Law & Order Recap 11/17/22: Season 22 Episode 8 “Chain Of Command”

Law & Order Recap 11/17/22: Season 22 Episode 8 "Chain Of Command"

Tonight on NBC Law & Order returns with an all-new Thursday, November 17, 2022 episode and we have your Law & Order recap below. In tonight’s Law & Order season 22 episode 8 “Chain Of Command,” as per the NBC synopsis, “When a decorated military veteran is found murdered in his own home, Cosgrove and Shaw work with his daughter to uncover an important clue.

Price and Maroun must untangle the stories of other service members connected to the victim to make their case.”

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In tonight’s Law & Order episode, a murder victim was found at his home. The victim’s name was Alexander Lockett. He was the Chief Revenue of the department store known as “Finley & Madison”. He was divorced. He split with his ex-wife over ten years ago and she was currently a diplomate posted in Australia. The only family that Alex had was his adult daughter Melinda. Melinda lived in Ohio, but she said she was flying back to NYC the moment she heard of her father’s murder. Her father was a good guy. He was in the military before going into the private sector. He didn’t have any enemies that people knew about. He’s only been with his current girlfriend for four months. And so why did someone kill him?

Alex was shot. His neighbors were asleep at that time of the night. It was actually the sound of several gunshots that woke them up and so his murder was given to the Detectives Shaw and Cosgrove. They were the ones investigating the murder. They spoke to the State Department to confirm the ex-wife really was out of the country. They also were the ones who asked the girlfriend why did she get into an argument with Alex in the lead up to his death? The woman said it was nothing. But the detectives realized that most of Alex’s coworkers believed he was having an affair with another woman in the company.

Here’s a little something about the company. The company was going bankrupt. Retail was going out of style because most people were buying online and Cosgrove saw that for himself. He was in the department store recently. He was looking for a gift for his wife because their anniversary was coming up. Yet, he found the whole place deserted. He didn’t think the store had much time left before it closed. He and Shaw also followed up on the affair rumor. They tracked down the Chief Financial Officer of the company. They asked her about her relationship with Alex. She immediately lawyered up and it want until the lawyer gave the all-clear that they realized there wasn’t an affair.

Alex secured a three hundred million dollar bank loan behind the CFO’s back. He did that by conflating the numbers and he technically committed bank fraud. Alex didn’t realize what he was doing. He was just following orders from the CEO. Alex thought he was helping the company stay afloat and in a way he was. The department store got to keep their doors open. People got to keep their jobs and sure Alex and the CEO could be facing imprisonment for what they did, but that wasn’t why the cops were investigating. They were after a murderer. Not a fraudster. They looked into the CEO and he was cleared of the murder.

Alex’s daughter meanwhile had landed in the city. She wasn’t the type to cry when there was work to be done and so she went looking for her father’s old uniform to bury him in when she noticed that his medal was missing. It was the only item missing from his home. Alex’s distinguished service cross. He took pride in it. He was awarded for faithful service and someone stole it. Possibly the killer. Alex did bench a lot of people while he was in service and one of those people had a car that was seen in the area around the time of death. The car belonged to Shane Risner. Risner was kicked out of the military thanks to Alex.

Risner couldn’t go on unemployment or collect veteran benefits. He went on to kill himself. He intentionally overdosed a day before Alex was murdered and so the detectives didn’t think that was a coincidence. They believe that the two deaths were connected. They believe that someone close to Risner must have blamed Alex for Risner’s death and killed him. Now, Risner’s family was checked out. They didn’t have his car. They said they gave it to his friend from his army days. The police tracked down this friend and he has an airtight alibi for the night of the murder. He wasn’t their killer. He just knew their killer.

The killer was another friend by the name of Luke Fallon. Fallon borrowed the car from Martinez. Fallon, Risner, and Martinez all served together under Alex’s command. Then Risner questioned that command. He got kicked out of the military. They all became sick from the air they breathed. The other two were able to get help. Just not Risner. Risner went on to kill himself. His buddies blamed Alex and one of them chose to do something about it. They later found Fallon dropping off Alex’s medal on Risner’s grave. The cops arrested Fallon. It then became up to the prosecutors to take over. They had to prove that Fallon murdered Alex out of revenge.

They had the medal. They had the fact that he borrowed Risner’s car that night. They also had the murder weapon because they later found in the lake where Fallon ditched it. After the gun was found, the defense decided to change their play. They began claiming Fallon wasn’t guilty because of a mental defect. They trotted out a doctor that said the brain tumor Fallon has was what made him kill Alex. But did it make go to Alex’s home with an armed gun? Did it make him wait for Alex or drive around the block twenty times waiting for Alex to be alone? The prosecution was holding their own in court when the State Department decided to “help”.

Fallon only got his tumor because he was involved in a military exercise involving burn pits. The American army has been using that exercise for a hundred years and they chose not to change it even as what they were burning became more poisonous. But the rules are changed now. The army didn’t like Fallon bringing all of that up and so they declassified Fallon’s file. Fallon has killed before. He shot an unarmed Iraqi civilian after the two of them got into an argument. Or at least that’s what the file says. EADA Nolan talked to Martinez about it. Martinez said that they were ordered to kill those people. And that Fallon has never fired his gun outside of combat.

But the District Attorney wanted to use that false narrative from the army to string up Fallon. Nolan disagreed with that idea and he instead found a file in which Alex tried to get his commanding officer to give up on the burnt pits. He actually quit his job in the military because he couldn’t keep giving that order. Alex was a good guy and Fallon killed him for following order.

The jury found Fallon guilty of murder and Alex’s daughter got justice.