General Hospital Spoilers: Thursday, January 13 Recap – Brad’s Poisoning Confession – Victor Closes In On Maxie Baby Truth

General Hospital Spoilers: Thursday, January 13 Recap – Brad’s Poisoning Confession – Victor Closes In On Maxie Baby Truth

General Hospital (GH) spoilers recap for Thursday, January 13, reveals that Brad Cooper’s (Parry Shen) poisoning confession rocked Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) while Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) closed in on the truth about Maxie Jones’ (Kirsten Storms) baby.

At GH, Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) was granted access to Peter August’s (Wes Ramsey) room as the acting police commissioner’s wife. Felicia wanted to see Peter face to face and look for a soul, but she came up empty.

Peter defended his love for Maxie and felt he never would’ve had to go to such extremes if everyone hadn’t tried to turn her against him.

Felicia felt like Peter let down all the people who actually believed in him, but he suggested “Princess” knew about letting people down.

Peter trashed Felicia for being an MIA mom and acted like she taught Maxie what not to do.

When Peter tried to act like he had info that could lead to Louise August (London and Jett Prinzo-Berendt), Felicia didn’t buy it.

Felicia thought Peter was a liar just like his father and couldn’t wait to see him end just as pathetically.

Felicia decided Peter’s soul wasn’t lost; she was merely looking for something that never existed.

Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) once again pushed Maxie to walk her through what happened the night Louise was born.

Maxie did what she was asked, but she always felt like she was being accused of something.

Over with Victor, he spotted Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) by the bar and suggested maybe they should break bread.

Drew said “bones maybe” and ranted about Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) being dead because of Victor. He also put Victor on full blast for his role in holding him hostage.

Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) walked over and urged Drew not to lose it on this “piece of garbage.”

Victor agreed it wasn’t wise to squander his second chance, so Drew backed off to avoid legal drama and preserve his freedom.

Even so, Drew made it clear that if Victor so much as twitched in the wrong direction, he would make Victor wish he’d stayed dead.

Afterward, Sam sat down with Drew and explained how Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) ended up with Danny Morgan (Zakary Risinger) and Scout Cain’s (Ella Ramacieri) voting proxy.

Sam also explained her breakup with Jason and how she’d found a sense of adventure in her relationship with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) without all the risks.

Drew knew it’d make his family happy if he got control of Valentin’s shares again, but Sam was more interested in what would make Drew happy – though he hadn’t figured that out yet.

After Maxie stepped away from the table she was sharing with Anna, Victor sauntered over.

Victor was curious about Maxie, who seemed to be a damsel in distress. Anna insisted this was none of Victor’s business, but he pointed out that it was dreadful what happened to Maxie’s baby.

“And what the hell do you know about my baby?” Maxie asked as she returned to the table.

After Anna got rid of Victor, she had an idea for Maxie to consider. Anna wanted to take Maxie back to Pautauk to relive the night of Louise’s birth and try to jog her memory.

Anna also wanted Austin Gatlin Holt (Roger Howarth) to come along, so Maxie seemed uneasy about Anna’s plan to tap into his memory, too.

Back at GH, Austin spoke to Valentin over the phone about meeting up to discuss their revenge on Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton), but Victor showed up and captured the doc’s attention.

Victor wanted to know what first made Austin think Brook Lynn was lying about her baby’s paternity.

Austin acted like Brook Lynn was just the kind of manipulative person who would do that.

Maxie’s name came up as they discussed all the trouble Brook Lynn had caused, so Victor quizzed Austin about her next.

Austin explained how Brook Lynn and Maxie couldn’t stand each other not too long ago.

Austin felt they were friends now because Brook Lynn filled a gaping hole in Maxie’s heart and allowed her to spend time with “Bailey Quartermaine.”

Austin felt like Maxie helped to boost Brook Lynn’s image, so spending time with “Bailey” worked out well for both of them.

Victor determined that Maxie’s friendship was an asset that Brook Lynn wasn’t willing to give up, so he thought Maxie could be the key to getting back at Brook Lynn.

In Britt’s office, she complained about the cold crab cakes Brad brought.

Britt thought it wasn’t a real brunch without endless mimosas and people watching, but Brad didn’t want to hang out at the Metro Court since he wasn’t the Corinthos clan’s favorite person.

Britt could tell there was more to the story, so Brady tried to blame his gloomy mood on readjusting to life in society – which wasn’t easy with a marriage and career that were kaput.

Britt still felt Brad was holding back, so he ultimately admitted that Selina Wu (Lydia Look) was very skilled at getting people to do her bidding.

Selina made Brad do something horrible, so he didn’t want anyone associated with him to pay the price. Britt finally pried it out of Brad that he poisoned Peter August!

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn admitted to Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) that Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) figured out the truth about Maxie’s baby.

Tracy wanted Brook Lynn and Louise to move to Amsterdam for the sake of Peter protection.

Chase suggested he could move back in the Q manse – or better yet, Brook Lynn and Maxie could come live with him.

They both knew Brook Lynn couldn’t just take Maxie’s baby halfway across the globe.

Chase felt he could protect Brook Lynn and “Bailey” and suggested they could get a bigger place to accommodate all of them.

Brook Lynn thought Chase was a genius and hugged him before looking at some rental properties online. She picked one that was a little out of Chase’s price range, but she knew Tracy could swing it.

Chase wanted to talk about boundaries before the show played a flashback of their time together in the steam room.

However, Chase and Brook Lynn wound up joking around over silly things like which reality shows he wouldn’t watch and the protein powder he always left lying around.

There were some warm moments as Brook Lynn and Chase prepared for this new adventure with “Bailey” – one that’s sure to bring their unconventional family closer!

General Hospital spoilers say giving “Bailey” up should bring plenty of pain for Chase and Brook Lynn down the road.

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