Law & Order SVU Winter Premiere Recap 01/06/22: Season 23 Episode 10 “Silent Night, Hateful Night”

Law & Order SVU Winter Premiere Recap 01/06/22: Season 23 Episode 10 "Silent Night, Hateful Night"

Tonight on NBC Law & Order SVU returns with an all-new Thursday, January 6, 2022 episode and we have your Law & Order SVU recap below. On tonight’s Law & Order SVU season 23 episode 10 “Silent Night, Hateful Night,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The SVU is called in to help investigate a wave of hate crimes on Christmas Eve; Rollins catches up with an old flame.”

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Tonights Law & Order  episode begins with us seeing a man, he is speaking in some sort of podcast, around the room we see an American flag, machine gun, explosives, he says people are in a war for their very own survival. Then we see several rocks being thrown into a synagogue, a Sikh man leaves a restaurant and goes to get into his car when a man on motorcycle stabs him multiple times and rips off his turban as the man hits the ground.

The destruction continues with Molotov cocktails thrown into a halal restaurant window, a Hasidic man walking with his family is thrown into the street in front of traffic while they kick his wife. We then see Benson leaving church with Noah and she sees all the police cars. The chief calls her, she heard nothing because she was in a service, he tells her about the multiple hate crimes that just happened in NYC. Rollins is in the station looking at the coverage on television and says what the hell is wrong with people to Fin who says don’t get him started.

Benson arrives in the station, it is all hands on deck – there were nine incidents in three burrows and they don’t know if it was a spree. The captain, Declan Murphy is back, the ream welcomes him home. Mcgrath says devil shift, no days off until they find who did this. Murphy says all these people were attacked on Christmas eve because of who they are, what they look like, who they worship and they can’t have that in NYC.

Benson and Murphy hold a press conference to reassure the citizens that they will find out who did this.

At the hospital the man who got stabbed is alive and recovering, he saw the plates of the motorcycle, from Ohio. He says before the man stapped him he called him Osama and the N word. Another victim was called a Jew.

A man who was walking his dog approaches Rollins and Murphy, he says he was out last night but he didn’t see anything. Rollins gives him her business card just in case. More and more, questions are asked but they don’t get much information.

Murphy and Benson are told from McGrath that they have a video of the kids who did one of the beatings, but Murphy and Benson want some time to find them before it goes live, because the kids look like minors. McGrath gives them 2 hours.

The find one of the boys in the video, he is an altar boy at the church. After a talk with him, he says he was not involved and when the other two boys threw the rocks, he ran home and he swears he doesn’t know their names. He ends up giving up their school and they are able to find them. The one boy, his name is Jerique and the other one Julius. Julius said he didn’t push the guy in the street, Jerique did. Mr. Singh who was stabbed by the person on the motorcycle, doesn’t recognize the three boys.

McGrath wants to go live, Rollins and Benson tell him that they have nothing to tie the boys to the other attacks, they were more political. McGrath agrees, he says the other attacks were not crimes of opportunity, they were making a statement. Benson thinks they are looking at two different puzzles. Rollins tells them that they attacked again, a mosque just got bombed. The case of the explosion was pressure cooker bomb left in a backpack, a second device was found two blocks away but it didn’t go away. The bad news is that the people who did this now has a taste for hate.

FBI tells Benson that there are no credible threats in the area this weekend. McGrath send the team back out to question everyone they can. Rollins and Murphy bump into the man with the dog Danica, again, he says his name is Don Johnson, asks if they found the person yet and Rollins says no. After the guy leaves Murphy says anyone that comes up to a cop on the street is either crazy, lonely or guilty. Rollins says she thinks he is all three. Mcgrath leaked the video of the kids, Fin and Benson are not happy about it.

They got some information, on a hunch, they look into Don Johnson and that is not his name, his name is Darko Pavik, no priors, no licence. His father died in a building fire when Darko was 19. He has ties to Christian nationalist, his mother and father divorced and his mother married a Jewish man. Murphy gets a call, Darko has been shot and is being taken to the hospital, the perp was on a motorcycle. Rollins goes to see Darko in the hospital, Rollins convinces him to give her his keys for his apartment so she can go check on Danica. She goes their with Fin and inside they pretend to be looking for the dog’s leash when they find a lot of home made bombs behind a curtain. Fin says they have to evacuate the building and call the bomb squad.

Aside from the bombs in Darko’s apartment, there are four bombs missing with timers and Darko is not speaking. Murphy and Benson go in to speak to Darko and use Danica to get some information from him. Darko gives them some names, AJ and North Star. He said that the bombs belong to them, they made him turn off his phone before all the attacks and gave him a burner phone from Excelsis Wireless. Finn heads there to find information, a man walked into the store and paid cash he was wearing a motorcycle and bought five phones.

With the burner phones they are able to track when they were turned on and just before two phones in the area were turned off, Darko’s phone and another from Antonio Juarez from Ohio. They track him down and he gives the location of one bomb but he doesn’t know the others. Antonio gives up Tom Nolan, they bring him into the station. He won’t say much, but he does give up his wife just in time, they find Susan and the North Star who threatens to detonate a bomb he has in his backpack, Benson shoots him in the head, he is dead. Susan thanks Benson for giving the movement the martar they needed.