Magnum P.I. Recap 01/21/22 Season 4 Episode 12 “Angels Sometimes Kill”

Magnum P.I. Recap 01/21/22 Season 4 Episode 12 "Angels Sometimes Kill"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Friday, January 21, 2022, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below. On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 4 episode 12 “Angels Sometimes Kill,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Shammy asks Magnum and Higgins to try to locate his friend, a homeless Veteran who unexpectedly went missing. Also, T.C. tries to get Cade to return to school but quickly learns it’s not as simple as he thought.”

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In tonight’s Magnum P.I. episode, Rick is going to be a dad. His girlfriend Suzy is pregnant and she was staying in California for now because she wanted to complete her studies there, but she was keeping Rick in the loop and he knew about her appointments. He even told the guys about the ultrasound. The others congratulated him. They also asked if he did define the relationship with Suzy and he said not yet. They were focusing on the child right now. Rick was happy and his friends left it at that. Only Shammy was the needed help. Shammy’s friend from a Vet support group has gone dark. The friend nicknamed Dart had a job interview and he went dark after it. No one has heard from him. Shammy thinks the interview might have gone bad and so he just wants Magnum and Higgins to check it out.

Dart lives in a homeless encampment. The two private investigators went there first and they met one of Dart’s friends. Apparently, Dart has been gone for a few days. It seems Shammy was right to be worried because no one had seen at the encampment since his disappearance and the last time one of his friends saw him there was after he got into a fight with a man driving a Jag. Magnum and Higgins questioned if Dart left on his own or if he was taken. They continued to look for this Dart. They went over everything in his tent. They found his wedding band. It was platinum and it had to be worth a couple of dollars and so its odd that Dart didn’t pawn it.

Dart was homeless. He probably didn’t always have food to eat and that ring could have paid for it.
Magnum and Higgins looked into the ring. They found out that it was made for a couple known as Karl and Lucy Darten. “Dart” must be Karl Darten. The two went to see his wife after they found out the couple never divorced and that he still owns the house that Lucy was living in. The investigators went to see Lucy. They mentioned how Dart hasn’t been seen in a few days and that they worried about him. They made Lucy tell them the whole story. Her husband came from deployment with PTSD and he was never right since then.

Lucy lived in fear of him. She would never have left him if he hadn’t taken pity on how he actions affected her and, once therapy didn’t work, he left. He just disappeared. Lucy hadn’t heard from him or about him in six years up until a few weeks ago. She was passing by his encampment when she recognized him. She tried to talk to him. She tried to get him help again and he ignored her. He also ignored her boyfriend when the boyfriend later came around. The boyfriend was his friend and he hadn’t heard from Dart either. He wanted to get his friend help. They got into a fight about it. The boyfriend gave him a prepaid credit card that Dart did take.

Magnum and Higgins checked the card. They found it was still in use. Just not by Dart. Some stranger was using it and he was doing so because Dart is dead. He was killed by someone who waited in a car for him. Then later ran down. Dart’s been in the morgue this entire time. The investigators brought Shammy to see the body and he identified his friend. Shammy thought it was a shame that Dart went through so much overseas just to get mowed down back on friendly soil. But Magnum and Higgins promised to bring the killer to justice. They continued looking into Dart’s death and they found out his job interview was a hoax.

The building where it was supposed to happen was vacant. There was no one there looking to hire Dart. He was lured to a building by someone who wanted to kill him and they did. Lia was back at work. She found out that someone tried to claim the body not that long ago. This woman was also freaked out that when they were told the body was already claimed by family and this happened between Shammy identifying the body but before his wife could be told. The description of the woman who tried to claim the body also didn’t match the wife. Magnum and Higgins were able to call it when they realized Dart could have been a victim of an insurance claim.

Lia looked into it. She found out that there was three million dollars taken out on Dart. The money will be paid out to a shell company and so the PIs asked who would sign off on something like that. The name came up as Newman. Lia was getting a warrant while Magnum and Higgins drove over to Newman’s house but Newman later found dead. He was killed. Whoever he had been helping had cut him in on the money to kill off a bunch of homeless guys that no one would care about to get rich. But this person got spooked after someone cared enough about Dart to claim his body. They then killed Newman before he could be arrested for insurance fraud and they tried to make it look like suicide.

There was just one problem with the suicide. The suicide note was written after his death and so that made them aware it was murder. Newman also kept information on his co-conspirator. It was the woman who helps out at the encampment. She has people give her their information with the promise that she would help them apply for Snap and the truth is that she was collecting it for fraudulent insurance policies. She was also killing these people. Newman has an alibi for the murder and so it was just this woman. And she was later arrested for murder.

Afterwards, Shammy went with Magnum and Higgins to break the news to Lucy. They also returned Dart’s ring and expressed their condolences. The murderer later confessed to everything. Lia was the one to tell Magnum and the two discussed their relationship while they were at it as well. It seems that things aren’t going to work out between them. They talked about it and they realize they needed a break.

And TC later confirmed that he was going to become Cade’s foster dad. He was pushing through the paperwork and he was now responsible for the teenager.