I Love a Mama’s Boy Recap 07/17/22: Season 3 Episode 5 “Are You Calling Me Fat?”

I Love a Mama’s Boy Recap 07/17/22: Season 3 Episode 5 "Are You Calling Me Fat?"

Tonight on TLC their new reality show I Love a Mama’s Boy airs with an all-new Sunday, July 17, 2022 episode and we have your I Love a Mama’s Boy recap below for you. On tonight’s I Love a Mama’s Boy season 3 episode 5 “Are You Calling Me Fat?”,”as per the TLC Synopsis “Lorenda wonders if space is really what Abbey and Tre need. Leyna worries Esther is going to crash her bachelorette party.

Emily meets Yussra and calls her a homewrecker. Robert needs to win his fight, but Nancy and Kristy can only stay calm for so long.

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In tonight’s I Love A Mama’s Boy episode, Robert was in San Diego. It was fight day. His head should have been on the match and he was instead caught up with his family drama. His mother Nancy wanted to sow doubts in his marriage. Nancy hates Robert’s wife Kristy. She hates that her son got married. She doubted the paternity of her grandchildren and she was demanding that Robert get a paternity test to prove he was the father of his own children. Nancy was stressing out Robert to get the test done. He thought he was helping by going to his wife to ask for the test, but all it did was anger Kristy. Kristy has been a good wife to him.

Kristy didn’t deserve the hate she was getting from Nancy. Nancy herself was fine with Kristy up until the young couple announced they were pregnant and were going to get married. It was at that moment that Nancy realized Kristy was going to be around for life. She only brought up a paternity test because she wanted to break up Robert and Kristy. But Robert is the fool he fell for it. He even asked his wife for the test and she got so angry that she walked away. She didn’t want to be around him anymore. And things have been tense between them ever since then because Kristy felt Robert should have defended her to his mom.

However, there are some Mama’s boys that do stand up for their girlfriends and/or fiancées. Ethan did just that wit his mom. He and his fiancé Leyna went over to his mom’s house for family dinner. They began talking about their upcoming plans. Leyna was having a bachelorette party with her friends. It was going to get wild. Esther wanted to know if she could come. Esther claims she has friends who went to their daughter-in-law bachelorette parties. She wants to do it. She wants to wear a sash that said “Mother of the Groom”. She wants to feel included. Ethan told his mom that its Leyna’s day and that she doesn’t have to invite her.

Esther got a little sulky after that. She kept trying to invite herself to that party. She even said that it was a coincidence that she was going to be in Miami that same weekend. Esther has friends that live down there who are both turning sixty-five. She was going for their birthday party. Which was around the same time as the bachelorette weekend. Esther sulked. She guilt-tripped. She finally had to drop it when no one was on her side. Not Leyna. Not Ethan. Not even Neil. Neil was Esther’s current husband. He’s a pretty chill guy. But he thought Leyna should decide who gets to come to her bachelorette party.

Then there was Emily. Emily was in a relationship with Shekeb and Shekeb’s mom didn’t approve of her. It turns out that Laila has been setting Shekeb on blind dates with women she prefers. Laila wanted Shekeb to get together with Yussra. Yussra seemed nice. She played the devil’s advocate when she met Emily. Yussra admitted that she was good friends with Laila. She considers Laila as a second mom. She would never believe Laila had called Emily a “pig”. She said there’s two sides to every story and so Emily doesn’t trust her. she met with Yussra. She tried to warn the other woman off of Shekeb. And Yussra ignored that warning.

Yussra and Shekeb later met up to work out at the gym. Emily tagged along because she didn’t trust the two of them together. Emily called Shekeb a cheater at one point and Yussra a homewrecker at another. Emily accused their joint workout as being cheating. She eventually got on Yussra’s nerves. Yussra said that the couple wasn’t going to make it. She believes that the relationship will deteriorate. She called Emily and Shekeb’s relationship toxic. It was in fact toxic when Emily kept telling Yussra to tell Laila to back off. Emily tried doing that herself, but Laila doesn’t respect her. Shekeb also couldn’t do it because he’s afraid of his mom.

And Robert’s fight went well. He won. He celebrated with his family and naturally his wife and mother went for each at the table. They couldn’t stop the snarky remarks. They all said things they shouldn’t have. It was just overall a horrible way to continue. And so something has to be done to fix it once and for all.