Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/20/22: Season 19 Episode 3 “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/20/22: Season 19 Episode 3 "Let's Talk About Sex"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with an all-new Thursday, October 20, 2022, season 19 episode 3 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 3 called “Let’s Talk About Sex,” as per the ABC synopsis, “The attending surgeons and interns work together to solve a medical mystery when a college kid comes in with what first looks like food poisoning but has escalating and dire complications. Meanwhile, Jo spends her day off with Bailey.

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In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy, Zola had another panic attack. Her mother allowed her to miss school for another day. Meredith couldn’t just leave her at home by herself. She brought Zola to work with her and Zola was at the age where she wanted to see surgeries. But Meredith turned that down. She also didn’t let Zola sit on the special seminar with the interns. The interns were given a special task by Bailey. Bailey came out of the left to give them this task. She wanted them to make sex ed videos for teenagers. Bailey figured that since Roe vs. Wade was overturned that there would be more teenage pregnancies if the kids weren’t finally taught sex education.

Hence the videos. Bailey got Addison to come in as the reigning OBYGN Queen. Addison told them the danger of teen pregnancies and how some teens might get desperate and carry out back-alley abortions on themselves. She was hoping that if they made a video that went viral that they could spare children from such fates. Addison also instantly recognized Lucas. She was his aunt for several years and so she went up to him and was about to give him a hug, but Lucas sidestepped it. He didn’t want anyone to know whose kid he was or that his aunts are all running the hospital. Lucas was trying to make it as a doctor on his own. He didn’t want people to think he got in thanks to his family.

Also, this thing with sex ed also got a step much harder when Bailey brought in actual teenagers. Bailey got a bunch of kids from her son’s school and she wanted the interns to make their presentations to the kids. There was just one problem with that. The interns were all put off by dealing with actual teenagers. They thought they should explore sexual curiosity. Bailey thought they should stick to the script that Jo provided. The script was a little dry or at least that’s how it sounded when the interns read it instead of performing it and so things were getting a little boring when one teenager wandered off. And that teen came across Addison.

Addison didn’t reprimand the poor child because she could see that there was something wrong. The teenager whose name was Lucia realized she was late. As in her period was late and she thought she might be pregnant. Addison told her she could get a pregnancy test at the hospital. She also assured Lucia that they didn’t have to tell her parents about it. Addison ordered the test. She assigned Schmitt to Lucia. He was supposed to give Lucia her results because Addison got called away on another emergency. Another one of the teenagers was in a crisis. She was experiencing cramping and a scan eventually showed that she had a large cyst on one of her ovaries. So, Addison needed to perform surgery to remove the cyst.

While Addison was performing surgery on Diamond with Jo, the interns decided to move away from the script. They explored sexual curiosity. They showed the kids how to put on condoms as well as gave them free samples. They also brought in an actual couple to teach the kids about sexual consent. Teddy and Owen were that couple. They were talking to the teens but Lucas and Simone weren’t with the rest of the interns. They were with Simone’s grandmother. Simone’s grandmother had Alzheimer’s. She showed up at the hospital because she thought her daughter was still alive and about to have a baby. Schmitt told Lucas to guide her. Lucas ended up calling Simone once he realized who the older woman belonged to.

Simone came in. She tried to explain to her grandma that her mom was dead. Her mom died in labor with her and yet the grandma refused to understand. She began yelling at Simone. She demanded her daughter and that’s when Meredith stepped in. Meredith understood what it takes with dealing with someone with that condition. She told Simone to play along. To act like she was Mrs. Ward’s daughter instead of her granddaughter. Simone played along and her grandma got better. She was happy that she was with her daughter. Simone was handling her grandma while the rest of the interns were going viral.

They gave a stellar talk on sex education. The kids were all enthused and Baily got to see for herself how wrong she was to stick to a script. Addison also came back. Addison had removed the cyst off of Diamond’s ovary and she saved Diamond’s fertility. Addison also administered a medical abortion to Lucia. Her test came back positive. She quickly realized she couldn’t handle a baby in high school and so she agreed to take a pill to make it all go away. And later the doctors made a video about all the things they discussed.

Bailey also realized she wants to come back. Not as chief. She actually wants to reopen the clinic and focus it on reproductive health. Bailey wants to bring the fight and she also wanted to make her own hours. Richard liked her idea and so not it was just selling Catherine on it.

And while Zola got to miss all the fun, she was doing something a lot more productive. She ran a couple of Kai’s neurological tests and the results showed that she was a genius. It’s why she struggles so much with school. It’s why she has anxiety attacks about going back. Zola was super smart. Not just smart, but super smart as in she could go straight to college right now smart. And so Meredith turned to Nick for help with her. And it led to a kiss between her and Nick.

As for Simone, she got her grandma to return home. Simone also asked Lucas to keep her secret and she told him that she would keep his in exchange. She knows he’s a Shepherd. And so the two of them bonded over secrets.