General Hospital Spoilers: Ava’s Eerie Return to Wyndemere – Hook’s Second Chance to Strike?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) may make an eerie return to Wyndemere and give “The Hook” a second chance to strike. GH fans know Ava is seriously considering going back to Wyndemere once she’s out of the hospital.

That doesn’t mean Ava is ready to share a bed with Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) again, but Wyndemere is a big place with lots of rooms.

Ava can easily live under the same roof – especially now that Nikolas is at least trying to put their marriage back together.

Nikolas offered up a written confession and then made a video recording of it, so Ava seemed pleased despite her best efforts to hide it.

This isn’t going to fix what Nikolas broke, but he’s just happy to be making any progress at all.

Ava accepted the chocolate truffle that Nikolas left behind as well, so all signs point to “Nava” reconciling eventually.

As the first real step toward that happening, Ava indeed seems poised to land back at Wyndemere.

Of course, we have to wonder if that’s really the safest spot for Ava.

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has been offering protection, but Nikolas may take over with his own security once Ava settles back home.

That could be concerning for a couple reasons.

For starters, Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) considers Ava a liability and may not be so keen on protecting her if the attacker comes back to finish the job!

Victor is certainly more powerful than Nikolas, so his orders could be the ones that win out.

We’re going to see some tension in the coming weeks between Nikolas and Victor, so Ava’s Wyndemere return could be part of the reason why.

That’s especially true if Victor finds out about Nikolas handing over that confession to Ava for safekeeping.

It’d give Victor a motive to kill Ava himself or at least let “The Hook” finish what he or she started.

There’s speculation that Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) might be “The Hook” or part of a team with Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom).

If so, Ava’s return to Wyndemere could be even more troubling.

Esme knows all the nooks and crannies of the house by now – including how to get in and out of Wyndemere undetected since she’s done it before.

Ava could easily be targeted all over again while she’s there.

It might be fitting if the hook storyline comes full circle with the first victim becoming the last.

Instead of actually getting hooked this time, maybe Ava could expose her attacker!

Regardless, Ava’s Wyndemere homecoming could prove creepy if “The Hook” uses this as a second chance to take her down.

General Hospital spoilers say Ava had better watch her back until the hook baddie gets caught.

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