FBI: International Recap 11/22/22: Season 2 Episode 7 “A Proven Liar”

FBI: International Recap 11/22/22: Season 2 Episode 7 "A Proven Liar"

Tonight on CBS FBI: International airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 22, 2022 season 2 episode 7, “A Proven Liar” and we have your FBI: International recap below. In tonight’s FBI season 2 episode 7 as per the CBS synopsis, “When an American businessman’s bodyguard and girlfriend are kidnapped a few feet away from him in Barcelona, the Fly Team questions if the man is as innocent as he claims. Also, Raines grows closer to Maya, the owner of the team’s favorite local bar.”

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In tonight’s FBI International episode, Special Agent Andre Raines was in a new relationship. He was dating Maya. She’s the woman that runs the bar that the team helped by giving her their business and it turns out Raines wanted to help her in another more special way. Raines was still smiling after a night with her when the call came in. The team was headed to Barcelona because of a double kidnapping. The girlfriend and the bodyguard of a wealthy American were abducted in plain view, but there was a moment of chaos and it seems the bodyguard wasn’t the intended victim. Sean Doxon works for Brent Remis. Brent was proposing to his girlfriend Tiyana when a van pulled up beside them and tried to force them inside.

Naturally, the first question was why did Brent feel the need for a bodyguard? Brent owns an American construction company that’s been operating in Europe. The first thing the team did was ask them if he was connected to the mob in any way and he said his company was clean. He also tried to claim that he got knocked out in the chaos of the abduction. But this happened right outside of a church during a wedding. There were cameras filming the incident and Brent injured himself as he was running away. He just let them take his girlfriend without a fight. The only one who truly fought back was Sean.

Sean worked his way up to a private bodyguard by first working as a bouncer. Brent met him outside of a club and the two hit it off right away. Brent hired him. They’d been together for years when this happened. The kidnappers came. Sean tried to save Brent and he ended up getting captured. Compared to Tiyana, Sean’s situation was less sad. Tiyana and Brent have been in a relationship for four months and he was already going to propose when this happened and he showed his true colors. He was a coward. He ran off as his girlfriend and bodyguard were fighting for their lives and so that lowered everyone’s opinion of him.

They didn’t think it could get any lower. Then they found out Brent Remis wasn’t his real name. His real name was Gerald Frederickson. He’s been guilty of conning wealthy women out of small amounts. He was also on the run. He was awaiting trial in New York when he escaped after paying bail. He went to Europe. He began his crime spree again and now there’s a website dedicated to him. His victims have all gone there to discuss the lothario con man. The feds look into Tiyana. They found out that she was making ok money at her consulting firm in Spain and that her parents were real millionaires.

The feds came to believe that Gerald decided to change his scheme after the website became public knowledge. Forrester wasn’t with them because he was answering questions to the Hungarian legate. But the rest of them brought Gerald in. They questioned him. They demanded to know where Sean had Tiyana and Gerald told them that this wasn’t him. He was a con man. He just wasn’t that type of con man. Gerald also received a ransom demand. He gave it to the feds and they saw the video that the kidnappers sent Gerald. It was a video of Lydia demanding a hundred and seventy thousand euros. She kept repeating that number in later videos as well.

The amount was kind of odd. Usually, kidnappers demand simple numbers like a hundred thousand or a million dollars. They don’t demand a number like a hundred and seventy thousand euros. Only the team looked into the website. They searched through Gerald’s victims and they found out that one woman had lost that exact amount to him. Her name was Lydia Herrera. She was deeply troubled. She fell for Gerald’s con. She thought he truly loved her and so she gave him money that funded his luxury lifestyle. And even after she found out it was all a con, she seemed more upset that he was no longer taking her calls.

Lydia also had wounds to her wrists indicating that she tried to commit suicide. She was so depressed about Gerald never loving her that she tried to end herself and so she was unstable. She also had family that was very angry with what Gerald did to her. Lydia stopped talking when they tried asking her about her father. So, they looked into him. His name was Robert De Garcia. He was a Spanish mob boss. He could never be caught by the authorities committing a crime and that meant they couldn’t wait to arrest him for this one. They later found Sean’s body. He was killed mere moments after the kidnappers grabbed him.

Sean’s death proved how ruthless Robert could be. He was willing to kill anyone as long as he could get close enough to Gerald to kill him and so that was what the ransom was about. Gerald was asked to bring the money to a park out in the open. Robert wanted to lure Gerald there to kill him. The feds realized that right after they found Tiyana and rescued her. They noticed Robert wasn’t with his men. That he went personally to meet with Gerald and so they tried to pull Gerald out of there in time, but he ended up getting shot. Not that anybody felt bad for him. Gerald wouldn’t help with the ransom demand until all charges against him had been dropped.

Gerald may claim to love Tiyana, but he doesn’t love anyone as much as he loves himself and he wasn’t seriously hurt. He was wearing a bulletproof vest. The American federal charges were dismissed against him. Just not the state charges. Gerald was later extradited back to the states where he faces jail time. And his relationship with Tiyana was over the moment she was told the truth about him.

And so all in all a good way to end a case.