Masterchef Finale Recap 09/14/22 Season 12 Episode 20 “Finale Part 2 – Special Guest Christina Tosi”

Masterchef Finale Recap 09/14/22 Season 12 Episode 20 "Finale Part 2 - Special Guest Christina Tosi"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef returns with an all-new episode on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, season 12 episode 20 called “Finale Part 2 – Special Guest Christina Tosi,” and we have your weekly Masterchef recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The three remaining chefs rush against the clock to complete their final entree and whip up a gourmet dessert with the help of former judge Christina Tosi. Then, a new MASTERCHEF champion is crowned.

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The contestants have come back for their chance at the title. But not everything could be perfect because not everyone is perfect. The contestants continued making mistakes tonight. The show picked up right when the time was called on the entrée round. Michael’s dish was up first. He prepared Chili Rubbed Loin of Lamb with Roasted Poblano Grit Cake. The dish looked tasty. It had vibrant colors, but there were mistakes with this dish. The star of this dish was overcooked. The lamb was out and everything else about this dish was in. It would have been a great dish if the lamb had been prepared properly.

Dara was called next. Dara felt good going into this round. She prepared Chinese Style Short Ribs with Japanese Sweet Potatoes, Spice Carrots, and Caramelized Potatoes. It was a beautiful dish. It looked esthetically pleasing. The ribs also fell apart on touch alone. It was cooked to perfection and even Joe Bastianich himself said he would serve this at any of his restaurants. It’s the highest praise he could have given her and because her dish was borderline perfect – it put her ahead of Michael’s dish in terms of who was winning that round. But there was one last dish to judge. Christian was called last and his dish was a serious threat.

Christian prepared a Cajun Rubbed Filet Mignon with Shrimp & Crab Cale, Sauteed Turnip Greens in a beautiful Puree. All of the judges’ filet mignons were of different sizes. They had to cut into them to see if they were all perfect medium rare. Two of the judge’s dishes were a little undercooked. The other two were perfect. Everything else about the dish had been on point. The puree was delicious. The cake was delicious. It was just the execution of the star of the dish that had him limping behind Dara in this round. Dara was the clear winner of the entrée round. She managed perfection and she was also the youngest.

The literal baby got everything perfect while two men in their thirties struggled with execution. Graham Elliott stepped away after the entrée round and it was Christina Tosi who replaced him in the dessert round. The contestants were all asked what they were going to be delivering. Mike wanted to go the Fried Milk route. Dara wanted to make a Floating Island. Christian however wanted to elevate a dish that originally belonged to his grandmother. All three dishes were ambitious in their own way. Mike couldn’t go too complicated or else it would ruin the dish. Dara was known as the baking queen. She couldn’t risk ruining her dish.

Christian ran the risk of possibly making a dish that wouldn’t be elevated enough. All three dishes had their own risk and they only had sixty minutes to prepare all of them. The judges later walked around asking questions. It turns out the contestants all chose a dish that has sentimental value. But right off, it looked like Michael was in trouble. Michael was making his dish with his own mango ice cream. He was pouring liquid nitrogen into his mixer like a madman. He would pour more and more every time the judges thought he was finished. They all thought that his ice cream was going to taste like crap.

But the others weren’t accident-free either. Dara chose the Floating Island but she wanted to deconstruct it. She was deconstructing so much that it was basically a Pavlova. Pavlova because her first birthday cake had been Pavlova and she wanted to honor both her past and her future in this dish. What she didn’t expect was that she would get a judge doubting her midway. Even Christian felt the pressure from the judges when they came coming around asking him if what he was doing was enough. Then time was called. Dara was the first person to be called. Dara prepared Vanilla Ile Flottante. Her desert looked beautiful. It also had a fun aspect because they had to smash the top to get to the desert.

Chef Ramsay said that the dish tasted a little too sweet. The other judges had felt it was very good and they thought it was a thoughtful desert. Next was Michael. Michael prepared Tres Leches or really his interpretation of Tres Leches. His first mistake was that he didn’t make all the dishes consisting. Chef Sanchez’s plate was short one piece of Fried Milk. Michael could have corrected this by taking a piece away from the other plates, but he chose not to and that was a mark against him. The dish was otherwise great. It tasted great. The accompanying ice cream had actually been pulled together at the last minute and so all the judges’ fears had been wrong about that.

They were still angry about one of their own being shorted on the Fried Milk squares. Then they called Christian up. Christian prepared Banana Pudding. According to the judges, it looked like it could have come from the buffet line. It tasted great but it wasn’t elevated enough. The judges were a tad disappointed with it in all honesty. They made suggestions on what Christian could have done to elevate it and they called what he did a missed opportunity. And so again this round went to Dara.

The judges all deliberated. They talked about each and every dish. They ultimately felt one person stood out the most and they named Dara as the winner of “Back to Win”.