FBI: Most Wanted Recap 04/19/22: Season 3 Episode 18 “Reaper”

FBI: Most Wanted Recap 04/19/22: Season 3 Episode 18 "Reaper"

Tonight on CBS FBI Most Wanted airs with an all-new Tuesday, April 19, 2022 season 3 episode 18, “Reaper,” and we have your FBI Most Wanted recap below. In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted season 3 episode 18 as per the CBS synopsis, “Remy and the team investigate the homicides of two Army veterans in a murder spree connected to their time in Afghanistan. Also, Hana receives surprising news about her birth mother.”

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In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted episode, Special Agent Hana Gibson reached out to her birth mother a couple of months ago. She never heard back. She was wondering what happened when a lawyer contacted her and told her that her mother passed. But Hana has left something in the will. Hana didn’t want to get on a flight and fly to New Zealand. She just wanted to be left out of it.

She was telling her friends on the team when they got a call about a case it required a drive. Some journalists had been murdered. The journalist was named Art Weller and he was investigating corruption in the Metro police. He was even working with a senator to unravel the many crimes carried out by the police. And so it was that same senator that asked Scott to take over the murder investigation.

The senator had been worried that the police murdered Art. But the FBI thinks something differently. They checked the scene and they determined that Art was murdered slowly. He was tortured first. He was also raped. Whoever killed him had hated him. They watched him suffer for hours and they let him die from blood loss. Scott and his team talked to the widow. She didn’t know much about the article her husband was writing. She just knew it was going to be big. She also didn’t know why her husband was found in a seedy motel room and so there’s a chance he met up with a lover. Possibly a secret boyfriend.

The widow didn’t know anything about that. She said that after her husband came back from Afghanistan that he was set of making quality time for just the two of them and that the only other person he would have told about the article was his best friend, Chris Ashtels. The best friend runs a charity for at-risk youth. He was actually breaking ground on a new center when the team went to go talk to him, but just as they arrived, a sniper shot and killed Chris. The sniper was also shooting at the crowd. Scott and Gaines followed the bullets to the sniper’s nest. They pursued the shooter once he started running. And unfortunately, he got away by taking a driver hostage.

There’s no telling where the shooter is after that. But they did check surveillance cameras to get a picture of the shooter’s face and they found him. They sent in Hana. She ran facial recognition. She identified their killer as Farzad Mullah. Mullah was an interpreter for Art and Chris back when they were serving in Afghanistan. Americans promised to help. Then they left the country and everything they built fell apart in a matter of days. Mullah got out. His family didn’t. Mullah became angry about that and he started hanging out with a man known as GI Joe. Joe helps Afghani refugees. He’s been a big help to them because he was a soldier and he knew what it was like over there.

GI Joe’s full legal name was Joe Gomez. Gomez lost his best friend fighting overseas. He thought pulling out was the worst thing they could have done and he blamed the American government. He felt they betrayed their allies there. He dropped out of college and he wasn’t talking to anyone who could help. He just went online where he got radicalized even further. Gomez’s family just couldn’t put up with any of it. They were fed up. Gomez was fed up and that’s when he reached out to a like-minded refugee. The two of them went on to murder a professor. This professor was a known voice against the war in Afghanistan. He said that Americans should never have been there in the first place. And that fallout was what they deserve.

Both Mullah and Gomez beheaded this professor over a live stream. They killed him after they made him retract everything he said about the war and so this was an escalation. The beheading also hadn’t looked like a newbie did it. It looked like a professional. The team did some further digging into Mullah and they found out he was Taliban. He lied about being an interpreter. He didn’t leave his family behind. They were killed years ago in a drone strike carried out by the Americans and so all along Mullah was looking for revenge. And he managed to find the right patsy in Gomez because Gomez thought his best friend died for nothing.

The team knew that the two men were planning something. They were later able to determine were planning a terrorist attack and what better place than at a college campus. They were in Boston after all. They came all that way to kill the professor and so why not kill the students that protested the war? The two men rigged a drone to start firing at a crowd and the FBI thankfully arrived in time to shoot it down. They also were forced to kill both Mullah and Gomez. But their day didn’t end when the case did. Hana went home where she later got a visit from her half-brother. He flew all the way from New Zealand to meet her.