Little People, Big World Recap 06/14/22: Season 23 Episode 5 “Two Two Cute”

Little People, Big World Recap 06/14/22: Season 23 Episode 5 "Two Two Cute"

Tonight on TLC Little People, Big World returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 14, 2022, season 23 episode 5 called, “Two Two Cute,” and we have your Little People, Big World recap below. In tonight’s Little People, Big World episode as per the TLC synopsis, “Lilah’s birthday brings friends and family together, but everyone struggles with the new normal for Christmas now that Zach and Tori live in Battle Ground, WA. Nerves run high as Jackson undergoes leg surgery, and his recovery takes longer than expected.

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IN tonight’s Little People, Big World episode, it was Lilah’s birthday. She turned two. She had a birthday party. The theme for it was “Tutu Cute” and she even got to wear a little cute tutu. Lilah is also a shy child. She doesn’t really care for strangers or people she hasn’t seen on a regular basis. She can be grumpy with people. This went especially for adults and so most people wished Lilah a happy birthday without getting in her face. They let Lilah come to them. Which she eventually did. Lilah showed Matt and Caryn her room. Caryn was supposed to be out of town on a trip with her daughter and the trip fell through so she managed to make it to the party. And she and Matt being there meant a lot.

Zach likes to act tough. He likes to pretend the falling out with his dad didn’t hurt as much as it did, but he was glad that Matt and Caryn still showed up for the party and that they got time with the kids. Neither Zach nor his wife wanted to keep their kids away from one set of grandparents. Lilah enjoyed seeing them. She enjoyed her birthday. She was happy to eat cake and to open presents. Caryn and Amy actually got her the same gift. It wasn’t revealed until Lilah was opening things up with her brother’s help and there were two of the same thing. Zach and Tori will have to exchange one present for something else.

Only it was still a great party. Everyone got along. Zach was glad that Matt and Caryn showed even if he didn’t want to admit it and so the next big event was Jackson’s surgery. Jackson’s legs were bowed instead of straight. He needed a procedure to correct it. The doctors had assured his parents that Jackson will be able to walk that same day only they were still apprehensive. Tori more than Zach. Tori was an anxious person when it comes to her kids. She went full-blown panic attack when she found out Lilah needed corrective glasses because she thought she would be torturing her kid trying to get to wear those glasses.

Then Lilah put it on. She offered little resistance and she didn’t have a tantrum about it. She just accepted it. Tori had a bigger reaction to that possibility than Lilah had to the glasses themselves. Hence this thing with Jackson’s surgery was not new. Even Zach said that he was more worried about Tori’s reaction than Jackson’s reaction. Jackson was told about the surgery. He didn’t really understand it and so he had been in a pretty good mood before surgery. He was happy about the car ride. He was happy that he had his toy helicopter with him. And he was smiling and waving as they pushed his bed into surgery.

It was after he woke up that was the problem. The numbing began to wear off. He was feeling pain and so he started to cry. He turned to his mom for help. Tori couldn’t take away his pain and she couldn’t really comfort him either because she too began to lose it. The doctors gave Jackson something for his pain. He was able to able to calm down once he was given something. They also asked him to walk and he jumped up from the bed and started walking. He then quickly stopped afterward and threw up everywhere. It was the first time that Jackson had ever thrown up. He was so stunned by it that he was apologetic.

The little boy was also so stoned by the pain medication that he was out for most of the day. Lilah was sleeping over at Amy’s house and she was surprisingly a good sport. She didn’t cry or anything. She just had fun with Mimi. This in turn allowed Zach and Tori to focus on Jackson. They took care of him and they also got him a little walker to help him practice his walking. Not that Jackson was all that enthused about using it. Jackson was usually gone, go, go. After surgery, he was tired all the time and really not being himself. Zach and Tori weren’t sure about how they could help their son because him being so quiet was not like him at all.

It also wasn’t helped that they managed to upset Amy. Amy came by the house with Lilah in the days afterward and she asked them if they were going to come to her house for Christmas. They instead said they were just going to do the Christmas season by themselves with their kids. Which ticked off Amy. Amy hated the idea of being cut out of her grandkids’ Christmas. She wanted to see the joy and the excitement of the pending day. She wanted to bake cookies with them. She wanted the whole season. And so she was disappointed that she wasn’t going to get it but that disappointment went away once she saw Jackson walking.

They managed to get him walking by bribing him with legos. Amy had still been at the house and so she got to see it. They were all happy that Jackson was up and moving again, but they noticed that he couldn’t do it for long. He was still in a lot of pain. He was still in pain even after a week and that’s when the doctors said the pain should be over. Tori thought something was wrong. Zach thought it was just tenderness. But Matt stopped by the house to give them the gifts early because he was going to be in Arizona for Christmas and even he noticed that Jackson was still struggling. And so everyone was hoping they healed.

They just couldn’t tell when that would happen.