Magnum P.I. Recap 01/28/22 Season 4 Episode 13 “Judge Me Not”

Magnum P.I. Recap 01/28/22 Season 4 Episode 13 "Judge Me Not"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Friday, January 28, 2022, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below. On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 4 episode 13 “Judge Me Not,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Shammy asks Magnum and Higgins to try to locate his friend, a homeless Veteran who unexpectedly went missing. Also, T.C. tries to get Cade to return to school but quickly learns it’s not as simple as he thought.”

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In tonight’s Magnum P.I. episode, Judge Rachel Park was Magnum and Higgins’s newest client. The judge was recently nominated to the Hawaii Supreme Court and it was announced last week, but someone has since tried to blackmail her now that her name is in the news. She was being blackmailed over her past. Park’s scholarship ran out during her last year at law school and she couldn’t get enough with student loans.

The only other option was prostitution. Rachel joined an escort service. She worked for a woman named Halia Hickam. If that even was her real name. This Hickam handled everything and it was her who would arrange the dates as well as their locations. She must also be behind the film. Rachel never agreed to be filmed. She would have noticed a john setting up a camera.

It must be the madam who did it. The judge was being threatened with a still photo of her life back then and so the two private investigators went looking for the madam. They found her watching her grandkids. The woman has long since retired from the life. She’s now using her legal name, but she does admit to secretly recording clients and she’s used that information to blackmail the clients for extra payments. She did not use it to blackmail the judge. Sheila said she would never turn on her girls. Not normally. She only handed over video of the judge because a woman came around threatening her good name. And that’s something she couldn’t afford to let happen now.

Sheila gave them the description of the woman who blackmailed her. The woman was rough and she has a snake tattoo on her neck. The two PIs went to their detective friend. They asked him about the woman they were looking for and he gave them a name. Her name is Maya. She’s a fixer. Rumor has it that she used to be a lawyer and that she got disbarred. Since then, she takes money from high powered people to arrange cases for them and so the two private investigators called Rachel to tell her that the blackmail isn’t about her nomination around the same time she was figuring out.

Rachel was sent a second untraceable text message. This new message is telling her that she has to throw a murder case against a man named Reed and he was accused of killing his partner is a hedge fund. Rachel would never throw a murder case. She wants the blackmailer found and the evidence to be destroyed, but that wasn’t looking possible as Magnum and Higgins found themselves one step behind Maya. Maya managed to call the cops on them after they broke into the defense lawyer’s office. They got put in a cell. They had to call Kumu to bail them out. They also didn’t have a lot of time between their stint in prison and when the judge was supposed to throw the case.

After they were release, the two also ran into Maya. She invited them to lunch where she basically reminded them that had nothing on her and that she holds all the cards. She told them to get their client to throw the case. She even tried to bribe them to drop it and they said “no”. Of course they said no. Magnum and Higgins were always going to do right by their clients. They were running out of options and so they decided to fill in their friend Gordon. With Gordon’s help, they bugged the courthouse so that when the judge announced someone was trying to blackmail her that it created a panic.

It turns out the murder victim’s wife wasn’t as innocent as she claimed. She was trying to free an innocent man so that someone didn’t have to pay for a crime she committed and so by bringing the police they were able to catch both the guilty party as well as Maya. Maya recorded everything. She turned over evidence in return for probation and now the rest was up to the judge. The judge’s video was destroyed before the police could collect it. But Rachel was done living in fear. She announced her past in a media conference and there’s no telling if she’ll still be a part of the Hawaiian Supreme Court.

And they took a hit from this case. It still cost them the bail money and they learned from Maya when she said this wasn’t over.

Also, Rick was letting the bar become a historical site in order to bring in extra revenue he’’ll need for the baby.