NCIS Hawai’i Recap 11/21/22: Season 2 Episode 8 “Curtain Call”

NCIS Hawai’i Recap 11/21/22: Season 2 Episode 8 "Curtain Call"

Tonight on CBS NCIS Hawaiʻi returns with an all-new Monday, November 21, 2022, season 2 episode 8 called, “Curtain Call,” and we have your weekly NCIS Hawaiʻi recap below. In tonight’s NCIS Hawaiʻi season 2 episode 8, “Curtain Call,” as per the CBS synopsis,“When the mother of a young boy goes missing, the NCIS team sets out to find her and learns they aren’t the only ones searching.

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In tonight’s NCIS Hawaii episode, Lucy was away. She was off being an NCIS Agent on a deployed ship. She’ll be back in six months and until then the team has had to deal with some temps. They had a new agent with them tonight when a body fell out of the ceiling during a play. The victim was identified as Petty Officer Second Class Kendall Wells. He was the Navy weatherman. Kendall was also in the play. He wasn’t a very good actor. He was distracted all the time and he often showed up to the rehearsals late. According to rumors, he was tapped to be in an MCU movie. The team had no idea what to do with that, but they didn’t think a poor excuse of a weatherman would be in a huge blockbuster.

Or that someone would kill him over it. Kendall had been murdered. There were signs of him putting up a fight before he could be entangled in ropes and was strangled to death. The strangulation was highly suspicious. It launched the murder investigation and so Tennant and her people caught it. They also tapped Alan to be with them. Alan got held hostage last year. It was admittedly by a friendly NCIS agent as well as by a cell phone yet the guy has been bouncing around departments ever since. Alan was with the team when they learned that Kendall was a part of a secret mission. He was working out of an area known as “the hole”.

It was known as that because the place was so top secret that it was never put on any map. Jesse, Kai, and Alan went to the hole. They heard gunshots. They went running into the building and it turns out they were interrupting filming. The hole was being used as a film studio. It’s where the government made recruitment videos and other training videos for soldiers. The actors were all soldiers. They’ve been given high clearance. The videos could be quite sensitive. They’re only shown to friendly soldiers. Or at least that was the intention if not the follow-through. The truth was that someone saw a video that Kendall was in and they went after him to get information.

Kendall was tortured before he died. Someone used a stun gun or similar device on him. Kendall was killed once he gave his killer whatever information they wanted and he wasn’t the only one. Another soldier also died. They were also tortured before death. The two victims were only ever in one video together. It was the video about what to do if the safe house was breached by outside forces. The video only had two actors and one director. The team went looking for that director. His name was Lennox Kay. He still lived on the island. They went to his house only to find the door open. They pulled their guns and went rushing in. And found Kay dead.

They also found someone standing over him. The person they found wasn’t the killer. He was Charlie 1. He was Black Ops. He was known to Tennant and he identified the killer. The killer’s name was Harom. Charlie 1 didn’t have Harom’s real name. Nor did he reveal his own real name. He just goes by Charlie 1. Tennant cleared him. She also demanded the full story or as much as he could tell her. He told her that he trained Harom. Harom went on to become a mercenary. He’s now been hired to breach a safe house. He saw the American military video about what to do when breached. He also tracked down the actors and asked them how to get around the safeguards.

But Harom was still after someone in particular. He killed the director and the two actors, and he then wanted to capture the guy who wrote the script. The one who runs the program on all safe houses. The guy was located in Mexico. NCIS didn’t have jurisdiction down there. Charlie 1 said he would go there and rescue this Duggy person. Tennant refused to wait on the sidelines. She joined Charlie 1 in looking for Duggy. They traveled to Mexico together. They went on to find the safehouse. They found Duggy. They warned him that his life was in danger and he instantly understood the threat. Duggy was in charge of too many safehouses around the world. He knew he shouldn’t be captured by enemy forces.

Duggy was talking over options with Tennant and Charlie-1 when a group began to breech the safehouse. Charlie-1 was instantly shot in the leg. But Tennant came up with a plan. She arranged for a bomb to go off when the bad guys came in and that took care of most of them. Just not Harom. Harom tried to abduct Duggy one more time. Charlie-1 hit him with a grenade before Tennant ultimately shot him. Harom was done. He was captured. Duggy was safe and Charlie-1 got treatment for his injury. Charlie-1 even revealed his real first name. It was Charlemagne. Otherwise known as Charles the first. His mother was a history teacher and fell in love with the name.

And so Tennant returned home in a good mood. Only to find out her son had his much older girlfriend sleep over at the house while she was gone.

And Kai went to Whistler to open an investigation into his former friend, AJ. But the investigation revealed that Kai’s own father has been taking money from AJ and potentially took part in his criminal enterprise.