspect and now he was just antagonizing everyone. He kept showing up like a bad penny.

Porter also came with paperwork that states they couldn’t postpone talking to him. Porter just wanted Kellet and Forrester. He asked them questions about the past couple of years. He wanted to know every detail. Forrester eventually had enough of him. He demanded the guy get to the point and so he did.

Porter came because of Forrester’s mother. She is wanted by the United States. Porter wanted to use Forrester and Forrester’s relationship with Kellet to get to his mother. They were working it out as Raines had to apologize to Kosovo for traveling to their country without the proper paperwork.

Raines had to explain himself to the local police because they arrested him. They threw him a cell and they were going to leave him there if he hadn’t play nice. Which he did. Upon his release from the holding cell, Raines tracked down this friend his sister was meeting up with. Vo was helping him on her end. She gave him this Leon Grubic’s address. He went there. He ran into Ethan. A high Ethan. Ethan said he did it to take the edge off and that his friend Ethan was helping him. Ethan apparently contacted a private investigator they used. He brought him back to his apartment to meet Ethan when Raines pulled a knife.

Raines doesn’t believe Leon’s story that the girls getting snatched was just a coincidence. Raines suspected that Leon played a part in the human trafficking and so he held Leon at knifepoint to find out what he knows. He even thought the private investigator was in on it. But before Raines could get answers, someone came at him. This third-person fought Raines. Raines got away thanks to a Kosovo detective. He started working with the guy. They found the supposed private detective was really a plant and that he was helping local thugs kidnap girls and bleed their parents of as much money as possible. Leon’s cousin was one of them.

The private investigator was named Alcott. He was the one in charge of the ransom demand and Raines found out about it. Raines made the guy contact his friends. He told him to pass on a message that the women aren’t to be harmed. It would lessen their value if they were. But Ethan was dead. He died because the fool failed to mention that one of the women had a brother in law enforcement or that he worked in Europe. Raines and his detective friend were able to trace the call that Alcott made. They then went after the women. they later found them being stashed at a warehouse and while the detective called in back up – they didn’t wait.

Raines rescued his sister and her friend. But Detective Tolka died. Tolka’s wife and children immigrated to the United States. He wanted to join them. His visa was being held up and he thought that if he helped Raines that Raines would help him. Something he would have done if Tolka had survived.

Raines and the women were detained for a short time by the Kosovo police, but they were released when Jaeger opened up a Europol office in Pristina and claimed Raines was working with her agency on this case.

Raines made sure Jordan and her friend got on a private plane back to the United States. He meanwhile returned to work and he found Porter gone. It turns out Porter was such a menace because he was seeing a prostitute in their city. And he wanted a reason to visit her without his wife finding out.