FBI: Most Wanted Recap 11/22/22: Season 4 Episode 7 “Karma”

FBI: Most Wanted Recap 11/22/22: Season 4 Episode 7 "Karma"

Tonight on CBS FBI Most Wanted airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 22, 2022 season 4 episode 7, “Karma,” and we have your FBI Most Wanted recap below. In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted season 4 episode 7 as per the CBS synopsis, “The team’s Thanksgiving plans are put on hold when they are brought in to investigate whether a shooting at a Buddhist temple was a hate crime or something more personal. Also, Remy and April make a tough decision.”

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In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted episode, there was a mass shooting at a Buddhist temple. The shooter came in wearing one of those full face masks that distorts his face so that facial recognition couldn’t pick up any details and he shot and killed everyone in there. He didn’t demand money. He didn’t demand jewelry. The only thing he wanted was for them to look at him as he murdered them. He got especially angry at a bunch of dancers who tried to flee when he came in. The shooter had apparently put a lock on the door before he started his spree. He was trying to trap everyone inside. And so he came prepared to kill everyone.

The killer didn’t use a semi-automatic like the typical mass shooter. He used a 9 mm. It reminded Supervisory Remy Scott of the Virginia Tech killer who used two handguns to commit his crimes. It also reminded local police about another shooting. The first shooting was that of a catholic priest. The priest was stalked and murdered just like the people at the Buddhist temple. There was a survivor at the temple. She showed them a video they had taken before the shooting. It showed that the killer had been watching them, or to better put, stalking them before he ultimately tried to kill all of them. And so that video as well as surveillance proved that the killer plans everything to the last detail.

They even found a map he drew. He must have been in the temple before. He mapped it out so that he could remember which rooms to check before he could kill someone and so the feds thought the killer was targeting religious communities only they had been wrong. The priest wasn’t murdered by the same guy that killed the Buddhists. The priest killer was just a kid that graduated into serious crime. As for their mass shooter, he went on to murder another Asian man in Central Park. He was seen and was chased by a good Samaritan that was carrying his own gun the good Samaritan went on to accidentally shoot a student during a shootout with the killer.

It turns out he broke the law by bringing his gun into the park with him. He also acted very recklessly in pursuing an armed killer like he was a cop when he wasn’t. The good Samaritan was under arrest and the killer got away again. But this second crime spree proved something. It proved the killer was going after Asians. The feds thought it could be a hate crime. Hate crimes against the Asian community have been on the rise ever since covid and so that’s what everyone thought this was. They also got a name for the killer. The killer was seen getting into a car not long after the Central Park shootout. And his name was pulled from the registry.

The killer’s name was Adam Moore. He was half-Asian himself. It didn’t make sense why he would kill Asians as part of a hate crime and yet the feds had to continue to follow that lead. They tracked where his car was heading. It was going to the UN. There was an important conference there in honor of a prominent Asian woman. The feds thought Adam was going to kill her, but they had been wrong. Adam only went there to steal a car. Adam was a high school teacher and one of his students had been at a model UN conference. Adam found the kid, put him in the trunk of his own car, and he stole the kid’s car.

Adam did this because the kid had a badge on his car that allowed him into a gated community. Adam used that badge to murder a retired senator. Around this time, someone from the DOJ approved Scott’s team with information about their shooter. She knew why Adam was doing this. Adam was doing all of this to punish a bunch of war criminals. Adam’s father was involved in an American conflict on a small Island off the coast of Thailand. An island that most haven’t even heard about. There was a war. There were war criminals and a lot of innocent people died. It was Adam’s father who tried to stop those men.

Adam’s father Grant would go on to tell him many horror stories about the things he saw there. He told them the stories and he showed his son a list. It was a list of war criminals. But Grant couldn’t come forward with the list because his mission on that island was technically top secret. Grant gave the list to Adam and Adam tried to do something about it. He went to the DOJ. He tried to open a war crimes investigation into the people on the list. He just couldn’t prove it without his dad there. Plus, Americans pulled out of the international community on war crimes. It was the senator who pulled them out and that’s why he was killed.

Adam was after everyone on the list. He even kidnapped his ailing father so that his father could see him kill off the people on the list. The feds caught up with Adam as he was about to kill the last person on the list. They along with Adam’s own father were able to talk him down. Adam gave up the gun to his father and then Grant took the gun and shot the war criminal before he himself was shot and killed. Grant was already dying. But he wanted his last moments on earth to be of him getting justice for the families of that island.

Adam was also arrested for his crimes and his living will be enough to get his story out there.